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  1. it was a xlights effect that didn't work. the entire ribbon is not lighting up, only the first 17 nodes. i have it set for 150, is that the right amount for an entire strip? gotta love new equipment... i've been lor for 7 years (ac controller), added a few pixels last year, now adding a lot more plus trying out the pi. it's like starting all over again. what controller do you recommend i get, wait for the lor mad grad and get lor pixel controller or move over to a falcon? can lor control a falcon or would that be a complete move out of S5 and into xlights?
  2. i think i got it to work... i went back to fpp outputs and set up a lor output on the pi usb, then in xlights set it up as an lor channel, made a small animation sequence and moved it to fpp. i was able to test the pixels and play the sequence. one of the effects didn't work, but at least the pixels worked. so i'm moving in the right direction.
  3. my mistake... i called it a pixie 2 because i read that somewhere, but LOR calls it a cosmic color controller 2 (CCC2). it's the little controller you get with the plug and play packages. i lost the hard copy of the user guide, but i just downloaded it off the lor website and i'm looking through it. my question, can this little controller even be used in what i am trying to do? or is it to limited in functionality.
  4. this is correct is i am using the two rgb outputs on the picap (it has 2 outputs and power input). i saw a video here the guy used the rj45 on the picap to run lor controllers with a fseq file. so my guess is, i have it set up wrong, or the pixie 2 can't be controlled like this. he used lor cbt16 controllers. so now my new question is can i use the fpp with or without the picap to drive a lor pixie control similar to how an mp3 director works?
  5. The picap has two outputs for 800 pixels each. But that requires an additional power supply to power the strips. I am trying to avoid that if possible. I would like to use the the pi with fpp and the picap then use the pixie 2 to power the RGB sting. I have the picap and pixie 2 set to DMX not lor. I thought doing this would illeviat the need for the lor rs485 dongle. I read somewhere that when set up like this and with the correct configuration fpp could run the fseq file and the picap would send the signal to run the lights.
  6. No switch. I have the pixie plugged into the rj45 on the picap. It's my understanding the picap takes the place of the lot USB dongle.
  7. I will have the pixie outside plugged in. The pi will be inside plugged in. I will have the pi and pixie conected with cat5. Im sure I have it set up wrong I just don't know what is wrong
  8. Can FFP with a Picap run a pixe2? I have a pi with fpp 2.6 and when I test my pixels they light up but when I sequence them in xlights it doesn’t work. I have my pixie set up to dmx. I think it’s an xlights problem and I don’t have it configured right. My goal is to use the pi to run rgb pixels for landscape lights. And I’m trying to avoid have to buy a power supply to power the pixels. That’s why I want to use the pixie 2.
  9. I do have pixels. Not many as of last year but I will be buying more this year.
  10. Going to S4 wouldn't be a big deal.
  11. Let me ask this; is the surface at least capable of programming? I am on the road a lot and need something portable for programming while out of town. I can run the show from my old laptop during show seasons To the gentleman that uses the Pi- how did you set it up? I have one and installed FPP. But when I made my animation sequence in S5 and exported the play file I cannot get it to convert to the.fseq file.
  12. Anyone using a Surface Go or Pro for programming S5? I came across a cheap pre-owned and might get it. I don't need it for normal use just LOR and Netflix/YouTube. I like the idea of the tablet feature and being able to easy have it outside when setting up shows and testing.
  13. I didn't realize this about the cmb24, this changes everything.
  14. Thanks for the input. I only have a few pixie controllers and several 16ch residential controllers. I have a laptop I can use but I will have to find a better way to route the network cable.
  15. not sure where this should go... i've searched around and seen some posts, but no one tells how they set up their controller to run year-round landscape lights. i want to set up rgb pixels as landscape lighting. i don't want to run a music program, just have them turn on and off from dusk to dawn, and maybe change colors every few weeks depending on the month. i can wire the lights, and set it all up, but how do i program it? any input would be appreciated thanks.
  16. old thread revived... so how to do you turn them on and off daily? do you run a generic program from dusk to dawn and change the color as needed?
  17. Copy please, my daughter will love it thanks Ericsgarcia@gmail.com
  18. i got everything working, and figured out how to create my show files to build the show but the rgb pixels aren't working. the "create show" made two files the .lms and .lid. what do i do with the .lid files? nevermind i got it. i only copied the lms files, once i copied the lid it worked correct
  19. all of mine are gen 3... i should have messed it everything over the summer so i wouldn't be fighting it now.
  20. i think i have it working now. i ended up setting up the 16 ch controllers on the black dongle, and the pixie 2 on the red. i'll report back later after i run through all my sequences. hopefully no one stole my radio frequency. it sounds weird, but one year a spanish station was playing on the channel i always use for my show
  21. quick question... when adding pixels to a sequence, should i add device and assign it a name or add the rgb pixels to the visualizer then assign it a name? or is it the same either way??
  22. no i don't have seven haha. i have one red and one black. i just went through all my controllers one by one to verify their ID's and they are all correct. what gets me is the other night, i used a different pixie2 and 16ch controller, made a quick test sequence and they worked in my living room. so i don't know what is wrong my my actual light show. what color should the status led be inside the pixie2? mine is solid red right now when connected to HU.
  23. so you are using both the red and black dongles in your show?
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