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  1. Pixel Editor vs S5

    Thank you. thought that was the case. I will have to use another computer.
  2. Pixel Editor vs S5

    I think this is answered somewhere else, but can you keep both versions on the same computer?
  3. Pixcon Fuses

  4. For Sale LOR1602 and CCR controllers

    looks like it has been sold
  5. For Sale LOR1602 and CCR controllers

    Still have the LOR box to sell. $85
  6. I have one LOR 16 channel controller. $85. Still worked two years ago. Also have six of the CCR ribbon controllers. Somehow I only ended up with 4 power supplies. If you would like a back up controller or two for ribbons, I will see the lot for $100. No ribbons available. Items are in 26105 zip code. Freight will be added, but we get a decent deal on FEDEX.
  7. Edit fixtures / props in both PE and SE

    This is the disappointment I have with PE and SE. Even though PE has many effects possible, there are still some things I would like to do in SE. And once you leave SE to PE, you can't go back and tweak a group of pixels in SE. Wish there was a way to do this. So this year I have done everything in SE. I even use free software to create effects, as this software lets me convert those effects to LOR SE and I can cut and paste them back into my sequence. What I do find is PE is a great visualizer, so I am constantly importing into PE - but not saving - to preview the work.
  8. Bitdefender

    You should be able to open up the Antivirus section of BD and across the top should be a tab called exclusions. You can specifically exclude the LOR directory.
  9. Bitdefender

    Strange thing is I can't seem to find the file when I search for it, even looking for hidden files.
  10. Bitdefender

    I have seen the same thing. "Bitdefender has detected an infected item in c:program files (x86)light-o-rama\servodogutility.exe. Virus name: Gen:Varieant.Symmi.57489." Just started happening last Friday. Using Bitdefender Antivirus plus 2015, Build, engine version 7.63331. I uninstalled LOR and reinstalled, but the same thing happened. Had to make an exception for servodogutility.
  11. Twinkle with RGB Floods

    I do the same thing. It is also helpful to remember even if you fill in timing marks of 0.1 seconds, the paste to fit function allows you to take the 'random' settings as stretch them a little further if the effect isn't what you want.
  12. Pixel editor... dumb newbe issues

    What E1.31 devices are you using? Did you test lights through E1.31 board testing or hardware?
  13. Why is the LORCommPortListener so Chatty?

    The second NIC is connected to a switch, then to all E1.31 devices. LOR devices go through USB LOR networks. No problems that I can tell so far, except needing to dial back the 12V power supply a little to help hanging pixels in E.1.31.
  14. Why is the LORCommPortListener so Chatty?

    I put a second network card in the computer to run shows and keep it off the home network. It wasn't that hard to set up and seems to be a good way to go.
  15. Using PE effects in SE

    You can't modify pixel editor files in the sequence editor. Anything done in the PE is stuck there, can be modified there, but only there.