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  1. dibblejr, you seem to be the person with most sharing. I would love to use this one also. May I please have a copy. And thank you so much for all the sharing you do. I am sure that all viewers everywhere will get great joy from watching your wonderful creations. Again thank you. xerographer@gmail.com Joe
  2. Hello, if you are still offering I would love to have a copy please. I have the song and will be using the singing trees, so this would contribute to my show. Please. Thank you xerographer@gmail.com Joe
  3. I would be interested the sequence. Using the singing trees for the 1st time this year. xerographer@gmail.com Thank you Joe
  4. Mega Arch, I have been searching for this same one. Would love to get a copy please. If I can return the favor let me know if there are any I can provide you. xerographer@gmail.com Thank you Joe
  5. Jim, Thank you for your post. You statement "Besides, for the $2.00 difference in price, I can't think of any reason I would buy a slow speed adapter ever again..." was exactly what I was looking for, I wanted to purchase a backup and was not sure If I could use the RED adapter. Thanks again. Joe
  6. Well I figured since they were there and it would not hurt to have them on if they served a purpose. So I put them on. But since I am using them with LED's there is no heat that I can tell. Thank you Joe
  7. Well I figured my issue out. I had put on some heat sinks. It appears they may have been shorting something out. Took off the heat sinks and board is working line a charm. Joe
  8. I hooked up my controller CMB16D-QC to a rainbow wall runner, LED lights, But in testing on LOR Hardware if I select any one of the circuits in 1-8 channels, no matter which I select the lights respond (go ON). The channels appear to be all connected, they don't respond individually. Could there be a short on my board? Any ideas. Thank you for any help. Joe
  9. Well here is a start, a demo but good info:
  10. I found a work around, I opened another sequence, saved with a new file name, changed my media file, and it saved. Joe
  11. I am getting the same error as "stanward". Only difference I have 3.10.6 "Error Saving File Error saving file...do you want to try to save ton another file name? Detail: Invalid procedure call or argument" Any resolution? Thank you Joe
  12. If this helps anyone that may have similar issues. Using windows XP I could not get any adapter to show in DMX, I use a Lynx adapter, after hours of trouble shooting I finally went back to the following site http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/D2XX.htm Looking under comments. I downloaded this file: http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/CDM/CDM20830_Setup.exe it cleaned up my machine and re-installed my usb drivers now I get all adapters showing in DMX like it should. Hope that helps anyone looking for configuring those adapters. Joe
  13. Thnx for the response Gary, do you run any big box store LED and get smooth fades? I'll update my controllers nonetheless. Thank you Joe
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