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  1. So a quick update- I bought some of these from the original post, and the quality isn't there. The wires that plug into the power pack don't fit to seal correctly and the bases aren't sealed. There's no hole in the stake to let water through so over time, it will fill up where the wires all connect. I know because it fell out just by me carrying it and the ends need a little more, let's say shrink tube, to seal the wire ends. I set them up in the yard the other night and they are fun, but they do take a little stronger breeze to get them moving.
  2. I've used GE Silicone II with much success.
  3. Not sure what kind of lights you're using, I use RGB strip lights and icicles around the roof line. Mine are under the soffit and the strips are there permanently now. I use them all year for the different Holidays each month. Mine face out, but I have seen people face them in to wash the walls. My house has a pinkish hue to it, so when i tried to "wash" the walls, it changed the colors too much. If you look at about the 7:08 mark you can see how i did them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5i2F72IyBY
  4. Some of my deer have similar problems you are describing, and I used zip ties to help hold them together. Some of them need to be attached to the ground a little more so than others to keep them standing, but they still work after almost 20 years. "If women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." -Red Green
  5. I have 3 in my display. I have them mounted on the lid side of the CG1500 Enclosure of 3 different controller boxes.
  6. As someone who mows lawns on the side, (about 16 a week) these kind of stories just get under my skin sometimes as they give us all a bad reputation. It's not really that hard. I don't claim to be the best in the world, but I make sure to do a good job, at least that's what my clients tell me, and I've never been fired for the work I do. I mow lawns that have some Halloween d├ęcor out, and I just stay about a foot away, and if it's just a couple blow ups, I remove them, mow, and put them back (usually with prior permission). Hitting them is just careless. My question would be, how do your
  7. And then you say to yourself, "oh yeah, i was supposed to go back and fix/add to that part."
  8. Thank you Matt, this is what I needed to make it work.
  9. Here's the set up. I have a group with a motion effect. I want to fade in an effect with individual props. My understanding is that the effects for the individual props will take priority over the effect when in the group. Is there a way to re-prioritize this so that the group effect will transition more smoothly into the individual prop effects? Meaning, I want to fade out the group effect and fade in the prop effect without the prop completely dropping out of the group effect.
  10. Thank you Matt. This solved my issue. I Failed to think about changing the assigned preview to the new imported one from the older sequence. Once I did that, I found everything I needed.
  11. You are correct. The props and sequencing for them show up, but the groups that were made do not. Let me expand a little. Some of the groups show up if they had the same names as before. For example, in the 2017 sequence i had a group called Spots with all the RGB spot lights. In my 2020 i still have that group and so it shows up. In my 2017 sequence my Matrix Group was called Large Matrix. In my 2020 it's called Main Matrix. When i open 2017, no group called Large Matrix shows up. I tried renaming and creating a new matrix called Large Matrix in my 2020 preview, but still no lu
  12. I've been searching, but can't find the answer I need. I am looking to upgrade some old S4 Sequences into S5. Here is how i'm doing it: Open new S5 sequence with updated Preview Open old S4 sequence using the various preview sources, mainly option 4 Copy each line of prop from S4 sequence to S5 Sequence. Reason, not all my old S4 sequences used the same preview, but many of the props are the same, just different channel assignments. Each year was different due to power consumption. In S4 i used PE and had a 2 matrix props- Matrix Left, Matrix right, and grouped them to m
  13. Hey Everyone- I know this topic has come up several times before, but I wanted to get an up to date "opinion." Does anyone have a good Powered USB Hub that has been a long term success? I've purchased a couple 7 port off Ebay in the past, but my second one has now gone out, only one port works. Thanks.
  14. My matrix is 126 x 63 and I just use S5 and not SS. You do need to convert the video clips to .AVI, but it is doable. I may have read somewhere that other formats work as well, but I don't remember right now. All I know is I convert them to .AVI and they work fine on my matrix. Good Luck.
  15. I got mine from here: https://www.alliedelec.com/search/productdetail.aspx?SKU=70368863 which was quite a bit cheaper.
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