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  1. Totally Understand, offer still stands.
  2. JR, sorry for your Loss, if there is anything I/we can do, please let us know. Greg/Judy
  3. DevMike... IF I only had the money.....
  4. OK, I guess I should Clarify my requirements.... My display is narrow and WIDE (some 400 feet worth), and running servo dogs, just isn't practical. I want an ONLY 3 wire connection system (+,D and -), other than than the lights on the moving part (THAT will still be in CTB-16's) By using a MC-6850 UART, as the "Output section" and addressable MC14469 dip switch addressable uarts, I can run a receiver wherever I need, along that 400 some odd feet of display. the 14469's can be had for under 5 bucks a piece. a latch IC, and a D to A for timing pulse width to the servo, or I could go larger cheaper Steppers with a Stepper motor driver. as some of the props I want to move are quite heavy and large.
  5. Greetings All, hope everyone got what they wanted at the Sale yesterday. I am working on a interface system, that would produce movable props using the same protocol (RS-485) as LOR does, for the lightshow, Think of it this way. it is a simple X and Y axis control system so you could move say as an example, a wireframe deer head, or a spot light (like they do in concerts). Just wondering if there is other people that would find this of interest, or am I the only one. Replies, very welcome. Greg
  6. Almost sounds like you are talking vacuum tube amplifiers or something...
  7. Control the kids going into a show.... :)
  8. a31ford

    windows 10

    FWIW, Linux 19.1 cinnamon, with the Tessa desktop, running an older version of Windoze XP in a virtual box, is rock solid, the Linux is state of the art, and dam FAST, and windoze XP is a great version (IMHO) better than 10 any flavor, Linux, is FREE............... Greg Manning
  9. Jerry.. Sorry to hear about your Accident, Remember though, ANY show, small , large, or somewhere in between , IS A GOOD THING !! It's the fact that that one is done, NOT the size of it !!! Keep up the great work ! Greg Manning
  10. did a quick check.. everything else I'm following, I\m the last post, so that would make sense, as to why I' ony gett the 4 words one... DUH !
  11. LOL, ARE you saying the people that own a WTCPR and a WTCPN are old ??? LMAO !! guess I fall into that category... (even have the DE-soldering head adapted to the WTCPN). Greg 不不不不不
  12. only notifications I've been getting are for the "continue the story in four words", here in the coffee shop, nothing else.
  13. Haven't see anything about the hits of this year ?? anyone following whats 'Hot' ??? Any Ideas ???? Greg
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