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  1. try opening 96 chan. sequence, goto the last chan. button on said sequence right click and insert multiple chan's. below tell it how many and done. Then goto chan. config. and address the new chan's.
  2. open the borrowed sequence, then select file and open a new musical sequence using the same audio file. Now with both open simply copy and paste what you want from the borrowed one and remember to save after every thing that you change to the new one. save often or you will lose what you wanted.
  3. I was wondering if any one has used butt connectors for there RGB strip lighting instead of all the solder connections. I have tried this in tests but I don't know how they would hold up in the weather and the set-up and tear down every year.
  4. I am a 6 year vet using LOR this will be my first year moving to RGB and dmx.Everything up to this point is going great, I have set many sequences to the RGB channels tested all sequences with DMX dongle and all is great. Here lies the problem, I was considering using flexible light strips as outlines for the windows and doors, I ordered a single led light strip from LOR as a test and began measuring and cutting the strip to the length that was needed, after trying to solder the strip together with right angles I noticed that alot of the rgb's were not making the connection needed to complete the circuits. After closer examination of the strip itself I noticed that the strip was made of some kind of paper with copper connections, I believe that when the heat was added it was somehow burning the connection all the way through the paper material thus not allowing the the circuit to be made. "With that being said" has anyone had any success using strip lights or should I just spend the extra $$$$$ and go with individual nodes? 2nd part of this question; I have tried the strip lights from LOR, are the ones from holiday coro any better? I appreciate any and all suggestions, Thank You
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My9qvHaGi6E This is a great place to start.
  6. Lights will always look different without the use of colored filters, the lens will always catch the brightest light and mute the lowest light. you can overcome this with a good editing program or the use of a really expensive light filtering lenses.Ex:reds and greens will not be as bright as White or Clear.
  7. sonoma

    senior year Part #2

    rjmcmasters this is a link from where i got the idea, the only down side is storage. I didn't want to tear them down and re-build every year so I just stack them in the shed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My9qvHaGi6E
  8. sonoma

    New To this

    I started 4 years ago with just the basic licence and an 8 ch. triac board. they sell @ light o rama for around $100.00 or so.
  9. sonoma

    senior year video

    Thank you george coming from a sequencer of your caliber that is the greatest compliment.
  10. sonoma

    senior year Part #2

    this is just a second video from the 2013 show please let me know what you think.
  11. sonoma

    senior year video

    this is my first video post. I wasn't sure if it would post. Please let me know what you think. Please be tasteful in your response.
  12. I think you did an awsome job for such a short time frame, and space constraints next year and 16 channels later I think you will be hooked as we all are. Happy Holidays. May your creations give you as much enjoyment as your neighborhood.
  13. learning the sequencing i think would be a great place to start.this is my fourth year and i'm still working to get that right. Good luck in your quest.
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