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  1. I never considered not adding something as an option before. Hmmmm....
  2. Little_b

    Sealing Ends of Strips

    In the 5 years my dumb strips hung on the house I replaced 3 little sections. After less than a year with pixel strips up, I'm looking at at least 7 sections so far. I bought the pixel C9's to replace, but the wife likes the strips better. I think it's because I use them each month for the major holidays and they look more like accent landscape lights rather than Christmas lights. Luckily the way I have them hung, they come off easily so I won't have to try and do it on a ladder. Will 1/2" shrink tube fit or do I need to go with 3/4?
  3. Little_b

    Sealing Ends of Strips

    Now I have a follow up. How is everyone dealing with failing pixels in the middle of the strip? In the past on the dumb strips I would cut out the bad section and solder in a new one, and use the silicone II to seal it. With the tubing, I'm not sure how to seal it well enough. Does putting a big blob in both sides of the joint in the tubing seal it well enough that water doesn't get in?
  4. Little_b

    AVI features to import from Pixel Editor

    Here are a couple of previous topics on how to do videos. I like the Virtual Dub program Matt suggests and have used it many times with great success.
  5. Little_b

    No motivation yet - help!

    I decided this last year that I'm more into learning the new technology (pixels, controllers, S5, etc.) and making it work. Then I remember I still have to program it. Normally I do all new songs with one or two repeats each year. This year looks like all repeats with 1-2 new songs. New this year are some snowflakes I rewired from incandescents to pixels and using ESPixel Sticks to drive them. Wireless, who knew we'd be there one day. Learning S5 has helped to get some of my songs updated and ready to go. Loving the new preview design.
  6. Little_b

    Disco Ball Motor Question

    You should be fine. I would just make sure you program it to be on 100% or off 100%. Not sure if it's "dimmable," it might burn out the motor. Plus you would need to look into waterproofing the motor casing as well, I doubt it's made for extended outdoor use.
  7. Little_b

    Keeping People Out Of Your Yard??

    I don't do much for Halloween as the house a couple houses down likes to do a big Haunted House out their garage that night. I let him have Halloween and I take Christmas. But a lighted fence may be the trick. I have one at Christmas around mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxevrME41x0
  8. Little_b

    PE Matrix Prop - Adding Different String Length

    mpageler- I'm trying to make sure I understand you correctly, but I think your fold counts are off. If you have 3 strings of 125 pixels with 3 folds each only gives you 12 rows not 15. 4 folds each would give you 15 rows with 25 pixels each. To get the last row in like you want you can do a few things. You can make a custom prop and assign each pixel a number and set your controllers to know which output it is hooked up to. Another option, which is what I did to mine, it is to make 2 matrix props and group them together. Make one matrix with 3 strings of 125 pixels with 4 folds = 15 rows. Make a second matrix with 1 row of 25 pixels. When you build the matrix, each string can be on it's own universe Matrix 1 String 1- U1 start ch 1 end 375 =125 pixels Sting 2- U2 start ch 1 end 375 = 125 Pixels String 3- U3 start ch 1 end 375 =125 Pixels If you want string three to have 150 pixel to not have to use another output you can Matrix 2 String 1 U3 start ch 376 end 450 = 25 pixels + 125 Pixels = 150 Pixels total physically. On the preview just align the two matrixes to the same height and place them together, Create a group with the 2 matrixes, and use the grouped line to insert all your Motion Effects in the sequence. I'm sure there are other ways to do this, but this is how I got mine to work best for me.
  9. Little_b

    2018 Spring Sale

    Placed my order at 9:02 (est) but have to keep refreshing the page now to see what is selling out. Wish they would post how many of each item they had originally to see just how lucky I am to get what I wanted. Got a Pixcon16 which was the first thing to sell out.
  10. Little_b

    Drip lights

    S5 gives you that option.
  11. Little_b

    On Command in Pixel Editor

    Use the Colorwash option for your prop.
  12. Little_b

    Keeping track of things in S5

    It's not as bad as you think. You can create groups for props to help keep the Grid List (Track) shorter. I have about 210 channels of AC and Dumb DC Channels and it's not too bad. I put my Mega Tree into 3 groups, one for each color, and only open them when sequencing the tree. Same goes for my arches. Now don't get to worried about adding pixel channels in the mix. You don't have to have all the pixel channels listed to scroll through, just the prop itself. I have a matrix that has 7938 pixels and 23,814 channels, but it is only listed in the Grid View as Matrix with 2 motion effect lines. The same goes for each of my Pixel Props. One of the best things I like about S5 is the new preview. You only have to set up the props and channel assignments in one place, then use the same Preview for every sequence. If you have to change a channel setting, you only have to do it once in the Preview Design, and not have to go back through every sequence, find the channel, and hope you didn't miss one. The initial Preview Design Set Up may take some time, but like I said, then you use it for all your sequences. I like to switch mine up a little each year as well. All I do is copy the Preview from the year before, rename it for the new year and make the adjustments I need. This way I don't have to change ALL the props, because some just don't change from year to year.
  13. Little_b

    BE 01 Network Preferences

    Ok so it worked the first time, I was able to go in and reset all the IP addresses for the universes. I found I missed a universe so I went into NP to fix and it is giving me the same problem again today. So I uninstalled, registry wipe, reinstalled again today. I went in and reset all the IP addresses just fine. I have found that once I close the Network Preferences page after the first time in, it won't let me change again.
  14. Little_b

    BE 01 Network Preferences

    Problem solved. Thank you.
  15. Little_b

    Static RGB Display

    If I'm understanding correctly, you are wanting to make a strand of red and white, every other bulb correct? R W R W R W etc. On the option list, use linesvertical if your prop preview is horizontal, and lineshorizontal if your prop preview is vertical. I know, it's backwards. Then just use the left side and set the right to none. Then select more than one color, that should give you the alternating bulbs. The chase effect comes from using the speed option.