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  1. Instead of making the arch a 10 segment arch, just make it a single since you are using pixels. Then in the motion effect tools you can use different things to create what you are looking for. Bars would work so would Single Block. You can use these to create the Leaping effect as well. The way you have it set up gives you more specific control for specific parts of the arch, but if you're not trying to be too particular, the motion effect will do most the work for you.
  2. Oh I dunno, I've done a few things on my 126 x 63 pixel matrix on my roof. For my matrix I use the movie motion effect. You do have to convert the video to .AVI format. http://forums.lightorama.com/topic/37617-using-the-movie-effect-in-pe/?tab=comments#comment-347358
  3. Conduit. Especially under the driveway and sidewalks. Put a couple 3" lines under the driveway so you can run both power and sprinkler lines easily. I ran a 3" pipe under the sidewalk on the side with my trees that are in the parkstrip. I have 3 colors per tree, and 3 trees (5 at first). That's 9 extension cords running to a controller. I don't trust leaving a controller in the parkstrip with the way the snowplows sometimes pile it up. My power meter is on the side of my garage so I added a circuit panel in my garage for dedicated expansion lines outside.
  4. If I'm understanding your question correctly you could try it a couple ways- 1- Left click and hold on the prop and drag it up or down to reorder the view. or 2- create a new View Grid with just the certain props you are trying to view together.
  5. Quick question for those who use 1" pex tubing for arches- When you buy the 100' roll from Lowes/Home Depot, how are you straightening it out? I have started playing with it today, but it looks more like a mushroom than an arch as the bottoms are trying to turn in making a circle. I bought a 10' section for testing which made a nice arch, but I need pieces that are 10' 6".
  6. The ones I have purchased over the years have varied. Some start out with the fan turning on and off, while others have been running since I plugged them in 6 years ago. Haven't had any major issues, other than on a couple the bearings have gone bad, so they are quite noise, but in an enclosed case in the big outside, you don't hear them unless you know what you're listening for.
  7. Does anyone have Singing Faces for Joy To The World Dubstep by Red Letter Hymnal?
  8. Is there a way to override a channel conflict? Here's what I'm trying to do. Using my matrix, I'm recreating my singing faces trees, and to make sequencing easier, I want to create each mouth as a prop. I created each mouth using Custom Design and assigned each pixel the correct Address as it sits on my matrix, but it won't play just gives me the error. In S4 the work around I did was to create each mouth in a group in SE, and use a Picture option in PE for the tree outlines. I haven't found a workaround in S5 other than to delete the matrix from the preview, or tell the matrix to use "Same Channel as (mouth)" , which in turn takes the Matrix out of the list of props, but in some parts of song, I want to use the matrix for other effects. Here's a video of what I did a couple years ago in S4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlK1VyrwVik
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3XfDF_bM2U These are the lights all over their yard. Pretty much a short firestick.
  10. I guess I've always sequenced my matrix through PE and/or S5 using Motion Effects which doesn't require you to program each pixel like SE does. Which is why you don't need to worry about setting the zigzag on the controller settings. When you create your prop it will show up as a single line (or more if requested) for sequencing instead of each and every channel/pixel like SE does. If I remember correctly from last summer, I was able to use the Pixie on props with folds in the preview design. My understanding is a "Fold" is used when setting up the prop in the preview design. Zigzag is for setting it up on the controller itself. I'm sure there is a more scientific, long winded definition, but I haven't had the need to use zigzag, so I can't really explain a whole lot. If you get stuck setting it up let me know. I too used the HC Pixnets for my matrix, only I stacked them so each section of my matrix is made of 2 nets 63 pixels high and 15 wide, times 4-1/2 making it 8-1/2 nets wide x 2 high.
  11. DOC- What program are you using to run your Matrix, PE, SE, SS? It's really not so complicated. If you're programing using PE or S5, here is my advice. Set up your matrix using the folds in your preview design, then you won't have to worry about "Zig Zag" on the controller, just the starting points for each output. Just make sure your predefined settings match the ones on the Pixie and you should be up and running. If you're running 128 pixels per output, you will need Power Injection, but you could do it at the beginning and end of the 128 pixel run. I suggest you run it off the power supply directly and only connect the data and V- of pixel 1 to the Controller. This is assuming you are using 12v. If it's 5v, you may need to connect at each row. My Matrix is 63 Pixels high by 126 wide. (Now I run mine off 4 Pixcon16's, but the design is the same) I made each string 126 long, (63 down, 63 up) I connect one power wire for every 2 runs, connecting at Pixel 1 and Pixel 126, then another wire on Pixels 127 and 252, etc. and haven't had any power issues, as I don't run it at full white and only at 75% anyways. In your case, looking at the pic provided from Jim, you could connect power at Pixel 1 and Pixel 128 and should be just fine. Most rules say every 50 for 5v and every 100 for 12v, but the way I look at it if you're connecting it at each end of a strand of 128, each point powers 64 pixels. I've had it do 3 before during testing.
  12. Two of my snowmen I filled the bottom 2-3" with gravel, and my Santa has a big hole in the bottom that I managed to cram a couple pavers into. You could always "guy wire" them down if needs be. I use a lot of 80lb fishing line in my display. It holds up well and you can't see it at night, and only if you're looking for it in the daytime.
  13. I have a sequence/show for each month. January- blue, February- pink, etc. I use the scheduler to run the show from my laptop, and at around 10:00 the colors show turns off and just the house lights with some of the yard lights show comes on for the rest of the night until morning. I do adjust the times depending on when the sun starts coming up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6XOno7fUNo Before using Pixels through the E1.31 network, I downloaded the show to my CMB16D-QC controller as a Standalone and used a timer.
  14. I'm guessing some of my solder joints are poking through the heat shrink tubing, shorting out somewhere as well. First major project, and have come a long way since.
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