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  1. Sorry I don't have a source for you, but short experience. I have some 48" snowflakes that had a similar delay you're describing. When I sequenced them I would have them come on a bit earlier and would light up pretty close to when I really wanted them on. The problem I had was when I had quick on and off sections the delay would change. So to make it easier I just re-wired them. I pulled out the lights they came with and put Pixel Nodes in them instead. Now I can change to any color and have many new effects that are a lot more fun.
  2. Thanks Orville I appreciate the offer, I should be alright getting them converted. They all started as MP3, but I gave .wav a shot to see if that would solve the problem. It didn't, still takes at least 3 times through to get the music back in sync.
  3. Update after a couple nights. It takes my show 3-5 times through before the music gets on sync, even after converting all my audio once again and this time all in .wav. For some reason I lost something and Audacity won't let me go to MP3 anymore. .Lame files are missing, I'll have to re-download it another day. The crackling seems to go away for the most part after that 3-5 times through as well.
  4. Hey Everyone I've been reading about the issues with 5.3.x and have been experiences most the same issues myself. I've also read about people going back to 5.2.4 to get the show to run properly and create the .play files. I have tried this, but my sequences won't open as I have created them mostly in 5.3.2. Am I out of luck on this or are there steps I'm missing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I have both in my display. I have the 5mm around my house and mega tree, and the c9's (both LED and Zenon) mixed throughout the yard on yard stakes. Both I've purchased during sales and from fellow forum members so a good price brand new I couldn't tell you. As always the video doesn't do it justice, but you can see them on by themselves at the very end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5h_oeikfbKE
  6. So I just went out to watch again and 2 hours after my show started everything is in sync and not crackling. I'm glad it's working, but I hate how I don't know why and what caused it in the first place. Makes it difficult to troubleshoot and prevent again in the future. I'll have to watch for these issues again tomorrow. Maybe I just need to start the show when it's still light out. I appreciate all the comments and suggestions everyone has made. Thanks.
  7. Sorry guys, now I think I high jacked my own thread with 2 problems. The crackling happens randomly whether the audio is loud or soft. I expanded the volume mixer to make sure I didn't miss anything. Am I 100 percent sure they are in CBR format, no. So I'm thinking of running them again to see if that solves it. But using the same files I've used in years past that didn't have issues is what is throwing me off. I learned about this years ago when I first starting using LOR and so I make sure to do it for each new song I do and haven't changed any settings, that I know of.
  8. Here's another issue I found tonight. Each audio track gets out of sync about half way through the song, lights get behind. I've run each one through Audacity at 128 kbps and 44100hz and converted as MP3 or Wav. Is there a new setting that should be used for S5? Some of these songs I've used the same file for years without issue. When I play each one through SE I don't get any problems.
  9. The laptop is inside the house not on the same circuit. The thing is, is it only crackles when playing through the Scheduler/Show Editor. Any other audio it's just fine. I can play the same sequences through the SE and not get any crackling.
  10. Of course I have way too may effects and 5.2.4 wouldn't open any of my sequences. At this point I go live in 30 minutes so unfortunately there will be out of sync music. I think ill try making one long sequence will all my sequences (6) and see if that will work for tomorrow. Thanks for your help.
  11. Just another random question, after S5.3 has created the .play files, would creating a new show and selecting the .play files out of the LORInternal folder instead of the .loredit files in the sequence folder, help eliminate the issues everyone is running into? Phil- When you reverted back to 5.2.4, did any of your 5.3.x effects get lost or not work?
  12. Doesn't matter if anything is plugged in the audio jack or not.
  13. I went in and reset some of the settings as suggested and everything is set to 32. It helped a little, but the crackle shows up only when playing a show and not anywhere else. The crackle comes through on the laptop by itself and as well as the FM transmitter, and/or headphones, whatever is plugged in. Either I didn't notice or it's just showing up now, but I don't remember having this issue with my Halloween shows. Could it be the larger files I have for Christmas?
  14. I am able to get audio when playing a show, but it is crackly. The audio is fine through SE and any other audio out the Laptop, just when playing a show it is all Crackly. Anyone had or know how to fix this? Thanks,
  15. So are you running the show from 5.2.4 instead of 5.3 then?
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