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  1. Can Xlights be used with a pixcon16? Thinking about tree with 340 x 16 stings ( Max for pixcon16) DMX
  2. I’m in Windsor ................expat “Ontario”
  3. Thanks light o rama help desk. Sorted.
  4. I’m going to start by saying, I’m not to confident in what I’m doing. So what might seem obvious to some, is not to me. I ran my pixcon16 last year quite successfully with a little help with some settings. This year I decided to increase the number of pixels to the maximum of 340 per port. I’ve gone into the “Network configuration” - “pixel port setup” I’ve changed the number of ports per port (340) this is in DMX. im then asked if “I want to automatically create the network preferences for the DMX universe, that are assigned to this Pixcon16 “ Do I or Don’t I ? I very cautious about answering yes to these little boxes that appear. the problem I’m having at the moment the strings associated with ports 1 -12 light up, strings 13 -16 remain off. Yet, on test, everything works. Thanks to any help I can get.
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