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  1. Does anyone have a sequence for a 12 ribbon tree waving flag I can put up for veterans day? Thanks
  2. kryolla

    new Pixie 8 HU doesnt recognize it

    I wish I would of know about this then I can compare the two files and why is this on the bottom of the web page
  3. kryolla

    new Pixie 8 HU doesnt recognize it

    thanks I found this out the hard way, I have a controller mounted on the roof and when I lost power it reverted back to unit id 1 and it made me think I should of hard coded it.
  4. kryolla

    new Pixie 8 HU doesnt recognize it

    bad install? I used the same cable but tried two different adapters and HU still wouldnt recognize it and I tried it several times and also tried the reset button on the controller then upgraded software and it recognize it the first time. Prior to upgrade HU recognized all my other controllers including an older pixie 8 and a brand new Cosmic Color Controller II. I forgot what ver HU said the new pixie 8 is but maybe its not compatible with 4.3.24
  5. kryolla

    new Pixie 8 HU doesnt recognize it

    I upgraded from 4.3.24 to 4.3.36 and it recognized it. LOR should put a warning on the min software version for these controllers
  6. Do you know what would cause a brand new Pixie 8 to show this? Ive used both red and black adapters thanks
  7. kryolla

    Cut CCR-II

    Im going to make a couple of door frames, can I cut and solder them together? Thanks
  8. kryolla

    string lights on garage roof

    I went to lowes and they had 24 inch white led snowflakes two for 89 with 15% off. I'll get four this weekend hopefully they'll be further reduced then after Christmas I'll get 4 more and put those on the garage roof. I have two 10 watt flood that I'll add too
  9. kryolla

    string lights on garage roof

    are you hanging them vertical from the ridge to the gutter, like the pic
  10. kryolla

    string lights on garage roof

    I have a pixel mini and mega tree, pixel strip arches, and CCB for the roof outline. For this season I'm only going to add white led strings then maybe next year add red and green. I'm not sure how pixel nodes would look thus why I'm asking.
  11. kryolla

    string lights on garage roof

    just vertical light strings are you using regular 100 count strings?
  12. I have a 20 foot length garage roof what lights should I use and at what spacing to install them? Thanks
  13. kryolla

    unlink PE from SE

    Thanks I moved the pe.lid file to another folder and now I dont see it linked when I open the sequence in SE
  14. kryolla

    unlink PE from SE

    I made a sequence in PE and SE last year and this year Im not using the props in PE but reusing the channels and its conflicting with SE. How can I remove it from SE thanks
  15. kryolla

    Pixie card problem

    I wonder if thats the issue with mine...Do I just pull the comm chip then hit the test button? Is the lights suppose to turn on that will prove the chip is bad? Here is my trouble ticket ( 814072 ) in case its a bad chip and you guys can send me one..Thanks