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  1. Anything preventing theft/vandalism is all about layers. Cameras are great at identification after a loss and can pose a deterrent if they are seen by a potential thief. However, they are quiet and don't announce the intrusion unless you have the system set to trigger on active zones with your home alarm. (most folks don't) Placing signs to alert to the cameras helps. The best feature about cameras is it allows you to monitor what occurs in your yard during off hours. When my yard alarms trigger I can pull up the feed on my tablet bed side and determine if its the pesky deer again or drunk college students taking selfies with my display. Layer 2 is noise/alerts/lights that not only advise the homeowner there are issues to be dealt with but also put the suspect on notice they have been caught. Out of the thousands of thefts I have investigated no thief has remained on scene after an active/loud alarm is triggered. The Chamberlain driveway alarms noted above are good in this respect, I have a set with 3 sensors and they have the advantage they can be hooked into many of your home's alarm systems and tell you what zone has been triggered. However, if you don't need that feature for far less than $50+ a pop there is a better option from Harbor Freight http://www.harborfreight.com/wireless-driveway-alert-system-93068.html watch the sales as they often get to ~15 bucks. Bonus is they are battery powered and I can verify a set of batteries will last all through October and December during both of our displays-less cables to run are a good thing! If you take your time placing the sensors the entire property is able to be monitored and an alert triggered once someone crosses the line. Motion lights within your yard/display are also helpful. I have motion lights set up in my yard so after hours when the display is off anyone who enters the forbidden zone will not only hear an audible alert they will be lit up. Not only do I have 110v units temp installed during the season I also have some portable units I got from Costco that are LED and battery powered. They are pretty bright, very compact and work well in tight areas that a bigger unit would be out of place in. I also have a fence around my yard at Halloween. This not only adds to the decor but keeps folks out of the yard. It won't stop anyone determined to get in but will set the psychological barrier that they are not to enter that area-this is important for safety of your audience and equipment. For Christmas a good old string of candy canes/lights etc. will work. Neighbors! We have not had a theft by humans, (squirrel stole an eye from my tree face 2 years ago) but our neighbors have adopted our display and also keep an eye out reporting any unusual activity they observe. For 2016 I have rigged motion sensors to a trigger-able prop controller that will play the Robo Cop ED209 soundtrack (ROAR-YOU HAVE 20 SECONDS TO COMPLY...) nothing said this couldn't be fun!
  2. Hey all, I am trying to get monkeybasic's trackskull to work in puppet mode and so far no joy. I have a medusa board and even got the gen 4 camera. The only non- standard piece is my Dmx dongle. I have been using the Holiday Coro acti-dongle that says its enttec pro compatible. The board and dongle work great for DMX and servo control as I used it this last season. I can record with trackskull and export to LOR and it plays, what wont work is live puppet mode. Im wondering if the issue is a setting or if the dongle is not compatible.
  3. Dennis, sorry I didn't see this a couple of months ago. In short you are way over complicating this. To hack most of these toys with LOR you don't need a servo control board, what you need are $1 wall worts you can pick up at Goodwill. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXRgxG8LTcU TIKI BIRD TEST 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTOZLGnXzd4 2015 HALLOWEEN SHOW CLOSE UP (POURING RAIN) http://ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfQnXNiwia8 2015 PIRATE SKULL Just get a couple of 1/2 amp wall wort AC-DC plugs and wire one into the beak the other into the body to do the above. If you want to control the eyes it would be a 3rd channel. Then just plug into LOR controller and sequence. On= mouth open, Body movement in the birds is in a loop so I just turned that on/off at random to get them to dance. If you want total precise control then the servo board is the way to go but the way I did it above required about 5 min per bird and you don't even have to remove the fur.
  4. OK played around with sequence a bit this evening. 12 RGB DMX channels are adding over a GIG to the file size. ?????? How is this even possible that's only 36 channels. My file size goes from 172K to 1.2 million K as soon as I copy in my 12 DMX channels. I think this is what is causing the program to crash. How are folks getting 100+ channels to run when I can't get 70 to play in a show?
  5. OK, I think the issue is that my file size is too large. It's 1.2GB!!! I was looking at length of time from last year not file size. So, here's my question now. My video file size is 56mb. I am running 32 channels of LOR with 12 RGB channels from an actidongle. That is only 70 channels. How is the file size getting so large?
  6. Thanks Don, I appreciate the reply. I also tried just loading one sequence into the show and it would play and then crash when it was time to repeat/loop. Ticket sent to LOR and we will see what they can come up with.
  7. FYI: I edited part of the longer sequence last night down to to 6 minutes thinking the long/larege file may be the issue. No resolution.
  8. Hey all. Trying to get up and running for Halloween and I am having trouble with getting the show to run. I have 2 sequences that I am trying to get to fire up and repeat during show hours. The first is my 2014 show that is 9:15 seconds, the 2nd is our filler piece of 20:45. Last year we ran similar sequences that timed out playing every top/bottom of hour every night. Yes they are long but again-it worked last year and breaking them apart would be problematic. This year on either simple show builder or show editor/schedule editor the first sequence will fire and the 2nd will then flash about 3 images of the video and then die turing all lights on to white. I have run Verifier and the only errors on either sequence or the show on a whole were that the 2nd sequence didn't have every channel used but this is the way it's supposed to be and was not an issue last year. I have tried changing order of the shows and regardless of how they are ordered the first will fire, 2nd crashes. Both sequences play fine in sequencer or by themselves in a show. Software: LOR: 3.11.2 Advanced Hardware: 32 channels LOR, hardware purchased spring 2013 from LOR-fully assembled. DMX: Holiday Coro ActiDongle # 53/V2 running 12 of the HC led flood kits. PC: HP i5 processor, 8GB ram, 1TB HD, Radeon HD 6450 graphics with 512 dedicated memory. Windows 7. Again, the sequences work, lights do what they are supposed to-I just can't get the show to go with multiple sequences. And, of course we have the video won't open in full screen issue but that will be another post.
  9. Thanks for the help. I guess the manual recolor each block is the way to go. I was hoping there was an easy way to just select all "ON" colors and re-color them vs. clicking every cell. Thank goodness I only have a 9.5 minute show.
  10. Thanks, will have to open superstar and play with it.
  11. OK, this is probably a stupid question but I know I'm missing something to do this the easy way. I am adding DMX this year to the show. Switching 10 of my can lights to RGB floods. (yeah!) I created 10 new RGB channels in my existing show and copied and pasted the existing LOR channel sequences to the RGB chanels. It works except for one thing, all colors are just red. I get that the original LOR channel was just one and the RGB is 3 with red being the first one. I want to go and change the colors throughout the song but it looks like I have to change each pixel individually???? There has to be some way to just select a section and change the "on" colors to another color. While labor intensive I could click each individual square but part of my sequence has 1/2 squares filled in so it will make the whole thing choppy. Thoughts?
  12. Hi from Corvallis. Are you talking about a projection map (custom videos that are mapped to your house) or just using a video projector as part of your display? To add a projector you will need the maxed out version of the LOR softwear to run the video. Of course a projector is needed and a REALLY long vga cable. You will be running the show from your computer. We use LOR to run our Halloween show and video is a big part of it. Logistics for a projector outside are to keep it dry and secure. Dry: I built a casket to house my unit, It keeps the projector dry and if you set it back about 3-4 inches from the hole the projector shines out of in the enclosure it will stay dry. Obviously a casket is not very holiday esque. Maybe a lighted gift box or other Christmas prop to house your projector? Secure: see above, my casket is very heavy and takes 2 people to move and my yard has motion alarms in it as well, I also don't use a super $$ projector. I pick up projectors at surplus sales. I just got a 900 lumen InFocus unit Wed for $75 at the OSU surplus sale. Full dark 900 lumens works well. I use windows movie maker (its free) and audiocity (also free) to create my videos, If I don't want anything projected just set screen to a black color. LOR can't control your projector to turn on/off.
  13. The West Coast Haunters Convention is in Portland every year. I have yet to actually make it but it's a pretty big deal. They have an entire section dedicated to the home haunter. It's May 16-18 and the keynote speaker is from the makeup artist show on Syfy network. A few of us from Corvallis are planning to go on the Saturday. I really wanted to do the CLAP event in WA but that week is booked solid with meetings in tornado alley.
  14. Here is the link to what I purchased off of eBay. The Chauvet first got my attention as an alternative to fire, but further research found that I could likely do better on the price of $400. While they are a name brand I have had an issue with them in the past on a fogger-I can forgive problems what burned me was the poor service/response to a simple fix with a remote. Now, I hate to say this because I got a lot of useful help from a vendor in the midwest on a haunt forum but this unit from china appears to be the identical machine a lot of the halloween stores/sites are selling for $300-$400. I had a vendor actually shoot the internals of their machine on youtube and when compared to the unit I purchased they are exactly the same. The specs the vendor listed on their website were a direct cut/paste from this unit (even same font) I always try and support stores that provide good service. However, the difference between 399 and 127 is too much to overcome. At 127 bucks including free shipping I figured I couldn't loose and rolled the dice. I know nothing about the seller but the item shipped on time and arrived exactly as advertised. It shoots fog over the roof of my house. In this case I think I won. I'm placed the rgb flood light I built this weekend next to it and got a pretty good effect. I think I can mount the LED's on top and for a total of $160 have something that should be functionally like the $400 name brand unit. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Updated-1500W-Fogger-UpSpray-Smoke-Fog-Vertical-Machine-with-Remote-Control-DMX-/190891845735?_trksid=p2054897.l4276 So... any of you guys going to the haunt convention in PDX??
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