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  1. So what's up with all DIY kits in the online store, anyone have the lowdown ??
  2. Buying a new laptop.....

    OMG ! Feeling very humble at the moment. I need to purchase a new laptop, however i have no idea if LOR 3.9.0 will run on windoz 10 (NOT running the show). Simply need to program songs, then x-fer show files to a G3-mp3. Any ideas ?
  3. Buying a new laptop.....

    Thanks Big Joe, It appears to, I haven't tried a 485 dongle on it (in curiosity) but programing sequences is good. Especially since I'm going to be away from the house for a week !
  4. wanted RS485 network repeater

    Just going on a 1 day trip for the entire day. Once I'm home i'll do one for you, should be home about 7pm cst.
  5. wanted RS485 network repeater

    I had posted an answer to two outputs on another thread.. are you good with small wires and a jewelers screwdriver ? I can show you how to make an adapter with home depot parts for about 20 bucks.
  6. I had the photo of the stubby's up on photo bucket, and for sure I second your comment "A few 'typical use diagrams are wort many words" If I get a second tomorrow, I'll draw some diagrams and edit the post above. Thanks for the input & support !!
  7. Technically you can do it with a single port dongle also..(this is NOT complex, but does take cabling understanding). IN 485 topology, the 2 final ends of the cable should have a 120 Ohm resistor (1/4 watt is fine) (2 resistors total, one each end). if you keep your connections close on an adapter cable you can make up a terminator stubby for each end (instead of dedicating an entire cable to it), the stubby consists of both a male and a female CAT5 connector with a short length of cable between them (2 to 3 inches). in the female connector you can place the 120 ohm resistor across pins 4 and 5 (the data set) and hot glue the exposed wires & backside pins like this notice the resistors near the cable under the coating of hot glue. these would go to the "Far ends of the cable(s) NOW, here's the trick, make a 3rd stubby (NO resistors, BUT add a 2nd female jack, and wire all of it pin to pin (1 to 1 to 1, 2 to 2 to 2, 3 to 3 to 3, and so on, keep ALL the cables as short as practical, as to not cause reflections. you would use the mutant cable as follows: the male would plug into the dongle, the females would go to the "Through cables" on to the first controller on each of these cables, from there, it's daisy chain all your boxes as normal 3 on one cable 2 on the other (even, odd, whatever) the LAST box on each run, gets the terminator stuby as the photo above, the cable into the female, the male into the last box's input...
  8. Just so everyone understands the 2 outputs.... this configuration CAN be used as if the dongle is in the middle of the cable (as in say, 3 controllers on one port and 2 on the other, (even odd, whatever) the terminators would then go at the farthest boxes one on each end of the ENTIRE cable length. Terminators... RS-485 is NOT, rs-232, 232 uses make break technology, where as 485 uses differential signalling (totally different topology and method). 485 is like two ropes hanging between 2 sets of trees... both ropes side by side... go to one end of the pair... tap one to create a signal on that one that travels down the rope to the other end and returns. now while tapping that one, start tapping the other one also.. the difference in the arrival time of the bounces in the ropes at the other end is the "Data", the reflections are exactly that....unwanted reflections, terminators inhibit the bounce back of the reflection. NO it is NOT wise to try and make a third cable or a "tap" off the length somewhere else as it would add MORE reflections. RS-485 used correctly... is a VERY reliable system.
  9. Mosfet?

    How do you know (Sorry I had too) ;)_
  10. Cat 5 problem

    Middle pair is data (RS485 protocol) and the 3rd and 6th wire are power, which is (in most cases, not used). The power pair where for stuff like the OLD RS 232 to 485 converter to have 12v for the voltage conversion from the DB9's 5volt supply. (RS 485 uses differential 12v signaling), however the newer converters have a voltage doubler circuit to do the same thing, now.
  11. wanted RS485 network repeater

    repeater ?? or converter ? RS-485 with proper terminators will do in excess of 2700 feet of cable, with no repeater..
  12. Solid State Relays

    Just so ppl understand the motor thing... if you are using the PC or olderstyle 16 channel through hole boards, (like the DIY stuff), you could simply replace the MOC-3010 or MOC-3011 Optocouplers with MOC-3031, which the latter being zero crossing triggered opto's this would deal with the motor issue AND, would convert the channels that you changed to ON/OFF ONLY channels... (They would NO LONGER, dim). perfect to do a couple of channels on each side of a dual 20amp highpower box. this would yield less wire clutter, and a "one box does all" approach, saving the precious 40 days left before Dec. 01 for sequences... instead of hardware. Just Sayin... :)_
  13. Got My First Complaint

    you should have told her that: 1) Don't walk your kid by my dragon... HE is scaring my dragon, I'll have to report you. 2) If you or he does not like the look of.... well than.... don't look at it. 3) It's Halloween... there will be MANY things that will scare your kid... It's time you sat him down and ACTUALLY taught him whats real and whats fake, or make believe, it's certainly NOT up to ME !
  14. Introducing Tor

    Welcome to the "Light"... Tor-O-rama.. I guess I SHOULD actually change my banner below to read... over 100 channels...
  15. Music Copyright laws???

    I for one understand mikes stance on all this.... Many years ago in a rock band in Alberta Canada in a tiny hick town doing a back 3 filler, the band i was doing sound for, got hit by some bottom feeding jerk that screamed SOCAN. All said and done, cost the band some 24000 bucks for back fines and all to be legit for the next 3 years after that. It was long ago and far far away. But the awful taste it left in my mouth is still there today....
  16. Leaping Arch Wireing

    FWIW...if you make multi cables. Treat them like GOLD having a wire or 2 go bad in the middle of the show or even worse, eratic is devistating.. big coils when handling ( more wires in cable means more distance for the outside wire than an inside wire you can strech a wire to the point of breaking if you coil too tight). No "tugging" to loosen. Don't pry connectors apart and wiggling back and forth is a total no no!!
  17. Opening song.....opinions

    DItto.. ??
  18. Someone on the list has a plugin for windows media player that does sound to light for one lor controler i have the plug in and it works. The pitfall is using WMP.....
  19. Neghbors house issues/ Help

    TY Mega. Your welcome
  20. New in this hobby

    Love the layout. And love the drone photo. You are on the right track, keep up the great work !
  21. Neghbors house issues/ Help

    FWIW I would guess that the 2 houses are on the same transformer on the pole. HIS house most likely has a weak or problematic nutural on the pole. This would explain why HIS lights are flickering. I have a video on youtube about open nutural. If anyone wants to watch it...
  22. I know someone answered this for me a couple of years back, however, I can't remember the post, (even though I started it....) Placing the waveform view many places within the same sequence editor display, the channel map is simply to tall to scroll up and down to get the timings for the channels that are off the bottom of the screen... I Know i have done this, I think George Simmons was the person that showed me, but for the life of me I can't remember the "how to".... Memory's great, just real short............ Greg
  23. Great! But how?? I use groups. Never used tracks yet