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    I saw it LOR on YouTube and have been hooked ever since. Started programming back in 2012 with on 16 channels, now i have seven 16 channel controller and 3 CCC-2 controllers.
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  1. ericg2000

    Baby Shark Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    Copy please, my daughter will love it thanks Ericsgarcia@gmail.com
  2. ericg2000

    S5 show files

    i got everything working, and figured out how to create my show files to build the show but the rgb pixels aren't working. the "create show" made two files the .lms and .lid. what do i do with the .lid files? nevermind i got it. i only copied the lms files, once i copied the lid it worked correct
  3. ericg2000

    Lights Not Working

    all of mine are gen 3... i should have messed it everything over the summer so i wouldn't be fighting it now.
  4. ericg2000

    Adding Pixels to Sequence

    ok thanks. that's the way i did it.
  5. ericg2000

    Lights Not Working

    i think i have it working now. i ended up setting up the 16 ch controllers on the black dongle, and the pixie 2 on the red. i'll report back later after i run through all my sequences. hopefully no one stole my radio frequency. it sounds weird, but one year a spanish station was playing on the channel i always use for my show
  6. quick question... when adding pixels to a sequence, should i add device and assign it a name or add the rgb pixels to the visualizer then assign it a name? or is it the same either way??
  7. ericg2000

    Lights Not Working

    no i don't have seven haha. i have one red and one black. i just went through all my controllers one by one to verify their ID's and they are all correct. what gets me is the other night, i used a different pixie2 and 16ch controller, made a quick test sequence and they worked in my living room. so i don't know what is wrong my my actual light show. what color should the status led be inside the pixie2? mine is solid red right now when connected to HU.
  8. ericg2000

    Lights Not Working

    so you are using both the red and black dongles in your show?
  9. ericg2000

    Lights Not Working

    i don't know what the deal is. i got a spare pc16 controller and another pixie2, made a test program threw in some effects and it worked. i traded out the pixie controllers, made a new program tried it on my display and nothing. i guess tomorrow i'm going to start swapping boxes one my one and try each time. i just don't see why it worked on the test and not outside on the lights.
  10. ericg2000

    Lights Not Working

    i have not updated firmware yet in the controllers. i stopped for now to watch the baseball game. what else is missing from the network settings?
  11. ericg2000

    Lights Not Working

    so still no luck. i turned all the pixie dip switches off and renamed it. i checked all the other unit ID names again an they are good. i changed one questionable network cable, checked all connections and everything is good. i turned enhanced off, and one sequence played and controlled the lights. i tried another and it gave an error saying it needed to be enhanced, so i turned it back on and nothing worked again. so i'm guessing it has to do with that setting. my controllers are as follows: 01-16PC-G3 ver 1.06, 02-16PC-G3 ver 1.06, 04-16-PC-G3 ver 1.06 and 0A-Pixie 2 ver 1.03 Network Config: COM4, 500k LOR Fastest, enhanced, com listener port 4 what should i check? why will enhanced work on one sequence and not another? i assume because of the motion effect. is it a firmware issue in my controllers? i have it wired from the dongle to #4, #2, #1 then pixie 2 pro license, and it's registered on the show laptop
  12. ericg2000

    Lights Not Working

    so i dont need to use the binary number, i can use regular numbers for naming? that makes is easier right there. and as for two networks, i've tried it and a single network, no luck. i will mess with it again tomorrow and report back
  13. ericg2000

    Lights Not Working

    i tried this earlier i think, with no luck. i've messed with so much this evening, i can't really say if it was this exactly or not. but here is what i just configured. i have all Gen 3 AC 16 controllers. Reg Network: Com 3, 57.6K enhanced (black dongle) Aux A: Com 4, 500K enhanced (red dongle) my AC controllers are Unit ID 01, 02 and 04. my pixie 2 (new ordered in spring sale) is Unit ID 0B, set by the dip switches. i noticed you have your pixie 2 labeled as 11 ans 12. is that my problem, how it's named? this is why i do a halloween show... yes my neighborhood (which is a court) gets too many kids to count, and we block all thru traffic so everyone can safely walk in the street, and everyone likes the lights, and to test my new hardware, so i have the bugs worked out for christmas.
  14. ericg2000

    Lights Not Working

    i don't know what's going on... i've checked controller id names and they are correct. in HU i can see all 4 controllers, and turn on and off the lights connected to the ctb 16 units, but the pixie 2 will not turn on. when i had the pixie 2 by itself the lights worked in both HU and in the sequence. so i am guessing i need to run the regular 16 ch controllers on my com 3 with the low speed dongle, and the pixie on com 4 with the high speed dongle? i was under the impression i could run it all on the high speed dongle, am i right or totally wrong?
  15. ericg2000

    Lights Not Working

    i didn't even think to check the unit id, i have three of the pixie 2 controllers but only using one for halloween. when i messed with them a while back i set it with the dip switches then i reset them and set the id in HU. i will verify that today and report back. thanks.