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  1. Tony Shepherd

    strobe light strings?

    I used them this year and they have been very popular with visitors. You can see them at around 3 mine 50 seconds.
  2. Tony Shepherd

    Upgrading my software level

    Excellent I will email you when we get there and have sorted ourselves out. PS my email address has changed from the old freeserve one Cheers Tony
  3. Tony Shepherd

    Upgrading my software level

    Earl Thanks that is what i was looking for. I have now update both to the latest 3.12.4 version Jancis and me are coming over on 26th December and would like to pop up again sometime around New Year. Are you about?
  4. Tony Shepherd

    Upgrading my software level

    Don that's great I will try it later. England are just about to kick off in the football.
  5. Tony Shepherd

    Upgrading my software level

    Don thanks I have checked as below: Your license does not cover the latest version, 5.0.*. To use this version, you will have to purchase a license renewal. However, you can continue to use version 4.0.* or lower without renewing your license. If the two versions work together then i don't have an issue. I just thought there would be an easy way to upgrade the 3.9 to the 3.11.2 but i cant find it. Cheers Tony
  6. Tony Shepherd

    Upgrading my software level

    Hi, I have LOR on my laptop and desktop. However for some reason they are on different levels 3.9.0 on the desktop and 3.11.2 on the laptop. I get a message if i try to run a sequence on the desktop that the sequence was created on a later version and not all features may be supported. Do I have to repurchase the licence to get them on the same level and what features would i benefit from by upgrading? I am on advanced level and don't need pixels as i only use LOR controllers and one set of RGB floods. Thanks Tony
  7. Tony Shepherd

    Incans for sale

    Any idea how much to ship to orlando. I would be looking for around 10 boxes of the red and 10 green thanks.
  8. Tony Shepherd

    Audio Troubles! please help!

    I run my laptop connected to my hi fi amplifier and the hi fi speakers but still struggle to get the required volume outside. I am looking at a pa ststem this year. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0118KJFMY/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza. Hoping this cures my problem.
  9. Hi Anyone know where i can get hold of a copy of the version of Winter Wonderland as used in the Osborne lights?
  10. Tony Shepherd

    Music will not start in sequence

    I have had the same problem but rebooting the computer solved it in my case.
  11. Tony Shepherd

    Chinese Led with rusty trace :-(

    No I put them on the extension leads to the controllers. I also use US extension leads / cords
  12. Tony Shepherd

    Chinese Led with rusty trace :-(

    I am fortunate enough to have a house in Florida so I bring them back as my luggage. Even my controllers which I buy in the sale then get LOR to ship whilst I am over there so I can bring them back. If you post to the UK you will get charged import duty. Bringing them home as luggage is fine if you are under your duty free allowance. You are right with the builder style transformers.
  13. Tony Shepherd

    Chinese Led with rusty trace :-(

    I don't use any Uk lights all mine come from the states. I have 5 industrial transformers to reduce the voltage to 110 volts and my whole system controllers and lights are 110 volt. The lights are cheaper and more robust even the big box store lights. I have just returned from Florida and brought back over 100 boxes costing anything from 50 chest to 5 dollars. The 90% off ones were a great bargin.
  14. Tony Shepherd

    Finally Videos Are Ready

    Joe thanks for the prompt and comprehensive reply. I already have fans within my arches but only three. It was the look of your four and neat effects you have created with five channels that fascinated me. It is a great look well done for your creativity. I hope you don't mind it being copied in the UK next year. Thanks again Tony
  15. Tony Shepherd

    Finally Videos Are Ready

    Joe I really liked the originality of some of your props. I second the point on the stars on the arch and I liked the red and white effect. Can you tell me how many channels on the fire sticks and how you have done the fans in the four arches to the right? Many thanks Tony