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  1. If any interest email me drmartens4321@gmail.com
  2. I also have two ecg-p2 brand new and a holiday coro 27 channel dmx controller all new a bunch for pixels
  3. I have a few of CTB16PC 3 which are New. I think they are gen 2. I can send pics. I also have mega tree and a few cosmic strips with controllers but have not been turned on in four years. i have a 12 ribbon tree with ethernet controller but this has to be local to chicago as it is huge and cant ship. 2 led rope holloween Pumpkin faces Willing to separate or sell all make offers i will send pics
  4. James, could I get a copy to try on my show drmartens4321@gmail.com I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share dan martens
  5. Does any one have a fille sequence I can play between show sequences on a 12 strip dmx/car tree. Maybe like a Xmas tree with twinkling lights or something like that¿ thanks in advance
  6. Ok il email u in morning to find a good time Thanks again
  7. i just noticed that the words are not playing on the pixels but do play in super star
  8. Brian I updated to 4102 40 ccr pro Color mode is to balanced Unchecked enable smooth ramps Unchecked raw colors Cool white is checked Holiday coro 2811 pixels off a ecg p12 Only issue im having is the color difference from ss to the pixels Brown in ss greenon pixel tree The one thing i can add is that earlier in my fooling around i ended up with a extra channel that i believe is a intesity channel that was named prop. When i opened it it had some text like it was generated from pixel editor. I wonder if i need to add that or not? Im very thankfull for help
  9. Brian I think i got it. I have 50 pixel ribbons. I followed your instructions on your page and here to use visulizer and it crossed over just fine. The only thing im seeing wrong is the color brown in the ss is showing green on the tree. I think my original problem was i was not exporting in legacy mode. I thought that was for ccr only (rookie mistake) im now going to go to the help file to read about the raw color info Thank you
  10. thanks phil and brian. im installing 4.2.10 now then ill try again
  11. I got pro now. exported from super star in legacy mode. The se seq opened in dmx and has the correct addresses. So i played it to my tree and it looks ok but the music dancer is kind of goofy.(like its missing parts.) so i went back to super star and exported the intensity file by adding to existing seq .I played the seq after and it seems to be going really jumpy and still missing parts. any ideas? thank you
  12. my only goal is to convert 12 ccr sequence from super star to dmx in se for a pixel tree. Is it possible with out pro or do I need to go get pro?
  13. 3rd question while trying to send sequecnce to se from ss I was getting a error and one channel pops up with nothing in the channel. Im not getting the error anymore but only one empty channel pops up the error said something like my lisnence cant handle intensity files but I could still play. im on advanced edition 40 ccr I just upgraded two month ago
  14. second question when exporting I choose export in new format do I choose add intensity to existing or add intetensity to new? please and thanks
  15. ive been searching to find out a explanation of full range, enable smooth ramps, export raw colors when changing ccr to dmx to se. from what I found I don't need to export raw colors. im exporting a bought 12 ccr seq to 12 dmx seq thanks for help
  16. if your still share would love to see your work thanks drmartens4321@gmail.com
  17. would love to see a couple. if your still sharing hippo lucy and linus minons Christmas is coming I will share, once I get better at this lol thanks a bunch drmartens4321@gmail.com
  18. Im trying to add a couple last minute effect via the pixel editor. I normally us super star but wanted to give this a try. ive made props and groups and saved it. I open a sequence in the pe and choose my 2015xmas house layout. the song and wave shows up ad plays but no visualizer if you have time I know its the wrong tie to be asking question but ive searched and watched the videos but im missing somthing thanks
  19. I have a 12 pixel strip tree. At the ends of the pixel strip the cap doesn't seem very sealed. Think I should silicone up better or leave as a vent. The part I'm talking about is the cap were the wires push the the cap. I can't see through but Im questioning myself on this one Thanks
  20. This sequences is great. Is it possible to convert to use with 2811 pixel ribbons? Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this
  21. I got it they are 2801 but I'm looking for more Thanks
  22. From rgbstars.com they have a in and out cable prewired but I m going have to break the star to see wiring
  23. I have tried to email them for a wiring diagram. Does anyone know the wiring on them The small plastic stars are glued so I'm going have to break one to see what's inside Thanks
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