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  1. If you use the background section during a show to have the "tune to sign" on, would those channels need to be off in your musical sequences? I have them programed into my regular musical sequences and there is a noticeable blink when a song changes. Assuming you are using the same channels in both.
  2. I run 2 strings per chan. #1 is on the left and straight across on the right facing the street, the right side goes around to the rear and the left goes toward the front. this way I am able to run two separate colors with one controler. Sorry for the poor video.
  3. sonoma

    New to Pixels

    Thanks Ron makes a little more sense now, I see you are running 4.2 I still have 4.1.2 you say this is why mine show as LOR channels
  4. sonoma

    New to Pixels

    ron you say left click do you mean right click. when i right click i can do all those but i have no RGB circle to check. therefor it builds the sequence as regular LOR channels .
  5. sonoma

    New to Pixels

    Just starting to learn smart pixels and I have a question; If I were to start a new sequence with 150 DMX channels is there a way to auto-populate there channel numbers from 1-150 or are they entered manually?
  6. sonoma

    select rows

    thanks Titus that will save some time.
  7. sonoma

    select rows

    is there a shortcut for lets say you need a piece in the middle; only from 1:00 to 2:30
  8. Thanks Jim it seems that win 7 in simulation mode the window would drop below the taskbar. I moved the taskbar and viola there it is. Now part two of my issue. On win 7 computer with advanced rendering engine checked the photo of my house is there and the simulation plays flawlessly. On vista same scenario no photo, visualizer only plays at 6-7FPS very very laggy both systems have similar cpu's both duel core processors more the 1 ghz. each confused. Thanks for any help!1
  9. I have upgraded to s4 pro, i'm running the latest 4.0.38 on two different computers. Computer #1 has win 7 operating system, Computer #2 has windows vista. When I open visualizer on vista it has in the lower left corner during simulation mode 3 buttons labeled; "stop sim,Play SE Stop SE" However on win 7 they are not there. Please note that I have unchecked the box for advanced rendering engine on both computers. Looking at both visualisers on both computers side by side everything is exactly the same until you go into simulation mode.
  10. sorry i didn't read far enough
  11. what are you using for the stars? also how many chan. for them the stars I mean?
  12. thanks I think it needs more
  13. THIS is the first vid of the 4th of july hope you enjoy!!!!!!
  14. does the 27 chan. board have dip-switches? If so make sure #10 is off that switch is for testing only. and are you sure the board is addressed properly?
  15. Has anyone else noticed if some cat5 cables are not fast enough to transfer data to dmx boards?
  16. I run 3 Separate shows on a rotation each are approx. 30 min long and I also do a soldier's salute every night at 8:30 to 9:00
  17. Is your main goal to use "SMART or Dumb nodes? I don't know much about LOR CCB's but if you are looking to go With RGB the first year it might be wise to go Dumb nodes. Less programming and you can get a lot of cool effects. The folks @ Holidaycoro.com are a wealth of knowledge and how-to. This is my 7th year with LOR and only my 1st with RGB and not for the help from them it would have been a Disastrous disappointment. David Moore is a huge help for anyone getting into RGB. Here are a few samples of my first RGB projets. I Hope this Helps!!!!!! You can try the following links for some inspiration and help. http://www.holidaycoro.com/kb_results.asp?ID=15 https://www.youtube.com/user/HolidayCoro/videos http://www.holidaycoro.com/
  18. Sorry I forgot to include light count; and location Most are 100 ct. Weirton Wv
  19. "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE" Selling all incandescent lights probably close to 20,000+ lights. Some new, some previously used. as low as - "FREE" to $.50-$1.00 per box mostly red, green, blue, and multi colored. All lights are incandescent; "NO LED'S FOR SALE" Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs & must have "Paypal" account to complete sale. I am moving to all LED's and all must go. Serious Inquiries Only!!!!!! All are@ working condition@ time of this placement. Please PM me if Interested, Thanks for your response. Very motivated seller please respond if you need some lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. If you could still send some photos of your set-up that would be great!!!!! thanks
  21. Well not sure if this is what you are looking for but here goes When I started with 1 controller about 7 years ago. I took a pic of my house from the front street and I imagined at what angle viewers would be looking. I then used that pic to layout the display, It is used for everything from prop placement to running cables. I print several of these pics on heavier card stock paper so I can draw on them. I then keep these from year to year so I can make changes if something didn't work that year or etc. The key to having a great display every year is all the work behind the scenes of that display; and to be organized and proper planning. Good Luck with your new found hobby and welcome to the addiction!!!
  22. I will be adding strobes to my mega tree next year for the first time and needed some help with a few questions. The videos i've seen look like they are flashing all at different speeds which is a nice effect. My tree is not very tall only @ 15' which includes the star measuring 2' #1 what is the best way to run them inside the tree for the best effect? Straight up and down or some kind of a zig zag type pattern? #2 what are good flash rates for the best effect? 1-2. 2-3. or 3-4. I bought 10 of the zenon c9's 2-3 flash rate type for testing see photo. #3 do you need to use more than one channel to get them to start at a different tempo? Mine seem start at the same speed when power is first applied and then they start to change tempo when on the same chan for a period of time. Is this normal? #4 how many total do you use in your tree? ie:10'=1 per foot; 20'= 2 per foot etc. also if anyone has any set-up photos that show their strobes in the tree that could also help THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP IN ADVANCE.
  23. It took some work to set-up but thanks to Hoildaycoro.com and all the helpfull folks there and there videos as you can see it opens a whole new world of possibilities. Good luck with your RGB set-up.
  24. thanks for the kind words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. This is the first video of the new show.... With RGB lighting sorry for the poor video quality had auto-focus set. let me know what you think!!!!!!! Be gentle .https://vimeo.com/114192681
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