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  1. Adding RGB in 2018

    i figured out my issues... i created a prop in visualizer with two strings on 50 CCB, loaded that into SS, messed around until i found something i half way liked, exported to SE, played it and visualizer didn't show anything. i searched, and came across a forum where someone mentioned pixels only work when the LOR control panel is loaded. loaded it and everything works. how i missed that, not sure. had i found this a few days ago, i wold have saved myself a lot of headache.
  2. Adding RGB in 2018

    good info... and yes, i know me i'd program dumb pixels, then as soon as i started messing with smart pixels, i'd never go back to the dumb pixels. i'm going to check this out. i'll probably be up and programming by then, but if there is other stuff to see (and buy) it might be worth while going.
  3. Adding RGB in 2018

    i'm beginning to start messing with rgb for 2018. i'm not new to lor, i've been using it since 2013 and i recently upgraded to the pro license. i don't have any rgb equipment yet, but i want to start messing with the programming and effects. my plan is to use dumb pixel strips for halloween and smart pixels for christmas. what i can't figure out is how to set up visualizer to play back what i sequence. correct me if i am wrong, but for dumb pixels (basic color changes) once i set up the rgb channel in SE, i can use the fade/color change tool to do what i want. but i can't figure out how to get that to show up in visualizer. i created the channel, set it to universe 1, selected allow dmx, and in visualizer i drew a line on my house and assigned it to universe 1. what else am i not doing or am i completely wrong??? as for smart pixels, i have messed with pixel editor, but not a hole lot. i want to figure the above issue out first. i do like all the effects it can generate. there, i was able to set some pixel strings and create effects. lastly, i found a cheap starter pack at holiday coro for $40. it has a small dmx board, a few sample lights and power supply. i was going to get it but i's out of stock. does anyone else make anything like this, or is it a waste? thanks.
  4. Plug & SHow Cosmic Color Packages

    I know that. Are there any benefits to these kits vs buying a pixel controller and the rgb lights separately.
  5. as the 2017 season draws to an end, the planning for 2018 is beginning. i'm running 96 channels, with another controller on standby in case i encounter any failures during the show. i really don't want to get more standard controllers. so i am looking into rgb, more specifically the plug & show packages. what are peoples opinions on them? and i see 50 string and 100 string options... but i can't find a string length. does anyone one how long these two strings of lights are? this might be a purchase in the 2018 spring sale. thanks in advance.
  6. Spt1 wire

    still available?
  7. Christmas Can Can Leaping Arches Sequence?

    Can I get a copy, thanks. ericg2000@aim.com
  8. Being Neighborly

    I've been doing this for a few years, 2 at my current house. This will be the third with many more to come. i've had to deal with my neighbors a few times... They complain because I don't get the show up and running fast enough. Or they say I need more songs lol. In all honesty I've never had any problems. On Halloween they convert my street to one way for cars that drive around but mostly it's walkers. I put a radio out and I have people dancing in the street. Everybody loves it. Even my old cranky neighbors enjoyed it.
  9. Uptown Funk Singing Faces

    can i check out a copy... thanks! eric@brazclowns.com
  10. multiple channels in prop

    i sent brian my vis file, he fixed everything.. thanks man, excellent software support!
  11. multiple channels in prop

    The mini trees that actually worked right are red, green and white. The tom stones that don't work are orange and purple. Should i I change my tombstones in the vis file to a color that will work?
  12. multiple channels in prop

    last christmas i had three color mini trees i sequenced in SS and it cycled through the colors when it generated the instant sequence. now i am trying to do something similar with a two channel tombstone. but when i load the vis file and run instant sequence, it turns on both channels all the time, it doesn't alternate them. i loaded last years vis file and left the setting in instant sequence the same, ran the tool and it alternated the colors like i want. i have compared the two vis files and don't see anything different, except one uses 2 channels for 2 colors the other uses 3 channels for 3 colors. i don't see what i'm doing wrong. can anyone point me in the right direction.
  13. Red & Green Candy Canes

    i'll give it a try
  14. i picked up 12 red and 12 green candy canes from wally world after christmas clearnace back in 2014. i wanted to make spinners in 2015 but ended up not doing it. i had them stored in my attic and i notice when i was pulling down stuff last november they have all misshaped now. i had them bundled and in a bucket standing up. i guess the weight of them leaning over and the attic heat cause the problem. i recently put them in small groups and tried to tape them in their natural curved shape to see if they'll re shape themselves. has anyone experienced this before? are these candy canes a lost cause? i got them for maybe $1 or so a piece so it's not a real lose, but if i can save them i'd like to. my 2016 plans have me getting a controller just for the spinners in the spring sale. thanks
  15. spiral tree sequence samples

    Can I get a sample of your spiral tree sequences. I have a 16 ch I'm setting up. I've done some simple chases but if like to see how others do it or what other things can be done. Thanks a lot. eric@brazclowns.com