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  1. That's awesome! It really is a good thing for the community that actually attracts tourism, so from a political perspective it is good for economic development. I have a few Council Members on speed dial if I ever get in that same situation. Actually one of them advertises the show in her monthly news letter so I don't have to worry too much. It also helps reduce calls by having a police car in the driveway.
  2. Kevin, Looks like you made national news too: www.foxnews.com/us/2014/10/28/house-halloween-police-shut-down-12000-light-home/
  3. I love using Paste Multiple, I use it all the time, vertically, horizontally, to the end of sequence, etc. It's a great tool
  4. I'm reading your noise ordinance now, it is very restrictive. Prohibits any noise that is plainly audible 50 feet from source between hours of 7am and 10pm and only 25 feet in any direction from 10pm-7am. Looking for a loophole here, I'm thinking you place a vehicle with it's car radio on in front of your house 9or two with one on each side). Have it play the audio through the FM tuner. This should allow you to have audio up to 50 feet from the car. California State law on vehicle noise also appears to have this 50 feet limit. I'd clarify with an attorney but I think you could do it. The criminals are always looking for technicalities to get away with stuff, why shouldn't we use them also?
  5. What was the legal reason they gave as for shutting you down? As a police officer I'm trying to think of what one would be. I understand the blocking traffic and stuff, but that is on each individual driver, not on you. If you don't have audio there is no noise ordinance violations.
  6. amstone110

    3 & 4 RGB wire

    Not sure what AWG wire it is but looks like the same to me. Free shipping too which is nice
  7. I must admit, I used the + sign today for the first time and I was amazed. Saves so much time as compared to select-copy-paste/paste multiple. I can hold down the + key and go as far as I want. Or I can press it until I get as far as I want. Much easier than guessing how many times I need to paste multiple. One question, is there a short key to paste vertically as well?
  8. You must have a LOR dongle hooked up. If not, LOR will continually be searching for this dongle to communicate with it and will not output properly, even if it is only RGB output. I had a similar problem last week which was resolved the minute I hooked up the dongle.
  9. 100ct incad's pull between .21amps and .33 amps. Lowes changed their lights this year and increased the amperage draw
  10. How good of a deal did you get on the 100ct?
  11. Really? Did you email David to see if he would? I've done a lot of business with him and I'm sure you all can arrange something.
  12. I had a 2 minute intermission between shows which had basic lights on (Kenny G's O' Christmas tree). Many people chose to show up on the half hour or just before. Most didn't. The timing mainly helped me when telling people about my lights. It was so much easier to say new show starts on the half hour. My show was more than just lights and songs, the whole thing told a story with very clever talking between a boy and girl talking tree between the songs. This made people really want to stay the entire 30 minutes.
  13. I put the times of each file into an Excel spreadsheet and keep track that way. This allows me to lengthen and shorten songs to get the total time that I want for my show. Last year it was exactly 30 minutes long. (18 shortened songs and brief narration between every song). It was nice because I could tell people the show starts on every hour and half hour. This year I am going to be 45 minutes-1 hour.
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