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  1. a31ford

    upgrading 110/220V Ac controller to DC

    The half wave strings will burn like bacon.... Canac ???? Here boy. Here boy..... 😁
  2. a31ford

    upgrading 110/220V Ac controller to DC

    Confused... triacs only work on a.c.. and the optocoupler that comes with the board is NOT zero crossing... The power transformer on the board will ONLY work with AC. Technically a triac will work in a dc circuit HOWEVER only one side of the bidirectional SCR pair will be used THEREFOR the triac will need to be de-rated to1/2 of its rated output.
  3. a31ford

    Sound outputs music & voice to different speakersI

    Anything that can be converted to digital (mp3's for example) can be converted to multi-channel. With that said, you will need a preamp (or integrated) that will do true Dolby Digital 5.1 (6.1 is a bit harder). 5.1 the center speaker is encoded by phasing the left vocal and right vocal to each channel out of phase with each other, (both go to each channel but create a null IN the null envelope there is a trigger frequency around 25khz that tells the decoder to throw one channels input to the decoder out of phase ), the decode process this re-phased left and right as the vocal track and outputs it to the centre channel, causing the vocals to "pop out" at the center. rear left and rear right are done with the same idea, however the processing uses summed phase angle with small inversions of phase to create them from the original source. You can do a simple center speaker by attaching a 3rd speaker to ONLY the POSITIVE outputs of the Left and Right channels... THEN using a stereo mixing console use the voice source into TWO MIXER INPUTS, BUT ONE OF THEM IS OUT OF PHASE WITH THE OTHER... (reverse the + & - of ONE CHANNEL ONLY, THIS IS THE INPUT TO THE MIXER...). pan ONE channel to the left, the OTHER to the right. the volume of the voice source, is SLIGHTLY QUIETER THAN THE REST OF THE PROGRAM. once heard in the final mix, the two channels ( L & R ) WILL CAUSE A BRIDGED output effect on the speaker outputs, the voice track will "pop out" of the centre speaker at a louder volume (since it is perceiving that it has 2x the power (bridged) from the amp, it will be 3db louder than the original recording into the left and right channels.. you will still hear the voice in the original left and right however, it will be buried in the song mix, only the center speaker will have a louder voice... simple 3 speaker systems where used back in the 70's for "rear speakers" on many home stereos of the time period, the zenith "allegro" console is a good example of this the switch above the "bass" fader "2 on 2 Matrix" is what Zenith called it........
  4. a31ford

    Wireless extension cords

    Telsa "Everything is light"..... Here's one for the file... Photons do NOT move... the Universe is filled with them... Think Kinetics.. like the box with 8 or 10 balls hanging on strings... clack, clack, clack..... Kinetics. Why is all of space moving away from itself... NO it's not dark energy or dark matter... every vibration of "light" is a new photon(s) from the surface of a star.... fill the universe with photons... things have to move out of the way, as new photons are created with the vibrations of light.. NOTE: I did NOT say wavelength... light is vibrations NOT waves.
  5. a31ford


    FIRST Photo... NORMAL CABLE, this is what should be used in ALL LOR data cables (note the wiring differences) from the first to second photo). BELOW... Crossover cable You can (if you need to) use a mix of cables of method 568-A and / or 568-B but NO crossover cables LOR uses ...... 1 & 2 (not used), 3 & 6 power (12 volts DC), 4 & 5, data (RS-485), 7 & 8 (not used). See where the power wires are going ?????
  6. a31ford


    THE KEY to your problem is the crossover cable. LOR is NOT using a cat5 cable for TCP/IP they use it out of convenience to the users. the center 2 wires (generally blue - white/blue MUST run from the center pins in the cable to EACH end... your crossover cable does not... CHANGE the cable to a standard pin for pin cable.
  7. a31ford

    Problems with show

    so when you say it just shuts down... how long does it run ? 1 min. 10, the length of the animation ?? there is a setting you have to check to "run show continually" or from x time to y time.
  8. a31ford

    Facial Capture for Singing Faces

    AGREED... Greg
  9. a31ford

    Lights at the Ranch has come to an end

    LMAO At HD, too funny.
  10. a31ford

    Schedule Sequence still playing

    I'll add to what Don said... Animation sequences can be used to simply turn lights on between shows. (or even do other things) In fact, I'm trying to figure out if I can trigger one animation as an overlay on another.. this way I can use motion detection to trigger leaping arches overtop (overlaid) on a static display as to follow cars, as they drive by (I have a Really long front yard)... over 600 feet..... could put 20 some arches all side by side.. LOL< and if they are coming from the other direction a motion sensor at that end going the other way...
  11. a31ford

    HEADLIGHTS !! voice file

    Got one ! thanks to all,
  12. a31ford

    HEADLIGHTS !! voice file

    good points from all of you. TY
  13. a31ford

    HEADLIGHTS !! voice file

    Greetings All ! I'm looking for a voice file that would ask people that are watching the show to please pull over to the side of the road, and turn off their headlights (but leave their park lamps on so other cars can see them). I Can make the file, but have a somewhat gruff sounding voice (would most likely scare ppl away......)
  14. a31ford

    When do you just stop...

    GOTA say.. GREAT IDEA !!!!!! +1 in so many ways
  15. a31ford

    Lights at the Ranch has come to an end