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  1. Az. Mike

    TSO SD Card

    My TSO SD card ( play only ) starts and runs first song fine then 2nd song- — it freezes and music is garbled . I have a wow lights SD card that will run fine . I’m Using show time central and one controller only. I sent to help desk , any ideas ?
  2. I'll check the card when I get home, hope my show time central is okay. I ran it for 30 to 40 minutes with no problems . I'm still setting up the display in this damned hot Az. Weather ... . Yes wow lights and LOR are both good customer service companies . Thx
  3. So wow lights sent a 2nd SD card they tested before mailing . That one would not run on my showtime Central either . They did remote support for me put their show on to the LOR SD card . The show then played . They said something is wrong with my Showtime central if it won't play other SD cards . I'm not going to mess with it until after Christmas if I don't have to ,the show is playing now .
  4. Running one 16 ch. controller with 2 power cords . I was going to put on side of house and plug one power cord in backyard gfi outlet and the other power cord to front gfi outlet . ( both via Ext. Cord ) . From what I've read this is okay yes ? - thanks
  5. First year with 16 ch. controller . I want to plug normal 6 plug power strips into each of the 16 plugs to expand ( covered by a plastic tote ).... . Using all LED , probably less than 100 watts on each of the 16 ch.'s . Is this okay ? I did it with a "mr. Christmas controller " for years .- Thanks
  6. Yes , I purchased the LOR SD card from LOR when I purchased show time central . I had "a gen 3"16 ch controller purchased around 2013 from LOR . The LOR provided SD card works fine as advertised . The SD card from wow lights gets a green flashing light from the controller and won't play . Since I know little to nothing about the controller I was trying to find out if I needed to change something in the controller or show time central . The answer is no . Thanks
  7. Yes . I'm going to contact Mike , he provides great customer service and takes time to help. Being new at this I assume I needed to adjust something on the controller . Show time central with SD card is a plug n play operation I thought . I contacted LOR help desk and they just said "ask wow lights" . I contacted LOR a month ago and asked if they could put music and sequences on to an SD card for me , they just said no . I didn't know if anyone did this , I found wow lights through the LOR partner list after contacting a lot of vendors . At least if LOR didn't offer this service they could have directed me to one of their " partners ".
  8. Purchased a pre made sequence and music SD card from wow lights with music ready to go . It will not play ,green light on 16 ch . Controller in upper left blinks when SD card is inserted in show time central . SD card provided with show time from LOR will work
  9. Running a 16 ch. controller my first year . Can you plug a six plug power strip into all or most channels ? All LED with less than 100/ 200 watts per ch. ...
  10. I considered that but wasn't sure .thanks !
  11. Not at home with my show time central , where is a speaker jack on this ...for foot traffic ? Thx .
  12. purchased Amazing Grace sequence on sat .{and amazon music} , I can't find it to run a test on my new LOR controller. I have not even had the controller on yet , I think I can get that hardware hooked up with help from the on line tutorial . I cant get from point A to point B and am not good with computers. Will try calling LOR tomorrow. Any help in the most basic terms is greatly appreciated , Thx
  13. Yeah . Got the CTB16 pc controller (regularly $259) and the generic starter software pack $43 Got to see what else I need to test this when I get it. Just doing speakers in yard this first year..,(on a lower volume)
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