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  1. Almost sounds like you are talking vacuum tube amplifiers or something...
  2. Control the kids going into a show.... :)
  3. a31ford

    windows 10

    FWIW, Linux 19.1 cinnamon, with the Tessa desktop, running an older version of Windoze XP in a virtual box, is rock solid, the Linux is state of the art, and dam FAST, and windoze XP is a great version (IMHO) better than 10 any flavor, Linux, is FREE............... Greg Manning
  4. Jerry.. Sorry to hear about your Accident, Remember though, ANY show, small , large, or somewhere in between , IS A GOOD THING !! It's the fact that that one is done, NOT the size of it !!! Keep up the great work ! Greg Manning
  5. did a quick check.. everything else I'm following, I\m the last post, so that would make sense, as to why I' ony gett the 4 words one... DUH !
  6. LOL, ARE you saying the people that own a WTCPR and a WTCPN are old ??? LMAO !! guess I fall into that category... (even have the DE-soldering head adapted to the WTCPN). Greg 不不不不不
  7. only notifications I've been getting are for the "continue the story in four words", here in the coffee shop, nothing else.
  8. Haven't see anything about the hits of this year ?? anyone following whats 'Hot' ??? Any Ideas ???? Greg
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