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  1. Hey Everyone- I know this topic has come up several times before, but I wanted to get an up to date "opinion." Does anyone have a good Powered USB Hub that has been a long term success? I've purchased a couple 7 port off Ebay in the past, but my second one has now gone out, only one port works. Thanks.
  2. My matrix is 126 x 63 and I just use S5 and not SS. You do need to convert the video clips to .AVI, but it is doable. I may have read somewhere that other formats work as well, but I don't remember right now. All I know is I convert them to .AVI and they work fine on my matrix. Good Luck.
  3. I got mine from here: https://www.alliedelec.com/search/productdetail.aspx?SKU=70368863 which was quite a bit cheaper.
  4. Not quite. Im taking 1 strand of a smart pixel strip and cutting it into sections of 2 pixels each and placing them in the fixture. So i need each pair of pixels to act as one.
  5. Quick question, is it possible to set up a prop in S5 where it uses 2 pixels, but they are grouped as if it was one? As in, they do the same thing not matter what. I know on the Sandevices controller set up screen there is a spot that says group where you can do that, but I am using an ESPixel Stick and don't see that option. So I've been trying to set it up in the prop, but so far the only thing I could do was create the "Bulb" prop with 2 pixels then set them up as a Group, but I have found that with some effects, each bulb can be different. My Project: I'm updating some of my landscaping lights that I built a few years back. I used 2 sections of Dumb Strips per light fixture, but now I want to make them with smart pixels, so I need them to be paired and not individual. I know I can cut them and wire both in parallel, but they fit perfect to not have to cut them (use 2 separate sections) and rewire them.
  6. I've been using a free program called Virtualdub from S3 - S5 without any issues. http://forums.lightorama.com/topic/43276-video-on-matrix-pixel-tree/?tab=comments#comment-401417
  7. I'm running my St. Patrick's Day Animation right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6XOno7fUNo at the 0:33 mark. April becomes an Easter Animation with pastel lights.
  8. Is that 900 5mm bulbs or strands? I'm jealous if it's strands. I have roughly 4000 Bulbs (or 40 strands of 100 at 6" spacing) in my display, with more for next year. I'm wanting to put them in my trees as well. Currently they are used on my bushes, 16 in my mega tree, and the rest wrapped on my house and wreaths. I have about 80 c9 style on light stakes through out the front lawn. You can see them in my videos, but keep in mind, they don't do it justice like it does in person. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmdCNMbMaWQ at the 2:28 mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AcEw7i0Vm8 At the very end around the 3:08 Mark
  9. As Jim said there are dozens of ways to set this up. Here are some things I did on my house that may help you decide how to do yours. I have a variety of controllers from Sandevices, Pixcon16, alphapix, and pixies. All but the pixies are run on an E1.31 Network. I use Pixel Nodes on y matrix and mini trees. The house outline, arches and fence posts are strips. I use 30/m ws2700 12v strips on all the outline of my house. I don't take them down so having to do repairs has been minimal. It's possible to replace a pixel on strip lights, it's just a bit more difficult than connecting wires on nodes for example. For me I needed to permanently hide the wires and luckily I have plenty of access to the eaves from my attic, so all my power runs through the attic and into the garage where my power supply is located. I have a power injection point at each peak and at the point where it connects to the controller. On my longest runs of 49' there are 3 strips and an injection at the 2 middle points. -----P-----P------controller. I was able to mount an e6804 controller on the front corner on my porch to catch all the strips and the power injections go to the garage through the attic. I used F and J channel to mount my strips. I do the same on the outline of my roof and used shingle clips to hold them down. If you watch at the 7:08 mark I show how I mounted them. The video is old, and I have since changed those strips out to pixels, but they mount the same. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5i2F72IyBY Keep in mind as well, depending on the controller, your first pixel will need to be within 10-15 feet from the controller, or you will need to add null pixels. They are pixels that don't get used, but help send the signal to the next set of pixels. I agree with Jim's suggested controller points, I think you may need a power injection point at the peak or one on each side midway up the peak as well. For my experience, I haven't been able to go more than 2 strips long (or 100 Nodes) without injection. Easiest way to tell is to turn on white and the color tends to "pink out" towards the end.
  10. Snow covers it all the time, but you can still see the lights even with 6- 8 inches on it. I dont know how to add a link from my phone, but if you look up Engh-Lights, After the Storm on YouTube it is a quick video after a snow storm. My 2019 videos had about 2-3 inches on it. https://youtu.be/SfZrZsIlbfI I think i figured out the link part.
  11. I've never had any issues with the nets myself. I also built my own that sits on my roof that is 63 x 126 pixels. I don't have any frame, just some Para-cord rope tied to anchors on the other side that holds it in place. It is on the roof from the end of September to about the middle of March. Mine is black for 2 reasons, 1- to blend in with the roof, and 2- mainly because when I bought it there was only black, no clear. I have a total of 17 Pixel Nets that make up the matrix and I bought all of them through the clearance/off-spec page. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmdCNMbMaWQ
  12. I run the strands up and down. (63 down, 63 back up, so 126 pixels per port) The controllers sit hidden on the other side of the top ridge. They are 12v 126 Pixel node strands, a custom length from Ray Wu so I wouldn't have any connection points in the middle. I connected each end to the connector then back to the controller or power distro board. There is too much power being used to be able to run them off the controllers directly, so power (V+ and V-) comes from the power supplies, and data and V- from the controller ports. It was a 3 year build that got bigger each year and at the time I was using Pixel node strands that were 50 pixels long and I just soldered ends together to make the correct lengths. Because each section was a different batch of pixels, the coloring was never quite the same, so this past summer I re-did all the pixels and wiring to simplify it. And now the colors are all the same. Keep in mind if you plan to use SS with something this big, make sure to create the prop in the program before construction as I am/was unable to use my matrix in SS with 126 vertical strands. The program had a limit. Had I made it horizontal instead, the program could have read it. I haven't looked into trying it lately so I don't know if this is still the case.
  13. Are you talking about the big one on the front corner? They are Meteor Drip lights. This year I had about 200 of them. I didn't make it to the top with them this year as I had just had knee surgery a couple weeks prior.
  14. Currently I am using 4 Pixcon16's and just using Motion Effects in S5. It used to be just 2 controllers, but I doubled it this year to help eliminate all the null pixels and flickering problems I had in the past.
  15. I remember seeing this a couple years ago. Might be helpful. Sounds like a fun project. He put lights in his tile, but a think the concept could be the same, esp. if you ever use flagstone or other type of paver material. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-l09hAqXgKo
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