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  1. The display sits with ALL LIGHT ON between show run times.
  2. ~Santas Helper I have been helping a friend get set up for the first time. He only wanted his show to run once on the top and half of every hour. A whole 4 min each time.....I recommended he let it play longer, but I didn't win. Like a Cotton headed Ninny Muggins I completed the whole schedule before I showed him. Opps... next I had to right click and edit EVERYTHING, it sucked! Lessoned Learned.
  3. If there a way to Clear the Schedule Editor? Do you really have to right click and delete each and ever instance?
  4. i finally got this working. unit ID 01 apears to have a damaged RJ45 jack on the board. It seems lose. i did a complete 180 flip around and its working now. It tried connecting another controller to the damaged RJ45 Port. Doesn't work.... As long as I use Unit ID 01 on the end of the series of controllers everything works. It's not a huge problem to always keep it at the end of the series, but I would like everything to work correctly. Does LOR have a service department that these can be sent in to be looked at?
  5. I am having a problem with the HU. I think.....WIN10, S3Advanced. I have 2 CBT16's connected via USB-485. One Unit is set to Unit ID 01 an the other is Unit ID 02. I can connect with the HU to each separately, Click refresh and everything appears to be working correctly. Then I connect the two in series, click the refresh I can only connect to the first Unit in the series. Bot connection light in the CBT's are constant (not Flashing), I have replaced both network cables, and swapped around RJ45 ports on the CBT's Should I be able to toggle between all Units in the HU or am I doing something wrong?
  6. This happened last year. Yes replaced them. Unfortunately I was not able to get replacements before it snowed. I'm not going up on a ladder in the snow. I figured it I had enough bad luck for one season.
  7. I never thought about changing the Plug Ends for something completely different. That is a great suggestion. I will look into that. Thank you Shawn
  8. This happened last year. I thought I would get it posted before everyone starts setting up for this year. Hopefully nobody will make the same mistake I did. Sorry its a little lengthy. I had been using LOR for a couple years and I decided to start playing around with pixels. I bought a DMX controller and a few pixel strips (4 to be exact). I spent hours trying to figure out the setup/configuration and even more time programming. At the time I didn't realize I needed to re-inject power, so all the strips were connected. I knew there was a little voltage drop, but didn't notice it in my setup room. Installation day came and I was excited to get everything up and running. I spent all day getting the lights hung. Everything was perfect. The pixels were on the gutters and looked better that I expect. White tape didn't look too bad on my brown gutters. I wanted to save the Pixels for last, so I pulled the 24V extension cord to the side or so I thought. It was getting late and a little dark, Looking back now I should have stopped, but I wanted to see how everything looked. I work for MONTHS on this, I WANT IT NOW. I started plugging in the standard incandescent and LED string into a live extension cords just to confirm I had everything set to the correct channel. I had 2 cords left, I thought they were the bushes I had on the front of the house. Wow was I wrong. I plugged in the next cord and there was a sounds, something I won't forget. it sounded like frying bacon. For the vegetarians out there, if you have ever been around HIGH voltage lines when it is misting or sleeting..... it sounds a lot like that, only worse. At that exact same moment, I noticed a BRINGHT RED GLOW filling the whole yard. I looked up and noticed the Pixels were on. I said a few choice words and unplugged as quickly as I could. This all happened in about 2 seconds. Unable to get the lights working correctly on the 24V power supple (only a few red LEDs would work), I pulled down the Pixels and I almost cried. Most all the LEDs were burnt and in several places the LEDs and chips burned through the rubber jacket. I am very lucky I didn't start a fire. A couple hundred dollars wasted and a HUGE lesson learned. Don't be a Cotton Headed Ninny Muggings! LABLE YOUR ELEMENTS AND EXSTENSION CORDS. After this incident I spray painted my Low Voltage extension cord ends a different color and I now use wire labels and label everything.
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