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  1. Very nice display!!!! How many channels you running?
  2. what part is the most confusing? making the tree? assigning channels? More info and maybe I could help,.after you make the weber tree you need to export to visualizer file see pic from post above.once you have it there open your visualizer program goto edit+import+prop file+ weber tree. then you will have to assign channels to every slice of the tree see picture below.
  3. Sarge make it as a weber tree instead of a spiral tree.Spiral tree gives you one chan. weber gives you more flexibility. see screen shots below. When you export the tree make sure it goes in your prop files for visualizer. then goto visualizer edit import prop weber tree and assign the channels. Hope this helps good luck!!!!
  4. I created mine using LOR object creator. Its free to download just go here. http://www.shannonclaus.com/LOROC/LOROC.html also download the pdf just go here. http://www.shannonclaus.com/LOROC/LOROC-help.pdf
  5. Sequence, song or both
  6. Send me your email I'll send
  7. paralegalnc, Mr Grunts, Old Sarge I sent each of you 4 of my spiral tree seq. w/ audio check your e-mail
  8. I have 2 eight chan. spirals, that I could share but you failed to include where to send them. .http://vimeo.com/82150844 Sorry I didn't read far enough!!
  9. the 13.8 volts. is at the supply not the lights, that voltage will drop once the lights are turned on.try this turn all the lights on as white and measure the voltage again.this is your load on the supply at maximum output. The more lights you start adding the more you will see a drop in voltage.
  10. Very Cool I WOULD ALSO LIKE A COPY! viphvac@comcast.net
  11. This is just for some opinions from others. Has anyone here ever used there American flag prop that they built for the 4th of july or other patriotic holidays in there christmas displays, and if so is there any videos showing how you displayed it.
  12. You will add the DMX channels how ever many you have, they should show as all black cells. with the button name new rgb on the left. if you click on the name of the channel this is where you address the universe, and the button name and channel numbers rgb is always 3 separate channels one for each color. to the left of the button name you will see the 3 colors click them this will expand each cell for each color you would program the separate colors how you want them, to close the channel just click the 3 colors again and you will see it as all black cells again with the colors showing as it would appear on your prop. I hope this helps this to is my first year with RGB good luck with your quest!!!
  13. first off what kind of DMX set-up are you using? ie: holidaycoro,LOR, need more info please. Does it use cat5e or standard xlr plugs?
  14. sonoma

    Injecting power

    Hey all I have question for all the RGB users out there. This is my first year using RGB in my display and so far all is great; But I have noticed that a few of my nodes at the end of the string runs are a little bit off color and time. I did the math on the total current draw for the amount of led's on the string and it is well within the range of the controller. I wanted to know at what point would you need to inject power for the light strings. also how do you go about injecting power between the strings? are there any tutorials showing the process of injecting power? any help is greatly appreciated thanks......
  15. This is a site where I got most of my planning it is very detailed and informative. A good rule of thumb for the base of the tree is that the base should be half the size of the tree. So an 8 foot tree would have a 4 foot base. Just experiment for your display for the correct size and have fun. http://www.landolights.com/main/content/view/80/39/
  16. This is my 1st year with RGB's. I am trying to draw my windows and doors on my Visualizer with dumb nodes. I have addressed the new fixtures as a DMX universe with there corresponding chan. numbers but they don't show in Visualizer. Can anyone please assist me? THANK YOU
  17. seems a little steep for me!!!! Just saying
  18. sonoma

    More Power?

    My display is probably 70% incandescent and 30% led for last year, I added 20 amp dedicated for mega tree and spirals, and 4 dedicated 15 amp for the remainder of the display This year i am moving to RGB so I think only half of those will be used..
  19. Thanks for the responses everyone. The problem has been corrected, I was setting up a small display for christmas in July and there was a misty kind of rain at the time. One of the triacs must have got a little damp during setup, after a day of setting out with the door open must have dried out the unit is working flawlessly again.
  20. This post is in hopes that someone has had this problem also. Not sure what is going on. One of my very first LOR controllers is having an issue, it is an earlier version Generation 2 I think. When power is applied to the controller and it is in standby mode receiving no commands from the computer, channel #4 is stuck in the ON mode. When a sequence is running the same channel remains on at all times.Is this a bad board or a firmware problem. I should state that this same controller was working fine just 3 days ago and nothing has been done to the controller.Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  21. It depends on what type of RGB's you want to use. If this is your first year using LOR, you may want to go here.http://store.lightorama.com/rgbdevices.html A little less expensive option but requires more set-up, try here:http://www.holidaycoro.com/default.asp http://www.holidaycoro.com/category-s/1927.htm
  22. This is a thank you to a special LOR forums user. I was looking for a way to build a lightweight Christmas sign and I found Bob Moody's site and his "How-To" section. His idea for using lightweight black coro was brilliant!!! So I just wanted to post this thank you to him for sharing his plans and ideas. Also this is my first project using DMX rgb nodes. Let me know what you think.http://vimeo.com/100092509
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