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  1. Has anyone looked at what LOR sequences sold in their store would match the Atmosfx Videos thank you Alan
  2. Is there a frequency mapping chart for the easy light linkers, to use in Australia they have to be modified to only work between 915 and 928, they come out of the box from 902mhz to 928 MHz Alan
  3. I think it was in here http://www.lightorama.com/Documentation.html
  4. Andres, there is a 500 page (approx) pdf that shows all the current key combinations and also how to change the kay mapping. How do I know i just finished reading thew complete PDF Alan
  5. With the top version of the LOR software you cant set up interaction or as they say it ... hit the BIG RED button to start a sequence. Does anyone know the response speed. My old Commodore 64 used to have a plastic overlay music keyboard that you put on top of the computer keys to play notes. I would like to do the same sort of thing by connecting up a MIDI keyboard to the LOR controller and mapping the keys / notes to the lights. From a quick search about 80 odd physical circuits would be required. The response time is what has me worried , could it be played "LIVE" Alan
  6. Stanward, your floods where they on mostly or set to a sequence, in other words do they like being turned on and off repeatally . We have a church building that had hundreds of coloured glass squares on the wall and I am thinking of using white light on the inside to show up the colours to people outside but set to music at xmas Jon Jon m I read another thread either on this site or another talking about floods and fountains recently, now where was it ?????
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