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    The alpha pix 16 has (3)=RS- 485 ports built into it; that can run dumb RGB, There-for you could eliminate your entec pro. and run everything off of E.1.31
  2. Thanks for all the replies. It is not the comm listener i am referring to, I know that opens when you close it. I am referring to the Hardware Utility which is the program one would use to set chan. ID's, Test controllers and test lights etc. Not sure if it matters at all but this is a brand new Laptop running windows 10 I have heard win. 10 if finicky. Anyway thanks again to all....
  3. Looks good. Where did you find the Santa stuck in the chimney?
  4. I have just noticed a glitch in LOR 4.3.18 Pro. I have just started into the world of smart pixels, and I have been using the Hardware utility to test the different universes on my pixel controller. I open the Hardware Utility, then pixel console and select DMX pixel (E1.31) and test the different universes. This all works properly, the problem I am having is when I try to close the Hardware Utility it continues to re-open over and over and over again this happens every time i test in the pixel console, the only ways that I have found to stop the Hardware Utility from Re-opening is to is to unload the LOR Control Panel or pull the LOR dongle from its USB port and then plug it back in. Just wanted to know if this is happening to anyone else and if there is a way to fix this issue. Thanks for any input.
  5. sonoma

    New to Dumb RGB

    Keep in mind that each universe is 512 DMX channels, I run several dumb RGB elements consisting of (3) 27 channel controllers,(10) 3 channel controllers and (1) EasyPix Controller / DMX to SPI Smart Pixel Decoder all off of one DMX universe. I also have an acti-dongle that I no longer need. If you are interested PM me and let me know.
  6. I agree with caniac, I just received my AlphaPix 16 controller and I too love it, I can use it to run my entire DMX network since it has rs 485 outputs on it for Dumb controllers. No more Acti-dongle, in fact it has three of them that can run 3 universes of dumb rgb. I may soon say bye bye to my 120v. AC controllers. Saving lots of $$$$$$$$ on electric.
  7. Thank you Matt for the help. I have migrated my sequencing to PE with your help, Now the pixel tree will become a reality in 2017.
  8. SPaschall how do you migrate channels
  9. I have been using LOR for several years now, Just got into using Dumb RGB 2 years ago, with a lot of success I think. Now I'm thinking of Taking the next step to smart pixels, next year. I just started to figure out pixel editor and have had fun with it so far, I have come up with some cool things I would like to incorporate into my existing sequences; However; "I have not found a way to export PE to SE and add the new things to my existing sequences, is this even possible to do? Or is there a way to run a show using both programs". I do run my current show set-up from a dedicated laptop computer that consists of 2 networks: #1 is the LOR network which has all my A/C controllers, network #2 is my dumb RGB DMX network using Holiday- coro Acti-dongle for several 27 chan. boards and 3 chan. DMX props. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Never delete anything from a donated sequence, you may be able to use in the future. I put them in a group and label as un-used. then I turn off the chan. in chan. config. So it is still available for use later in the future.
  11. If this is an a/c controller be aware of your amp load. 8 amps per channel, I belive. Also the 6 strip outlets are designed for indoor use only, and must be protected. I found this out the hard way last year on my mega tree.
  12. Try moving the cat5 cable while it's connected, I had a bad rj45 jack before and I found it by wiggling the cable around. Look at the pins also in the rj45 jack see if any are bent not making contact.
  13. Thanks for the replies, I have found what I was looking for and i downloaded vnc great app.
  14. Do you want to start with 16 channels or more
  15. We need an app for Android just saying
  16. Was wondering if light o Rama will join the android revolution and launch an app for that OS for all the phones and tablets out there.
  17. no this is the one with the train but if you have Hot Chocolate I'd love to see that one as well. Thank you for your reply.
  18. I am looking for anyone who will be willing to share their masterpiece. More specifically I have added 9 three color mini trees to my display and I need Help on making the programing work I have tried everything but nothing looks right. Any help is greatly appreciated. viphvac@comcast.net
  19. "HELP IS NEEDED" I am running out of time for a last min. addition to this years show. I will be on the road for business for the next month or so and have no time for this additional programing. I am looking for anyone who is willing to share any mannheim steamroller sequences that they have in their shows. My show setup consists of 96 a/c chan. and 120 RGB chan: but anything that you would be willing to share will be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. viphvac@comcast.net
  20. I am an "AMERICAN" and proud of it. I didn't even think about it when I put the bulbs in. Thank you for pointing it out. I will correct it immediately.
  21. I have an idea for you to use, compliments of Mr. John Storms. It's easy to build, its portable, and not much material. Items needed for build: VAMPIRE PLUGS, SPT1 WIRE,C-9 SOCKETS, C-9 LED BULBS, and a block of wood.
  22. same way I built my spots. I look forward to more videos. Great Job looks nice for a first year, thanks for sharing.
  23. How close do you have the spots to the house? They are bright on the brick I was unable to achieve that on red brick this year. PS great job!!!!
  24. This sounds like the potential for a legal liability to me. Just my thought.
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