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  1. For the Canadian audience, Candy Canes are currently in the weekend flyer for Canadiantire and they are the probably cheapest they will be all season. Cheers Daryl B.
  2. If you're looking for anymore in the future, I will be replacing 4 or 5 for next season. Cheers Daryl B.
  3. Finished assembling mine, just need to sink a pole in the front yard and then I'm ready to go.
  4. I built pvc frames with rgb nodes around the garage doors and in the top corners I have 10 watt RGB floods aimed at the door that I can do color changes independent of the outside frame. Lets me do some pretty cool effects. Cheers Daryl B.
  5. Paul, If you want your card soldered, I can look after that for you. No charge for my labor, just pay for the shipping to and from me. Cheers Daryl B.
  6. Thanks guys, the presentation went well to the CFO and Dinner was only 60.00. I'll keep you posted on the final result. Cheers Daryl B.
  7. Mark and or Evan, Can you recommend a Hotel in Olympia? There is a possibility we may be able to fly into Seattle and rent a car for the weekend to shuffle around. Just checking the overall cost prior to my presentation to my CFO. Cheers Daryl B.
  8. Whoa, this is literally a show changer. I will finally be able to use my Pi to run a show with the LOR usb option. Cheers Daryl B.
  9. James, This is a link a local to you (same Province) and a cheaper alternative for a Canadian purchaser using Canadian Pesos. I've purchased many items over the last few years and have always been happy with the product and service: http://www.primecables.com/search_plus?commit=&locale=en&page=2&q=speaker+wire&utf8=%E2%9C%93
  10. Thanks, ordered. Just what I needed another project for this year. ;^) Daryl B.
  11. Can you enlighten us a little more on this great modification? Where did you get the connectors and what are the part #'s? This is another project for the 4 - 24 channel cards that I have and I think I will also build a header for the 3 - 16 channel cards that I have and redo all of my DC card inventory. Cheers Daryl B.
  12. Thanks Ron, I appreciate your help and all your videos. I've spent yesterday cramming to try and figure this out and posted here out of desperation. I had to walk away for awhile so I and went out to the shop and finished the front brakes on my Wife's Mustang. I sincerely hope that the remake on S3 has the capability to do this without trying to figure out all these workarounds and which one will work the best for my application. Cheers and Happy New Year Daryl B.
  13. Bump up, I'm looking for the same thing, my goal this year is to figure this out and get my darn pixel tree running for 15/16 show. Just for reference, it is a 12 x 50 tree using a e682 with channel 1 bottom left. Cheers Daryl B.
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