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  1. I run two songs then a radio bumper. See my site for radio bumper ideas. http://bumble-radio.weebly.com/radio-bumpers.html
  2. Just for comparison and not for critique....I saw this on line. http://dearingd.ipower.com/NERD.html
  3. Born and raised in SF(now else where), so Go Giants!
  4. Brad

    radio sign

    Pic #2 Attached files
  5. Brad

    radio sign

    Hear is my sign. Attached files
  6. Check out this thread, "Videos of light shows". http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/forum79/16003.html
  7. I use Audacity for my bumpers. Christmas I use a "+" number for speed and pitch and for Halloween I use a"-" number. I would tell you what my settings are but that takes the fun and individuality out of it. Here is a sample uploaded as an .lms Just rename it to a .wav and it will play. Attached files Shock.lms
  8. Not sure if you are talking about money spent on controllers or display items. If you are handy with DIY stuff, the kits will save you money. As far as display items, upside down tomato cages make quick and cheep trees and one 10' section of PVC pipe plus seven sets of white lights will give you and arch.
  9. This is my 5th year. I do a Halloween and Christmas display. I will set up Halloween on the 2nd and 3rd of October and take it down on November 1st. I will set up Christmas on November 20th and 21st as we are having family over for Thanksgiving this year, and take it down on the 2nd of January.
  10. Brad

    Sign Lighting

    I ran white rope light in mine.
  11. Brad


    I'm at work and do not have time to read all of the replies, so I don't know if someone suggested this yet. You can get sequences from others and/or lorsequences.com and rearrange them to fit your layout. This will help you out on getting more songs done for the upcoming Christmas, and give you more time to learn for next year.
  12. I think for me it's a clock issue. I start ramping-up on the work (and interest) as the clock ticks down to go time.
  13. Have you started sequencing this song yet? Do you just want to have more dead air at the start of the song? You can add dead air with Audacity (an audio program that is free) and insert “silence” into the track anywhere you want. Or you can use the skew the track and move the music forwards or backwards in the sequences. If you have already done any sequencing you will also have to adjust those as well.
  14. Brad

    GFCI Question

    Fruit Cake...now there's something you can use to keep your plugs elevated.
  15. Brad

    GFCI Question

    I've posted this in another thread but, don't remember which one. I used 1 1/2" ABS plastic drain pipe cut into 3 inch lengths to cover my plugs. Slide the pipe over the end of the extension cord, plug in your lights then slide the pipe back over the connection. This works well to keep rain out of the connection, keep the connections clean and, allow for ventilation if any rain dose get in by chance. Though this will not protect them from standing water. The ABS drain pipe is cheap and a ten foot section will make about 34 covers give or take how accurate you to stay to the 3 inch lenght.
  16. Brad

    Video Editing Software

    I use Easy Media Creator 7.5. I like it, it's easy to use.
  17. I to have used it for my radio bumpers. I did not like the sound of my voice and started playing with the speed and pitch learning that I could make it sound like an elf as well. Another tip is to go back and use the noise removal option to help get rid of any back ground noise that the mic picked up.
  18. Brad


    I like some of them. For me, and it just might be my eyesight, I have a hard time focusing on some of the colors. Blue for instance always look like a photo out of focus, the white ones are very sharp and clear.
  19. HD cams are best...for reg digital cams try and get one that is 3CCD. The processor inside the cam gives a better pic than one that emulates the 3CCD. Also film when it's just getting dark, or early mornig just before the sun is coming up. Also turn off the auto focus.
  20. I bought a 10' lenght of black ABS 1 ½” drain pipe and cut it into 3” sections to cover the plugs. It’s cheap and fast to make. It works well to keep direct rain out, but not for areas that get standing water.
  21. I use the WHT. Some people have not had good luck with it but, I have not had any negative issues. You may want to try to move the transmitter to a couple of different areas for better results. It seems that the higher and closer to the viewing area works best for most. Mine is under the front eve of the house. Also, use the power adapter not the USB power cord.
  22. iresq wrote: That's funny. My wife says I'm the only person she has ever heard use the term "tad bit". She says it has no meaning since a tad and a bit are already so small.
  23. My front lawn is sloped so I don’t have to worry too much about puddles, just direct rain. That being said, I cut black pvc 1-1/2” pipe into 3” sectionts to slip over the plugs. I started this last year and have not had a gfi issue since.
  24. I have the Whole House Transmitter. I have used it four years running and have not had any problems with it. I do run it off the power cord, not the computer. Also, I have a 20’ extension cable for the audio that allows me to place the transmitter just under the front eve. The audio for the viewable are is great, and when I drive out of my neighborhood, I can get the signal from 800-1000’ feet away.
  25. Just to add another thought…if your camera will take a standard audio jack and you were broadcasting your show over FM you could use a direct line from a radio. This would most likely, depending on your camera, cut out any ambient noise. I was going to do just that except my camera had a brand specific jack.
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