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  1. Could I have a copy please. It would be greatly appreciated. randy@xenialights.com
  2. This is on my list for this year. Would love a copy! randy@xenialights.com
  3. James, Could you add me to the list of requests. I would greatly appreciate it. xenialights@xenialights.com
  4. Matt, As you consider what to do for Halloween this year, I am wondering if you would do "Radioative" Cover by Pentatonix. I am adding video to my show this year and their video is much more usable for Halloween than the original groups video. Thanks for all you do!!
  5. Are you still planning on doing the original "your a mean one, Mr, Grinch"? Thanks!
  6. Could I please be included. I have the faces. Thanks.. Randy randy@xenialights.com www.xenialights.com
  7. I uploaded a sequence for the original "Your a mean one Mr Grinch". The original was a vixen 2.1 file but I converted it to an .LMS file. Let me know if it is usable. Thanks, Randy www.xenialights.com
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