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  1. Music Copyright laws???

    I for one understand mikes stance on all this.... Many years ago in a rock band in Alberta Canada in a tiny hick town doing a back 3 filler, the band i was doing sound for, got hit by some bottom feeding jerk that screamed SOCAN. All said and done, cost the band some 24000 bucks for back fines and all to be legit for the next 3 years after that. It was long ago and far far away. But the awful taste it left in my mouth is still there today....
  2. Leaping Arch Wireing

    FWIW...if you make multi cables. Treat them like GOLD having a wire or 2 go bad in the middle of the show or even worse, eratic is devistating.. big coils when handling ( more wires in cable means more distance for the outside wire than an inside wire you can strech a wire to the point of breaking if you coil too tight). No "tugging" to loosen. Don't pry connectors apart and wiggling back and forth is a total no no!!
  3. Opening song.....opinions

    DItto.. ??
  4. Someone on the list has a plugin for windows media player that does sound to light for one lor controler i have the plug in and it works. The pitfall is using WMP.....
  5. Neghbors house issues/ Help

    TY Mega. Your welcome
  6. New in this hobby

    Love the layout. And love the drone photo. You are on the right track, keep up the great work !
  7. Neghbors house issues/ Help

    FWIW I would guess that the 2 houses are on the same transformer on the pole. HIS house most likely has a weak or problematic nutural on the pole. This would explain why HIS lights are flickering. I have a video on youtube about open nutural. If anyone wants to watch it...
  8. I know someone answered this for me a couple of years back, however, I can't remember the post, (even though I started it....) Placing the waveform view many places within the same sequence editor display, the channel map is simply to tall to scroll up and down to get the timings for the channels that are off the bottom of the screen... I Know i have done this, I think George Simmons was the person that showed me, but for the life of me I can't remember the "how to".... Memory's great, just real short............ Greg
  9. Great! But how?? I use groups. Never used tracks yet
  10. Summer Sale

    Anyone know the approx. Date of the summer sale ? The wife has let me off the leash.... ?????
  11. DMX 5 pin vs DMX 3 pin

    FYI the 5 pin version was more for "stage lights" where the primary set (2/3) was used for light color and intensity, and the secondary set (4/5) was used for head placement and angle. It comes from first generation "Varilites" back in the 80s
  12. E1.31 Mega tree / roof outline / matrix

    You got boss !! The next subnet up would be which would give you 254 x 254 = 64,516 addresses and you would be outside of the 192 private address assignment ( there is also a second group. IMSC it's 169. Or something like that. But most ppl do not use it. Corp ifrastructure does however.
  13. Pixel Tree...Strips or Nodes?

    LOL, im quite sure YOU are glad you never came back to Manitoba. It's a gawd awful place. Cold as heck, tons of snow had to give up on our christmas show this year.. you can only see the heads of our 5ft tall toy solders because of the snow we got...
  14. Pixel Tree...Strips or Nodes?

    My twins post....
  15. Pixel Tree...Strips or Nodes?

    Are we twins seperated at birth ???? We do things the same....
  16. Thank you Light-o-rama - Contest Winner

    Cow town.... glad to hear you won !!!
  17. Gmac... would ya keep your show if i told you i would drive down there and camp out, during your show, in front of your house in my tank ? "The ultimate vandal deterent" Theres gota be a way......
  18. I like the "related images" section as well.....????????
  19. E1.31 Mega tree / roof outline / matrix

    Think of ip address's like this. 192 Is the state you are sending command data to. IDAHO for example. 168 is the City 1 is the street 51 is the house on that street
  20. DMX and LOR

    Ok. So to shed some light on this... BOTH dmx and lor use the same protocol (RS-485) however, i do not know if lor is a propriatary signal string ( K6 do you know??) BUT as far as connecting the wires dmx uses pin 1 as "earth" (shield) pin 2 is "data-" and pin 3 is "data+" (pins 4 & 5 on a lor cat 5 cable RESPECTIVELY) WE need to understand that LOR uses a cat5 cable for RS-485, NOT for ethernet. LOR only uses the 2 centre wires in the cable ( 3 & 6 are 12vdc. BUT this has nothing to do with the data.) DMX by design uses a terminator resistor at EACH END of a universe. LOR can use but by default does not have them. I use terminator resistors because of the long runs in my show (over 1600 feet) it's simply "good practice" with your data, to do so. Aa far as the cables its only the 2 (PLUS a shield wire) that you need to worry about. As far as DMX the controller is "out" only and has that terminator resistor built right into the box. DMX in and thru jack designations imply no terminators. The final box or connection in DMX should be an in only or even labeled out, this would imply the pressence of the other terminator resistor 120 ohm at EACH end of the data chain. WOW that was long winded ?
  21. Seq. Editor 3.11.2 Is there any type of method to "Live Record" a channel or channels (eg: assigning a set of keys to a set of channels") ?? Somewhat like the "flash" buttons on a stage lighting controller for like live bands, or live theater ?? Would love to live record my actions to a song as doing it with the mouse "sections at a time" is some what, well, tedious.. An example would be the A, S, K & L keys on the keyboard, and while the song is playing, if one taps them, it is placed into the grid on a set or group of channels that those keys where currently assigned to. (the way a studio would layer a set of tracks for a song, we would layer the flashes or if the key was held down it would turn that channel on for the time the key was held. Anyone ??
  22. George. Yes i'm inthere as i type this. Mega.... great point... love Audacity great program. Will watch the video later today. Thanks to all of you for thw help !!
  23. using the "tapper Method" to get a beat, and then apply to a channel does work, however it might be harder than the "sections at a time" I'm gona play with it... Greg