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  1. wt1924

    RGB Power Injection Help!

    K6ccc, Thank you for your Correct information. In testing, I just ran a line from negative to negative of the power supplies and it worked as it should. Thank you again. William,
  2. wt1924

    RGB Power Injection Help!

    Mr. P, 11 ports are 100 each 4 ports will be 144 each 1 port open Based on my figuring and controller set up, I needed to inject 1 port of 100 pixels on one bank, and I was going to inject all 4 of the 144 pixel ports (these 4 port are two window matrix) on other bank. I have used pixels a few years but never needed to power inject. Growing in size I was trying to be more cost effective and use more pixels per port and not buy another controller. The vendor says 55 watts per 100 pixels on full white. So even 2 ps wouldn't do 1676 pixels. K6ccc, So run a line from the negative of the injecting ps to the main ps that powers the board and the first bank? How long can the line be? Thank you, I vaguely remember reading this somewhere. I knew I was making a rookie mistake.
  3. wt1924

    RGB Power Injection Help!

    is that my problem? The external power supply is Not connected to the controller. I'm not sure how to do that. The controller is powered by two 350 watts ps. I am using one output to power 100 pixels that i must externally power (or i will exceed 80 % of the 2 ps that power the controller) so how do i configure if the controller already has power from 2 other ps. Thanks for your help or anyone else.
  4. Hello, I need to power inject some pixels. I am running the data from an Alphapix and the power from a Falcon F8Distro connected to one 350 watt power supply. I'm pretty sure it's ran correctly because when I use power from the controller it tests fine. When I receive power from the Distro it is Not fine its blinky and acts weird. What am I doing wrong? It will not work correctly when receiving power from the Distro and Data from the controller, but it does when both are from the controller. Thanks for comments and/or help in advance. William
  5. Hello everyone, I will be using sequences from S4 in 2018. I plan on using S4 for now. I have done a couple of sequences in S5 that I want to use this year. Will the S4 scheduler and Show builder be able to use/play S4 and S5 sequences together seamlessly? Or should I go the other way around and use S5 show builder, and S4 sequences will be OK. Or they are the same and no issues either way?
  6. wt1924

    Whoville Medley Short Ver TSO Faces & Pixel

    May I have a copy? willtamharr@gmail.com
  7. wt1924

    Pixel Controllers for sale

    Thanks for the replies and posts. Everything is sold.
  8. Hello, I have a 27 channel dmx dumb controller ($25) and a LOR CMB 24 channel dumb controller ($50) for sale. Also, I have 9 sets of 25 dumb pixels with 10-foot extensions I will include very cheaply. The first 2 links below are the 2 controllers. The 3rd link is the pixels except mine are colored wire and in 25-pixel sets w/the 10-foot waterproof connectors (HC). Direct email me or pm if interested. willtamharr@gmail.com $100.00 for all shipping included or separate excluding shipping Regards, William http://www.holidaycoro.com/27-Channel-DMX-Controller-for-RGB-Lights-25-Amps-p/25.htm http://store.lightorama.com/cmdedcca3.html http://www.holidaycoro.com/Dumb-RGB-50-Node-String-With-Waterproof-Connectors-p/58-wp.htm
  9. wt1924

    Preview change not changing.

    I had the same issue and could not figure it out. What did you do bdwillie
  10. wt1924

    RGB Cross

    I copied his design. You can put smart pixels instead of dumb ones. With this design you have an inside cross and an outside cross. Or maybe make one cross and do the inside /outside effect with smart pixels. His pictures explain. Made from coro. http://teamg4.org/gallery/rgb-cross/
  11. wt1924

    Adding RGB in 2018

    ericg2000 I sent you a PM
  12. Hello Everyone, Question #1 - Do Cat6 cables help when you have a few thousand pixels, or Cat5e good enough? On a similar topic, does megabit or gigabit network switch better? Question #2 - When you power inject with an external power supply, exactly what is the best configuration? I remember reading somewhere that the power supplies (initial ps and the external ps) need to be tied together or something. Please explain simply, not in electrician talk. Question #3 - Similarly to question #2, would injecting power 100% be better than using the power supply that powers the controller? I was thinking maybe a small PS for the board and power inject my entire display. Thoughts and maybe a how-to! Thanks, William
  13. wt1924

    Looking for Chrstmas This Year by Toby Mac

    Hello, I would like a copy. willtamharr at gmail dot com
  14. wt1924

    LED Lights

    I use Walmart lights with much success. Used them for years. Yes, when I set up every year there are some that don't work, but cheap and good enough to replace. I have thousands so 2-5 strands a year is nothing. Don't use GE brand from Walmart. They do not react well to fast input.