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  1. Thank you light bulb just went on ... Happy Thanksgiving
  2. Hi so I reinstalled 4s im unable to see my sequences when I do show on demand to do a test . I know there there I can use sequence editor to open them.
  3. Thank you . Is there a step by step to change over from s4 to s5 sequences.
  4. Hi I had to update my laptop I use for LOR, So I installed the latest & greatest LOR Suite. Im finding out that I have to convert all my sequences that I have in S4 to S5. Read PDF from LOR was a little confusing. Was HOPING for a simpler explanation was our there to help me in this process.
  5. Hi when controllers need repair does LOR repair then ????? I have a controller that has an issue withe 4 channels was wondering if they will repair it????? thank you
  6. Hi I was wondering if I purchase a sequence outside L.O.R. will i be able to use it on a LOR system???
  7. Hi I was wondering if I purchase a sequence outside L.O.R. will i be able to use it on a LOR system???
  8. Hi 3rd year show here, what is the easiest way to add a new controller to an existing show... I'm got from 3 to 4 controllers .i have highest level of Lor and sequences that can be modified. Thnx you.
  9. Thanks dgrant yes I have a controler. I have just finshed my second season using LOR. I trying to do something different my show.
  10. Hey dgrant so I have to add a controler & id it to which ever sequence im using the mega tree light chase lights. correct? next question were is the chase tool I looked for it unable to locate it. thank you for ur time.
  11. Hi all LOR Gods I have a question. I have a mega tree with 16 strands on LED lights. I want to have the lights move in a circle to the music one stand at a time. what do I need to acomplish this feet????? does the mega tree need its own controler?????? what part of LOR software would I use????? Thank you :P :P
  12. hi all well tonight my light shut off as scheduled. I have NO idea what i did. it might be a fluke.................. let see what happens tomorrow night
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