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  1. 2016 Engh-Lights

    It took a little time, but once set up I can use it in any sequence. I'm sure there's an easier way, esp. with SS, but here is how I did it. Using Paint.net I created a Picture file of the trees and mouths. I first adjust the canvas size to match my matrix so each square in Paint lines up with a pixel on my matrix. I then copied the pixel assignments of my matrix into excel so I could see exactly where the tree lights were lighting up and where I wanted to put the mouths. I then created some groups of channels in SE with specific DMX assignments to create the mouths and sequence them in SE. Normal Singing trees has one channel for the top lip, one channel for the bottom, one for the "oo",, etc. In mine the Top Lip is a group with 15 RGB channels, one for each Pixel. The same for each style of mouth. I just had to copy the sequence command for each pixel in each mouth. I used a technic I found from Bob-O https://vimeo.com/75183607 and adjusted it to fit how I could understand it. Then I migrated the SE sequence into PE which created a "movie" Effect of the mouth sequence, and I added the tree picture with no mouths using the picture effect to the Matrix Prop. This is a little wordy, but I hope it helps, if not let me know.
  2. 2016 WowLights Christmas Contest Winners Posted

    From one Wowlights winner to another- CONGRATS!!!! That's awesome. I won in 2013 with Wizards in Winter. I really like your fire sticks. Makes me want to put a bunch more in my show. I was trying to count, are they 5 channels?
  3. CAT5 cable runs

    Think Geek has some http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/41/wec.shtml If you are looking to use power on that side each year, you may want to consider adding an outlet on that side of the house, if you don't already have one. Luckily I have access to my attic so I installed a few outlets in the eaves one on each corner and one in the middle of the long side of my house. I ran some Cat5e through the attic from one side of the house to the other and left them in the eave where I could get at them to connect to my controllers. I have to add an additional one this year for some pixel controllers. You could always run the cable in one side of the garage door, up and over the door on some hooks on the inside and back out on the other side of the door. I had to do that with a power cord a couple years ago. The next spring I added an outlet in the flower bed permanently.
  4. Matrix size?

    Standard Size, what's that? I only understand "Go Big, or Go Home." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDrBGhRiwvM http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43150-matrix-strip-or-node/
  5. Repeat mode/fireworks

    I have done a few work arounds for this in the past. There are multiple ways, but I broke up the prop in the preview so each ray has it's own line in the list of props. I then used the "Text" option using a single letter for each section I wanted to "chase." The whole letter won't fit, but gives you that "chase" look. You just have to play around a bit til you find what you like, and yes, sometimes it comes down to trimming the timeline just right.
  6. S4 Pixel Sequencing Question

    Pixel Editor will allow you to do what you are asking. There are several ways to do it. Set the windows up as 2 props and use the effect generator for each of them, or set the 2 props as a group and use the effect generator across both of them. There's a couple videos on the LOR Website that can explain in more detail under the Pixel Editor section. http://www1.lightorama.com/tutorials/
  7. PIxcon16

    I use CG-1500 enclosures for mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YCJ5tnVJIw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy6CZBgaCCU
  8. Is there any chance of creating a movement option in the Picture Effect to start the picture on then scrolling it off? I know the "Peek-a-Boo" will scroll on then back off again, but I just want the second part. I know SS will give you some options for this, but I haven't converted over to SS yet. Work around- In case anyone else is wondering about this. I use a lot of pictures on my 126 x 63 pixel matrix. I use Paint.net to create them by setting up the canvas to the same size as my matrix and drawing them myself. To get the picture to be on then scroll off, here is how I figured out how to do it. In the preview I set my matrix as two halves, a left and a right. Then I grouped them together to make the complete matrix. In Paint, I take the picture I want to use and cut it in half as well, naming them left and right. So now there are 3 pictures, a whole and two halves. In the sequence grid, I open the tabs under the Matrix Group so the Matrix left and Matrix Right props are showing. I insert the picture effect for each of these for the time I want it on with no movement. In the same time frame on the Group line I insert the whole Picture using picture effect with the "Peek-a-Boo" movement and some hold time. When I'm ready for the picture to scroll off, I turn off the effect on the Matrix Left and Matrix Right lines. I found that setting effects on the individual props themselves override the effects set when used as a group in the same time frame. So the way it all turns out is that the Matrix Left and Matrix Right make the picture I want, the Group Line is using the "Peek-A-Boo" movement, but is not seen until I turn off the Matrix Right and Matrix Left in the middle, then the picture scrolls off. The trick is to turn off the individual props (Matrix Left and Matrix Right) during the hold time on the group line so the picture scrolls off from the same point. Thanks for listening.
  9. Foreground Effects

    You're awesome, Thanks!
  10. Foreground Effects

    Matt thanks for responding so quickly. I had tried that earlier, but didn't do what I wanted. When I select that, it makes any activated group of cells turn into a fade down. What I'm more looking for is say I have a tree with a red and green super-strand on 2 channels. I have it toggling back and forth red green red green etc. I'd like to select say 4 seconds of this and have it fade out toggling, vs. 100% to 0% over and over. So at the 10 sec mark it's at 100% and takes until the 14 sec mark to be at 0% with the red and green toggling. The workaround I came up with, that takes a little time to do, is have both channels fade down for the 4 seconds then turn off parts of it to make the toggle between red and green.
  11. Is there a "Foreground Effects" Fade up or Fade Down? In S4 after I finished a sequence, I would select the cells for some or all of the props for the last few seconds, right click, select foreground effects and select fade down and everything in the sequence would fade out according to what was programed. So far in S5 I can only get the entire selected time frame to ramp down instead of just the active cells.
  12. I'm running Windows 7 i7-2600 CPU 3.40 GHZ. 8GB Ram 64 Bit LOR S5 Sequencer 5.0.0 I use the pull down menu next to the Green check mark and timing options. I click on Preview assignment and chose a different preview, click ok. I often will get this error message- The application experienced an unexpected error and is about to close. If you decide to create a help ticket at Lightorama.com for this issue, please attach this file to the ticket: ...LORSequencer-trace.txt. I can't attach the file here it's too big, but I can send it another way if needed. It force closes Sequencer while asking to save the file first.
  13. PE Group Effects

    I've been playing with S5 for a couple days now and liking what I'm seeing. Once I got all the channels named the same in SE, PE, and Visualizer, my effects starting working. ( I know it's been mentioned over and over, and yes, I'm one who doesn't think I need to until I realize, I really have to.) I am a big PE user so setting up props, groups, and effects has been easy for me. I love how I can copy and paste the same effect in all my channels instead of flipping between the two (SE and PE) trying to line them up in the time line. Now it's all there on the same screen. Here is what I'm not quite figuring out- I'm using an Imported Visualizer .lee file as my preview, and a .lms sequence file from v4.3.14. All the SE channels work fine and most of the DMX Pixel props set up from my PE file. I have several groups in PE to make effects across the entire screen, these are the ones I haven't figured out how to get to work in S5. Example- In PE I have 8 Mini Pixel Trees set up individually and as a group. The effects programed on each individual tree work fine. I then I use the Butterfly effect in the group setting, but it doesn't copy over to S5. Is there a way to do this? I know I can go into S5 and create all the same groups and reprogram from there, but I would like a simpler way to do this. If I switch over to using the PE Preview File, all the PE channels and groups work, but none of the SE channels show up. I'll keep playing around with it, but if anyone has had any luck I'd like to hear from ya. Thanks,
  14. Pixel Connectors

    This is sounding good. I have plenty of waterproof connectors, but I'm just not sure I wanted to change them all. My patience on soldering is starting to get thin.
  15. Sorry to start another thread on this, but all the pixel strands I bought this year came with this type of connector- http://www.ebay.com/itm/50set-3PIN-JST-RGB-Connector-Cable-M-F-For-WS2811-WS2812B-LED-Strip-Pixel-Bar-/371013354771?hash=item56621e8513:g:lFgAAOxy0NtTCcOp Has anyone used just these and had any success or issues? I'm thinking where I should be fine under fine under the eaves where they are more protected from the elements, but I also have some out in the yard that would be exposed that have me thinking I may run into some shorting problems. Let me know your opinion. Thanks,