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  1. Why not put the constant on items in a animation sequence that you schedule in the background tab of the scheduler. The background sequence will run continuously (looping) while your show is running. This is how I control my "Tune To" sign.
  2. dstevens

    Ccp dead

    The ports will pass data through even without power. It really sounds like a blown fuse/power issue. Even though I haven't opened them up, the plugs on my CCP controllers appear to have fuses in them.
  3. I've had moisture issues too - even with leaving the controllers powered up 24/7. As suggested earlier, I used a hair dryer to dry them out (with the power removed). I solved this issue by using secondary containment on the controllers.
  4. Absolutely, MP3Gain is the best tool to adjust an entire directory.
  5. I'm not familiar with Win8.1, but couldn't you use a scheduled task in windows to run the program?
  6. If you want to try a pause within your batch file, add this line at the appropriate spot: choice /c:YN /n /t 5 /D y This will make the batch file wait for 5 seconds for a choice from the user. After 5 seconds, a default is assumed and the batch file will continue. If you want to change the amount of time, just change the number after the /t parameter. It's not very elegant, but it will pause the batch file and automatically resume. If you want to just pause the batch file until you press any key, add a pause command.
  7. Do you need a pause in the batch file? There is a command that can be used to pause a batch file for a period of time and then resume automatically. Is this what you're looking for?
  8. I have seen an issue like what you are describing. In my case, a small amount of water got into the controller, causing some channels to be on, and some flickering. After I dried out the controller, the problem went away.
  9. If it's the same channels in the same song, it sure sounds like a conflict that the verifier will find.
  10. This is solid advice. I had issues until I started to pay attention to where the cat 5 cables are run.
  11. I use a background sequence that is only a few seconds long. As Bob mentioned, it does not fill the log with entries. It only starts and ends once (at the beginning and end of the scheduled show time).
  12. Yes, I had channels stuck on and some were flickering. To help dry it out, I powered it down and used a hair dryer to blow the water out. It probably took a good 15 minutes or so to dry it out.
  13. I have had the inside of controllers get wet before. Fortunately, once I dried them out, they worked normally (I didn't have to replace a triac). I don't use ELL's, so I can't offer any input on that.
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