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  1. ericg2000

    Nothing Else Matters Faces Pixel Matrix

    can i get a copy, thanks ericsgarcia@gmail.com how do you crank these out so fast?
  2. ericg2000

    Woolly Bully Lms Pixel Faces Matrix

    please share, thanks ericsgarcia@gmail.com
  3. ericg2000

    Love Potion #9 Lms Faces Pixel Matrix

    please share, thanks in advance ericsgarcia@gmail.com
  4. ericg2000

    Now Sharing ~ Paradise City ~ Guns & Roses

    can i get a copy, thanks in advance. ericsgarcia@gmail.com
  5. ericg2000

    Wanted Dead Or Alive Faces Pixel Matrix

    can i get a copy of this to check out... ericsgarcia@gmail.com can this be easily tweaked to work with non pixel faces?
  6. ericg2000

    Pour Some Sugar on Me Faces

    this is awesome, can i get a copy... thanks in advance. ericsgarcia@gmail.com
  7. ericg2000

    CCR2 Odd Behavior

    Thanks. I'll play with it and see what happens.
  8. ericg2000

    CCR2 Odd Behavior

    i cut two LOR CCR2 strips in half. i believe i have the numbering right, i'm just wondering why unit 7 # 2 and unit 8 #1 light up together and the other ports light up normally when then the the sequence plays
  9. ericg2000

    CCR2 Odd Behavior

    i got two CCC2 with CCR2 strips in the mad grab sale. i have them named unit 7 and 8. have the channels set as port 1) 7 1-75, port 2) 7 76-150, port 1) 8 1-75, port 2) 8 76-150. when i test them in HU and in a sequence port 2 on unit 7 and port 1 on unit 8 light up together. what's going on? and how do i do the leaping arch effect? in previous years i used string lights wrapped around pvc and used regular 16 ch controllers. this year i am using pixel arches. i have messed around with the effect generator but i can't get that chasing leaping arch effect. is there a trick?
  10. I'd like a copy of these is still available, thanks in advance. ericg2000@aim.com
  11. ericg2000

    Network Conflict Error

    i figured it out. i got the com port fixed and selected enhanced network. i tested me strips a little while ago.
  12. ericg2000

    Network Conflict Error

    i thought about that too. i'm not used to S5 enough yet. it's a huge change for me.
  13. ericg2000

    Network Conflict Error

    in S5 Aux A is assigned to com 5. i tried changing it to com 3 and it wouldn't let me. in S5 i don't see Channel Config, i must be over looking it.
  14. ericg2000

    Network Conflict Error

    reading this i am not configured correct. i will check again. and if i need to get a second 485 adapter i will. i guess me next question is where do i change it? if i want to stay with everything on com 3 how do i do that?
  15. ericg2000

    Network Conflict Error

    that was my initial plan for show set up. however, right now i only have the CCR2 connected for testing. PC USB > RS485 adapter > CCR2