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  1. CCR2 Odd Behavior

    Thanks. I'll play with it and see what happens.
  2. CCR2 Odd Behavior

    i cut two LOR CCR2 strips in half. i believe i have the numbering right, i'm just wondering why unit 7 # 2 and unit 8 #1 light up together and the other ports light up normally when then the the sequence plays
  3. CCR2 Odd Behavior

    i got two CCC2 with CCR2 strips in the mad grab sale. i have them named unit 7 and 8. have the channels set as port 1) 7 1-75, port 2) 7 76-150, port 1) 8 1-75, port 2) 8 76-150. when i test them in HU and in a sequence port 2 on unit 7 and port 1 on unit 8 light up together. what's going on? and how do i do the leaping arch effect? in previous years i used string lights wrapped around pvc and used regular 16 ch controllers. this year i am using pixel arches. i have messed around with the effect generator but i can't get that chasing leaping arch effect. is there a trick?
  4. I'd like a copy of these is still available, thanks in advance. ericg2000@aim.com
  5. Network Conflict Error

    i figured it out. i got the com port fixed and selected enhanced network. i tested me strips a little while ago.
  6. Network Conflict Error

    i thought about that too. i'm not used to S5 enough yet. it's a huge change for me.
  7. Network Conflict Error

    in S5 Aux A is assigned to com 5. i tried changing it to com 3 and it wouldn't let me. in S5 i don't see Channel Config, i must be over looking it.
  8. Network Conflict Error

    reading this i am not configured correct. i will check again. and if i need to get a second 485 adapter i will. i guess me next question is where do i change it? if i want to stay with everything on com 3 how do i do that?
  9. Network Conflict Error

    that was my initial plan for show set up. however, right now i only have the CCR2 connected for testing. PC USB > RS485 adapter > CCR2
  10. Network Conflict Error

    i've been using regular 16 ch controllers for years no issues. i bought three CCR2 controllers in the recent mad grab. i have assigned one CCR2 and unused ID with the dip switches, and found in in the HU. tested my strips, all colors work. i am using S5 Pro license. I created my prop, did some simple on/off commands just to make sure it works before i start real programming. when i hit control lights i got a Com error. i went into Network Preferences and i have Regular on Com3, and Aux on Com 5. I have been running my show through Com 3 for years, and it has put the CCR2 on Com 5. I am having trouble getting Com 5 to work. Do i need another 485 USB Dongle? That's my initial thought, bit i'm not for sure. i thought since this was a LOR product i could just daisy chain it along with the others. Advice need, thanks.
  11. S5 back ground image

    i'll check it out thanks
  12. S5 back ground image

    i've tried different jpeg files and none of them work.
  13. S5 back ground image

    no that does not work, that what i have been trying. i just did it again and it just stays black.
  14. I've tried a few times and i can not load the image of my house in the S5 preview like we could in S4 visualizer. Did lose that feature in S5?
  15. Adding RGB in 2018

    i figured out my issues... i created a prop in visualizer with two strings on 50 CCB, loaded that into SS, messed around until i found something i half way liked, exported to SE, played it and visualizer didn't show anything. i searched, and came across a forum where someone mentioned pixels only work when the LOR control panel is loaded. loaded it and everything works. how i missed that, not sure. had i found this a few days ago, i wold have saved myself a lot of headache.