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  1. both of the unit you listed use the same base unit just different looks but the model numbers are the same. Take Earle's advice and get it off Ebay. that is where I got mine and it works great with the little antenna that comes with it. this model also has a high and low output if you read the manual. on high in my area the transmitter go about 1/10th of a mile with perfect clarity, and another 1/10 with static. I have not done a range test with it on low yet. the frequency bleed over seems to be fine I have another radio station at .2 above my home station and it does not bleed over or cause interference for me. I tested it on my car radio and a house radio. if you put it on high and need more range for some reason you can add another antenna pretty easily just like the first link you put up. if even on low for some reason it is putting out too much power try changing where you put it (lower and further away from road). If that does not work take Orville advice and put an attennuator on it. Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks for offering a second class just signed up.
  3. Any chance the first session will/can be available as a download,or podcast? I would be willing to throw in a few bucks to have this to review.
  4. Thanks for the update. I will be unable to attend the Wednesday session as I already have a meeting Wednesday night I have to attend. I will sign up for the Thursday or Friday session as I am available on either night. Thanks again for the update and taking the time to put on this session. Very excited to put my new LOR controllers to use!
  5. 1. Yes 2. Yes I would be interested in this. It would help that in over my head feeling for sure. Or maybe just need to lower expectations for my first year with LOR
  6. Congratulations, you do great work! I hope to be placing an order soon.
  7. Can you post a link for the website. I am a newbie and trying to learn as much as I can. Thanks
  8. Yes do you have any thing left I would be interested? Let me know thanks
  9. I agree with caniac the FM transmitter is powerful and feels like it has a good build quality. I got mine off ebay for a good price and it was very powerful so remember to check range in your location mine goes 1/10th mile perfect and another 1/10 with static.
  10. Thanks I was wondering the same thing. I also did try for free and used PayPal.
  11. So I am new to LOR and have just admired them for years. I just bought a few controllers this year and keep seeing "ELL" but can not seem to figure out what this means. Sorry for the newbie question but can you tell me what that means? Thanks Chris
  12. just wanted to chime in an say the box look great, nice wiring job!
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