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  1. I suggested hot glue for most hanging on brick, and I back that, because I hang my twenty-two 14 inch LED snowflakes that way. I also have RGB wreaths and snowflakes that are much heavier. I did similar to what you are thinking. I drilled a pilot hole into the face of the brick (per instructions) and used masonry screws (the blue ones, Tapcon brand) and hung nylon cable clamps (you need a hammer drill tho). Every year I just zip tie the RGB wreaths and Snowflags the exact same spot as the previous year. Use hot melt for cord management. Easy hang and easy takedown. Hope this helps.
  2. Ditto previous post. I use hot melt for most hanging on brick, cord management, etc. I have never had anything fall off.
  3. Looking for Minions jingle bells

    Mr. Bill P, may I have a copy also. willtamharr at gmail dot com Thank you for your time and willingness to share.
  4. Temptation Silent Night Faces & Pixel

    Hello! I would like a copy. willtamharr at gmail dot com Thank you!
  5. hot glue

    My experience with hot glue is very positive. I use hot glue to put my snowflakes on brick, cord management, 50 strobes everywhere, other misc. circumstances. I use Walmart hot glue. Bought a more commercial gun to do more work faster. At the end of the season I yank, pull, or pry. No holes, cheaper than zip ties (even tho zips aren't much either), pulls of clean. Never had anything come off premature, thru rain and snow. I do zip tie my strips to pvc, then hot glue those to the house also. I can't do my display without hot glue and zip ties. For my C9 strobes I just put a lil hot glue to the base of the holder and stick. Why wouldn't that work on wood! That's what I would do. They won't move, even in a storm. My experience and 2 cents. Not discounting what everyone else says.
  6. Hello! Just wanted to thank those that responded to my question/dilemma. I continued to work with Xlights, and got some advice from some who are familiar with it. I have been able to make some effects with Xlights and export them as a LOR clipboard file and paste them into LOR S4 with no problem. That seems to work pretty good other than it is cumbersome to do a whole house effect, because I have to export and add each prop to S4. I haven't found a way to export the whole house and load clipboard and paste into S4. For now doing each prop works as I will not be using Xlight effects extensively, just with a few songs and such. As I originally stated, I just wanted to use more of the potential of smart pixels with more complex effects than the basic ones I used last year. In 2018 my focus will be to choose some software that is more suited to pixels than S4 (i'm not downing S4 at all, but using it for more than basic effects I have not figured out how to do for pixels - hence why the have "Pixel Editor", - plus my limitation I fore stated). Once again, THANKS! Any other advice or ideas are greatly appreciated. William,
  7. Hello! My display has become a mix of over 100 AC channels and 50 universes of pixel (no universe is full). I have some older LOR AC controllers and even a few D Light controllers. I have 3 AlphaPix, a one universe controller, and a DMX dumb controller. Also I have 2 CMB controllers. A little bit of everything. I wanted to use my pixels more to their potential this year by using one of the pixel sequencers. Last year I just did basic effects with S4 (I have a house outline and a matrix). I have been trying to figure out Xlights the last week. I did dabble with PE last year but I was scared of it because I have AC controllers that cannot be used with intensity files. I have never used or looked at SS, nor LSP. Now to the meat of this post. I have already mentioned a huge reason why I am reluctant toward PE. Add in you can't go back and forth with S4 and PE, that lead me to try Xlights. Xlights has been OK but I am not seeing a good, easy way to go between Xlights and S4. Xlights wants you to put all the AC controllers in DMX mode (which I am not looking to do) and I haven't figured a way to export back to an LMS file as I would still use S4 for my player/scheduler. I have heard some say SuperStar is so great, but . . . In conclusion, I know there will probably be strong opinion of the software you are loyal to, but I just want to figure out the best way. Seems PE should be my route, since I skew toeard LOR, but how do I deal with intensity files, and PE is probably not as polished software as Xlights probably is. There are so many variables, so I would like to hear opinions and arguments toward your software of choice for pixels. Thanks, William
  8. Most out of a E1.31 controller

    Thanks for your fast reply. I was thinking 10/100 was enough but wanted to see what other were using. Based on your demands (the huge matrix with animation), then what I am doing will be find with 10/100. I will only use 3 of 5 ports. Thank again!
  9. Most out of a E1.31 controller

    May I ask what type of switch you guys use? 10/100 10/100/1000 5 port or more
  10. NO! I am very blessed and not broke, but I am not at the point of over abundance to give away $200 controllers. I was thinking of selling them and buying Pixie. I was liking the fact of ease and being able to daisy chain them. I am going to stick with the advice posted and go the E1.31 route. Thanks everyone!
  11. Hello, I am doing a smart house outline. Last year at this time I bought 2 HC Alphapix. Tested them and set them up but I didnt do the house outline 2016 like I planned. So, I never ran the Alphapix other than testing. Now LOR has these Pixie controllers that work with an LOR network. I have done some DIY in the 6 years I have had a display, but I would like to reduce the learning curve with my house outline. My question is: Is it more advantageous to stick with the E1.31 Alphapix or may I go with the ease of Pixie controllers? What are the pros and cons? I know on the Pixcon, it was said that simple shows are best in LOR mode and more demanding shows need to be in E1.31. Is that the same with the Pixie controllers? Are Pixie able to kepp up with a high demand data. I don't know that my show is/will be high demand on them but what if it is? Thanks, Wiiliam
  12. First Snow By TSO

    May I have a copy! willtamhar at gmail dot com
  13. Menards Christmas stuff

    WalMart in Springfield, Tennessee has Christmas lights out as of last week. They had places cleared for other items but not on shelf yet.
  14. How to program sequences with RGB and basic LOR channels

    Thank you! That is the info I needed. I have Gen 1 & 2 AC controllers and all the pixels are E1.31. Another question: E1.31 handles intensity files without any other setting or such? Once I do as you state, I can import the entire visualizer of my display and see all of it play in PE? Even though over half my display is regular ac channels?