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  1. I don't have hooked on a feeling but list a couple of Halloween songs you might want and if I have it I'll shoot it your way. I have a 4 face setup. My avatar. Top face, jack skelington is 7 channels. Bottom 3 pumpkins are 6 channels each. I do put placeholders for bodies in my sequence so it will come across as 7 channels each face even though the last channel is blank. I do this because my Christmas lower faces are trees with a body outline so they are 7 channels each. I can share the sequences between holidays....even though I never have. So far Halloween songs and Christmas songs I have used are not interchangeable. The channels will be clearly labeled so you will be able to get an idea how I sequence.
  2. I have ordered from holiday Coro as well. Will again I am sure. But another person I consistently order from is Ray. Cheaper than Holiday Coro. And Ray stands by his products too. Message before you order after filling your cart and he will give fedex shipping cheaper than listed slow boat on the Ali website. I don't think he is going out of business anytime soon. Gets orders worldwide. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/701799
  3. Interested in your snowflakes...gotta pic? Or, what kind/where you get them? How much for each? Thx, Sax
  4. Best extension cords price wise I could find for 50' lengths are at Walmart. $7.20 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Generic-23001-WorkChoice-50-SJTW-16-3-Green-Outdoor-Extension-Cord/44739952 That is $144 per 1000'. 20 cables in this case limited to 20 channels.....
  5. Singing faces is what brought me to LOR. I love them. I love sequencing them. What others have called painful is relaxing and entertaining to me. Frustrating? At first maybe. Because I listened to what others were saying....like only sequence the vowels....every other word....use papagayo. Those things were hugely frustrating for me. We live in a world where we don't have enough time. So we all want it now. But singing faces...well they take time. I tried papagayo. Made by forum member itsmebobo. Seems like a great guy. But for me, papagayo takes as much time if not more than normal sequencing. You have to first set papagayo up. So your first song will take a very long time. But subsequent songs, you still have to phonetically spell it out in the song, choosing the words for each singer. So, still takes time. Me, I just sequence each word in the sequence editor. I slow the song down to half speed sometimes if the song is too fast. I use 6 channels on most of my faces. Eyes open, eyes closed, upper, middle and lower mouth and the "O". I add a 7th channel for body to some of my faces. I chose this layout because the other mouth position, call it oval, looks unnatural to me when I watch faces sing. The beauty of all this decorating and sequencing is you get to decide what looks best to you. Sequencing at first was time consuming but it gets easier. Not only easier for each song but in the song itself. I am able to find the rhythm of the singer and learn the words so I can quickly predict the motions of the singer. Then I take shortcuts. For example, the chorus. It is almost always repeated in a song. So I copy and paste. Sometimes other words of the song are repeated. Copy paste. Backup singers? Yeah, they say the same thing as the lead singer. Copy paste. After paste verify it is good...make changes as necessary but it usually is minimal. Change the eyes blinking for each face to give them each their own personality. Nothing worse than seeing all the faces blinking at the same time. It will get easier. It will get better. Just like anything else that is a learned skill the more you do the easier and better it gets. What kind of faces do you have? How many channels? My Halloween faces are in my avatar. Sax
  6. So, I wanted to update my license level. Hit edit profile and get an error that I am not allowed to edit the profile. I thought it was my profile, but apparently it isn't? How do I edit my profile?
  7. sax

    Help with rgb (dumb)

    Dumb lights are very forgiving. I tested 18 gauge wire pre made extensions purchased from Ray out 150' no issues. 12v. I thought my longest run was 125' so I wanted to make sure I wouldn't have issues. Turns out it was only 100'. Smart lights or pixels 25' is pushing it. And I don't get dimly lit pixels at that distance. I get flashing or non working strips or pixel strings...the control signal is lost. Again 12v. 5v will be much much shorter distance. I do get fading or pixels that don't light when I make a strip or string too long. That requires power injection. But I opt for a new string or strip over power injection. My largest strip is 55 pixels no issues. 12v.
  8. Dcroc- China strips are $15 each for 12vdc pixels. If I ever had that happen Ray would replace them on my next order. Order some connectors or cables...those are always needed and new strips would be coming. And shipping is not as bad as you think. Must message him and you get fedex. It takes 5-10 days to process order and about 2 days for DHL to deliver to me. Depending on how much you get shipping has been $14-$150 for dhl or fedex for me. The larger amount was for my 50+ 25' 4 pin extension cables, 50 10' cables.....etc.. Basically my heavy stuff. Anyway, consider him for your strips if you want cheap disposable strips. Lor CCRs are best warranty and seem to last longer but cost....and now pixel strips coming from LOR might be an option. But for me I will stick with the $15 ones for now. Just too cheap and if you hit them with silicone on the ends when you get them they seem to last. Mine are going into season 3 and have had 2 go bad due to water seepage (just a couple end pixels each). I have total of 6 on the house.
  9. 3 LOR CCRs on the front of my house for 4 years now held up by glazing tape. No issues. Much safer leaving them up than damage that could occur putting them up and taking them down. I put China pixel strips on my gutters. I tie wrap those to 1/2" emt and hang them to the gutters with s hooks. Had one go out last year...jut the first 2 pixels. It pretty much rains non stop in late fall and all winter here. Water had seeped in. In just a few days of water seepage I could really see the corrosion. But at $15 it doesn't hurt too much. Took the strip down, replaced with new one, cut out the bad pixels and now a smaller spare. Be sure to reinforce your water protection on those China strips....and yes holiday coro uses those same cheap China strips. LOR CCRs I have not had an issue. Ever.
  10. I have 3 of Doug's singing trees. I had him modify them by putting crossbars on the top of the frame. They match up size wise to the pumpkins I use in my halloween display. Then I put green led ropelight on them. They look great. 4 years old and still going strong.
  11. Thanks for asking. I too am waiting. But I really need the other items I ordered at the summer sale more than the pixie 8. That is for next year. The rest is for this year.
  12. I have CCRs and sans devices in my display. LOR pixie8 ordered back in August still not shipped. Ray has soldered pixels and strips you can get made for the sans device setup. As plug and play as your gonna get without going LOR CCR's route. Go here: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/group/Pixels-for-Sandevices-s-E682-controllers/701799_210241239.html?spm=2114.8147860.0.290.vcaagt A completely built and tested sans device is about $189 for the 682. Powerful unit. Go here: http://www.sandevices.com/aboutus.html LOR CCRs come with a power supply, controller and ribbon. No case. LOR pixie8 or any pixie card is card only. Same with sans devices. For cases I recommend CG 1500 for non ccr and CG 500 for ccr. Go here: http://www.diyledexpress.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=16&zenid=f47e04ce9ff755510bdca9e6123ae17e I usually get my power supplies from Ray. I ordered a LOR power supply in August that hasn't shipped yet. The 12vdc 200 watt supply. This will be the most expensive power supply in my yard. But it is waterproof type so outside the case. Most get the meanwell type supplies that require water protection. For the LOR ccr you will have to mount the components (controller and power supply) in a waterproof case you supply. For the sans and non ccr LOR you will have to mount the cards in a supplied case. You will have to supply a power cable and cables to go from the power supply you provide to the card. Minimal work here. But one thing to know is that with pixels, you will need to learn to solder at some point and perform diy work to repair things (blown pixels) that break....and they will break. If you are unable to do this then stick with LOR CCRs and CCP's that come with a warranty and lots of help through their help desk. But you will pay for this. Example: One CCR is $260. This can only control the one strip ever. That is 50 pixels on one strip. A controller and a power supply. With Ray, one strip of 50 pixels is $15. Sans controller for $189. 400 watt power supply is $20. You can control many strips with this setup. But it is more work. It is soldering (unless you get the presoldered lights for sans devices products which costs a little more). It also requires a DMX setup on your PC. But these things are simple and explained in detail in these forums. And ordering from Ray is easy. Do not just put your items in cart and pay though. Contact Ray via message and get fedex shipping for less than the lowest shown Ali shipping cost. Takes less than 5 days for me to get shipments from Ray...once it ships. If something is broke or doesn't work he will make it right....but nothing beat's lor's help desk. Like I said, I have both. I like the ease of the LOR but sometimes the cost is too much. And I can solder so sometimes I go the cheap route. Another site that offers information and products is holiday coro. They have pictures of how to mount the power supply in the same type case as well as how to videos. You can also purchase numerous items including complete kits. Go here: http://www.holidaycoro.com/default.asp
  13. I also want to replace my spirals...was just gonna add some pixels to the cheap plastic ones and see how it looked. But I would be interested to see what you come up with instead. Ghosts look great. Doug always does great work. I have 8 faces from him including the 4 in my avatar.
  14. Never thought to put strips on my faces...is that strips on your pumpkin face behind the ghosts? Got a video of it in action?
  15. No Menards here in Oregon but we do have Fred Meyer. Christmas stuff been out there a couple weeks now. 30-40% off too.
  16. The LOR plugs are different from all those plugs. The LOR plugs are small round 4 pin plugs. Ray's plugs are much larger. I assume the same of the DIY pigtails. HolidayCoro definitely does not have the LOR sized pigtails. The floods themselves comes with some length...i want to say 15' or so. But if you want to create your own extensions...those places listed do not have these small LOR plugs. I personally try to keep all my lights on the same 4 plug system so that I can use the extensions across the board. And I find making my own plugs to be less cost effective than purchasing the pre mades. Ray had his 5' cables on sell a couple years ago and I pounced on it. But all my extensions come pre made from Ray. After I wasted time creating my own the first year..... That said, if you want to increase the length of your LOR floods on your own you have a few choices: 1) Buy extensions from LOR. This was my choice after much debate. 2) Cut into the LOR Flood cable, add whatever cable length required for your extension then re-solder it all back together. 3) Create an adapter plug where one end goes from LOR 4 pin to whatever 4 pin you buy using the pigtail supplied that was intended to go to the controller....then create your extension and add a pigtail to your controller. 4) Cut off the LOR 4 pin, add your 4 pin then create your extensions. I am not 100% sure, but cutting the cable I believe voids the warranty. So if that is important, then options 1 and 3 are the only options you have. Sax
  17. The help file is the manual. It has features listed and how to use them. It also shows what each setting does. Look in the help file. i don't know when I had my ah ha moment but it did come while sequencing a song. I started by creating a superstar only visualizer file that spaced things far enough apart that I could select them individually within superstar. Not needed now as you can use floating windows and seperate your imported visual from the grid. To sequence, you can select individual lights or entire elements. You can use the grid or the visualizer file. The grid can be setup horizontal or vertical. I have mine horizontal. When you import select the number of lines per row based on your lights. If you have no rgb then this is even easier. But with rgb, and since my largest strip is 50 pixels, I select 50 as my width...so one row will be my strip. i don't want to confuse you....so many different ways to do things...but my advice would be to create a new visualization file....by simply opening your created one....delete some elements to make the programmable objects in superstar smaller, then save as your new file something like superstar viz training. Important to use "save as" to keep your original file. Then import the new file. Import only the one file..and don't select the option of visualizer and actual or whatever it is called. Only import as if that is the only file. After you import, select an audio file. After the audio file is selected, apply timings. You should then see yellow ticks to the beat in the top row with the audio wave below it. Then play with the morphs, on/off etc to the timing. Fades, twinkles all work. Just play a little to see how it works. Even though the videos didn't show non-CCRs the principle now is the same. Just on your non ccr elements. Please give the help file a look. It will describe how each feature is supposed to be used. If there is a specific feature, setting or setup step you don't understand just ask. And if I can't answer it someone here will chime in. sax
  18. Go here for video tutorials: http://www1.lightorama.com/tutorials/ scroll down for superstar. Your question: "the problem is I do not see that it is touching the LOR 16ch controller channels."- is this only with instant sequence or all sequences? Instant sequence selects the lights by line number. Only 10 lines can be used...you choose when what and how the instant sequence works. Also, are you talking about the visualizer program or the superstar visualization import window inside superstar? The way I test is once I import the visualization file inside superstar I just select an element or light and make it do something. I rarely use instant sequence. i only use MP3 files. So I don't know how the video would work. Audacity is the program I use to get my MP3 files working. Once I have all my songs working proper and the show set I use a program called MP3 gain to make all the mp3s the same volume level. I am sure audacity could be used to convert your music file to the one needed. in the meantime, look at the video tutorials in the link provided. Also, don't be afraid to use the LOR help file. It is very useful too. Maybe it will answer these questions as well. dont be afraid to keep asking in the forums either. There is a superstar section that is monitored by the softwares author Brian Bruderer. He has remoted into my pc to help me with my problems so I don't think you will ever find better support than that. Sax
  19. Looks like you might get the original tso? Or not? event playing in Detroit and Portland Oregon the same day and times. Dec 30. I didn't realize the blue man group philosophy could carry over to TSO. Blue man hires local musicians and sends "trained" blue men everywhere including ship cruises. Is this what TSO is doing too?
  20. If you use Ray, before placing the order just send him a message requesting shipping rate. His fedex shipping will be less than the listed Hong Kong post rate. just fill your cart, then message him. I typically request DHL over fedex because of speed. DHL is faster...maybe fedex is just swamped out of Hong Kong or something. DHL and fedex shipping rate usually the same.
  21. This debate will continue forever. Same as ford or Chevy. Apple or android. List goes on and on. When I am making a decision about what component or device to use, the most important determining factors are availability, cost and ease. Both 5v and 12v are readily available. Cost difference between 12v and 5v is really a non issue. Savings on 5v pixels is totally erased since I have to add injection cables. If the cost of the wire doesn't cause the costs to be the same then my time to add injection surely makes up the difference. So let's just say cost is the same. 12v is easier in that I never have to power inject. And I can even place the element 100' away and still have it work. (null pixels). Sure, you say put your controller next to your element. Great. Until someone steals it all. Central controllers also make troubleshooting in the dark easier...especially if the controllers are placed chest high. Sometimes you just can't do that inside your element. We can debate all day. But the most important thing said above that I totally agree with is to NOT mix the two voltages. So when making your decision, determine which voltage best suits your need and stick with that. 5v might take a little more work...to a lot more work depending on the element. 12v might use a little more energy but potentially allows less work. But, it is more cost effective to only have one set of spares, and you will need spares. And, sticking with only one voltage could eliminate the need of extra spares due to your own mistakes. Just remember that both 12v and 5v final products are working lights. And that is the end goal. For me, 12v pixels work the best because they are available, cost effective and are way easier than 5v pixels due to cable lengths. For you it might be 5v. But you can't go "wrong" with either one. At least in my opinion. Btw...for 12v strips that are 1 bulb 1 pixel look at the INK strips. Sax
  22. This happened to me too. I rebooted to correct. I have not seen it again. I am using upgraded windows 10 from windows 7 ultimate. My error occurred such: morning-sequencing and running sequences while testing dmx controllers. Create show. Stop. Don't close any programs but I do stop running the visualizer simulation. afternoon - go to watch created show in visualizer...start to render the visualizer and error occurs. Unload all LOR programs via tray. Start all programs. Same time fault. Let out huge sigh. Cringe and reboot. Start and it all works. This was about 5 days ago and so far no further faults. I never turn my pc off or reboot unless absolutely necessary. Been doing this over 10 years same pc. It is a gen 1 I7 HP. I know. Time to upgrade. Looking at Lenovo Y900 series PCs right now. Think I can get 10 years out of that one?
  23. If you use Ray, before placing the order just send him a message requesting shipping rate. His fedex shipping will be less than the listed Hong Kong post rate. just fill your cart, then message him. I typically request DHL over fedex because of speed. DHL is faster...maybe fedex is just swamped out of Hong Kong or something. DHL and fedex shipping rate usually the same.
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