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  1. BE 01 Network Preferences

    Problem solved. Thank you.
  2. Static RGB Display

    If I'm understanding correctly, you are wanting to make a strand of red and white, every other bulb correct? R W R W R W etc. On the option list, use linesvertical if your prop preview is horizontal, and lineshorizontal if your prop preview is vertical. I know, it's backwards. Then just use the left side and set the right to none. Then select more than one color, that should give you the alternating bulbs. The chase effect comes from using the speed option.
  3. Network Configuration S5.0.18 Pro Windows 10 I installed S5 v5.0.18 on my Laptop I use to run the show today. I am trying to add some new DMX Universe IP addresses to the Network Config. I right click on the LOR Light bulb, select Network Preferences (tried selecting through S5 as well), then clicked on a blank universe (and tried an existing IP addressed one), but then I get an error saying: LORNetworkConfig stopped working. A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Click on close program, and get the message 3 more times before it actually closes. I tried restarting the computer, but no change. I can make and save changes in the LOR tab, but not DMX.
  4. S5 Show Editor

    A couple follow up questions. If I create the playback file for the show, then decide to create some changes to the sequence, do I: 1. Need to create a new playback file each time I make changes? Similar to saving intensity files is PE. 2. And if so, do I have to go in and update the show editor with the new .play.las/lms file each time I make changes? 3. Does it write over the existing .play file each time, or is there going to be a new one each time a .playback file is created? I have created previews and sequences in S5, but haven't run an shows at this point. I use Show Editor and Schedule Editor to run my shows directly from my laptop.
  5. Static RGB Display

    You can do alternating bulbs in PE. Use the Linesvertical or Lineshorizontal option for your prop. Select the colors you want, then chose the spacing, the smaller the spacing the more every other bulb it will be. The Speed option will then create the "Chase" look, if you choose Speed 0, then it will stay static and not change.
  6. Permanent Christmas Lights

    I have had my RGB strip lights mounted on "F" and "J" channel under my eaves for 5 years now and haven't had any major issues.
  7. Round power cable

    The wire I found is actually direct burial speaker wire made for outside use and is UV protected. I have used some on my matrix on my roof from October - March for the past 3 years, and haven't had any issues with the wire itself. I always check the specs of the wire before making a purchase (size, type, jacket, ratings). I agree with some of the other comments made about staying away from Copper Clad Aluminum, and protect the connections from moisture and you should be fine.
  8. Round power cable

    I also buy the pigtails and extension cables from DIY LED Express. Lately I make my own, longer cables soldering the pigtails to 18/4 speaker wire. I think the last time I bought a 500' spoil was on Ebay for about $80.
  9. Ripple Effect

    When I choose the "Ripple" Effect it starts in the center and goes out. Is there a way to reverse it so it flows inward instead?
  10. Pigtail Tee

    Sorry I have been away for a few days to reply. This is similar to what I'm trying to use it for. Only different props. This way I can disconnect each prop instead of having them all wired together making storage a little easier, plus only having to attach one connector to the prop instead of 2. I have considered using the 4 pin connectors as an alternative, but was just seeing what options were out there. I have found with my fence posts that if I wire them in this manner, I don't have as much voltage drop as I do if the power has to go through each pixel on each post. Mathematically it shouldn't matter, but according the Volt meter it is there. If I daisy chain posts 1-5 together in series I see a drop in post 5, as to be expected. If I attach the power in posts 1-5 in parallel the voltage drop is almost half that of the one's in series. I don't know if it's the strips or chips that cause a drain, but the readings are what they are, and so is the brightness in the white color. ( The data line is still connected in series from one post to the next.)
  11. Pigtail Tee

    I'm looking for a 3/4/3 Pigtail Tee and was wondering if anyone knows where to find one. I've looked, but can't find one in this configuration, or one that is somewhat similar. +V ------------------------------------------------------ +V 3 Pin -V ------------------------------------------------------ -V 3 Pin DO -------------------- ----------------------- DI I I I I DO +V -V DI 4 Pin
  12. strobe light strings?

    Just wondering if those of you who have used these could share how many you use in your props, or house.
  13. strobe light strings?

    Tony, and others, how many strands do you use and how do you use them? Example- Mega Tree, how big is your tree, how many strands of strobes and did you string them with the mega tree strands or just random. Thanks to this thread I now have to spend more money.
  14. You know you're addicted when...

    When you text your neighbors to go out and check to see if all the lights came on when your not home.
  15. Does anyone know if LOR still makes the Pixie2? I'm starting to make more and more Pixel props that spread out throughout the display. I'm looking for inexpensive, smaller 1-2 output controllers that I can just attach to the prop, vs having to group all the props together or deal with null pixels due to longer distances from the bigger controllers. Plus I fee like I'm wasting the controllers potential by only using a few of the 16 outputs. Not very cost effective. I'm using Pixcon16's and some Sandevices e6804's, but I'd like even smaller if possible. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks,