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  1. Help sequencing singing faces.

    To help you learn...I have included a faces only sequence and a viz file for both my Halloween and Christmas displays. Good luck, Sax Old Toy Trains 2017.lms Faces Only (Xmas + Halloween).lee
  2. Help sequencing singing faces.

    I have been sequencing singing faces for 5 years. I use the sequence editor. I tried papagayo....cutos to Bob-o for creating this. I found it wayyyyy tooooo complicated. I use only upper, middle, lower and O. So when sequencing most of my faces go from upper to lower using medium between. To me this is natural motion when any person speaks. The extra mouth shape of oblong o just does not look natural to me. That said, many will disagree. Each to their own. Learning faces can be time consuming. Last Monday in 6 hours I programmed 4 face songs for 4 faces. In truth it wasn't even 6 hours of total work....meaning I took breaks in that 6 hours. My first year it took much longer for one song. But believe me when I say it gets easier. Tips....copy and paste works great. Chorus, repeated phrases etc get the copy treatment....fine tune as needed. I also sequence in half speed....mark the high of the word and fill in the sides after the phrase. I then come back to the song at normal speed and add the o's where needed. The 4 songs I sequenced were cars, old toy trains, don't stop the music and ride like the wind. You have time to learn and create some face sequences. Don't despair. And even if it isn't perfect you will be learning and can always come back and work on it.
  3. Dying Pixels??

    I have 8mm bullet node pixels throughout my display. They are 3 years old but starting last year I hade nodes going out. This year I have about 8 nodes in various places that are bad. I was lazy and left my strips up on my gutters and around my garage. Thought for sure they would have an issue somewhere. No issues on the strips. I am just leaving the rogue nodes in the display. I plan to replace all of them anyway next year with lights that have covers (my pixels are in the bushes and trees). But don't get your hopes up on bullets. They fail too. I have strips from LOR, Ray and HC. I have the strawberries from HC lining the yard borders. All my bullets came from Ray. Only my LOR CCRs have never had a fault...5 seasons old and never removed from my eaves. Never a fault. I keep expecting a pixel or 2 to be bad but nope. All good. Strips, bullets, squares and rectangles...dumb or smart...have all failed in some way. Power supplies...have lost 2 of the 10 in the display in my 5 seasons....including one this year. Controllers...have had issues related to my connectors where the pigtail gets pulled out of them....but never a failure. I have HC entecpro compatible v1 for my DMX channel....LOR 24DC board (2), Ray 27 channel DMX board (4), LOR CCR (3), Sans 6804 (3), Sans 682 (1), LOR AC (6), LOR servodog (1)-connected not in use. Didn't get the props waterproofed in time.
  4. Dennis - This the link / item? https://ajdejr.wixsite.com/ajoutlet/product-page/green-screw-terminal-blocks
  5. Dennis-No link. Possible to add a link? Mr P - The Sans and LOR connectors are not the same. I have both and they don't fit. K6CCC - I contacted Jim a year or so ago. He offered to send me some connectors for a PayPal charge. But he didn't give me a p/n or source. I would prefer to have a different source so I can order parts without bothering him...or relying on him to get the email and ship to me in a timely manner. Never had an issue like that but a different source just makes me feel "safer". Sax
  6. Wire frame light attachment

    And I use their ropelight. Best led rope available imho. Didn't want to break any rules about naming venders.
  7. Wire frame light attachment

    You can get wireframe clips from many vendors. Search in these forums and you will find several. For all of my wireframes I use ropelight and zip ties. Sax
  8. Getting started with RGB

    Here is a post I replied to years ago. Older information but still relevant. After a season of RGB in the yard I jumped to pixels. It was not that big a leap. But...take a peek at this post and maybe it will answer some of your questions. Sax
  9. universes

    My entec pro is on its own network. And it can only be 1 universe. It is not e 1.31 or LOR. It uses its own protocol but it does consume a universe. My DMX (entec pro) is universe 4. E 1.31 is universes 5 up to 45. So my network is 1 LOR network. 1 DMX (entec pro) network. 1 e 1.31 network. They have to be seperate. I am thinking of opening a second LOR network. If you add that pixie be careful not to overload your LOR network...too many controllers and you start having issues. I have 6 AC controllers...3 CCRs....3 CMD24 DC controllers. About to add a servo dog Have the 8 port LOR pixel controller.....forget what its called....but it is ready to be added. I thought it was DMX compatible but LOR network only. I started seeing lag in the ccrs last year on some songs. So I might need to add a second LOR network.... Hope that helps.... Sax
  10. overlay of two audio files

    +1 for Audacity
  11. LED's For Sale -Small phase 1 of display liquidation.

    Where are you located to estimate shipping. Thx Sax
  12. SPT-1 and C9 Spools

    I typically get my spt wire from radiant holidays . I paid $106 for 1000' of spt-2 a few years back. They are now $180 without the sale....but free shipping. Spt-1 is cheaper. Last year I bought my wire from LOR during the summer sale. Right now even without being on sale LOR is a few bucks cheaper but no free shipping. Alternatives include Home Depot or Lowes. They sometimes go on sale at their local stores. Or look for open box there. Home Depot had an online only sale once that made them about $150 for 1000'. Pick up at your local store so no shipping. I would wait wait for LOR summer sale and purchase. The bad bad news is almost all the sales start in January/February and are long over. The good news is LOR typically has a summer sale. But if you need your stuff for Halloween be warned....my last year order from LOR summer sale did not make it in time. It was because of their new pixcon 8 which kept getting delayed. LOR did not seperate the order so I had to wait. All other LOR summer purchases I have made prior to last year did reach me in time. Sax
  13. Halloween Pumpkin Faces

    I'm late to the conversation but my faces are created by Doug from wireframe d'lites. Wireframes with led rope light I purchased from christmas-leds. Yes my avatar shows my Halloween faces.... They are going into their 5th season no issues. Easy up....hang them on hooks on my house....easy down. Don't bend. Don't have to worry about bulbs falling out. Easy to store....hang them on a wall hook....don't worry about them bending when in storage and something leans against them. Coro would worry me. Yes they cost more up front. But they will last far longer than any coro face. My coro tune to sign is also 5 years. It is looking a little rough...bending from the weight of the lights and the wind. Hope to get at least one more year out of it the change to a matrix style tune to....more info than just my frequency.
  14. SuperStar Sequencer License Question

    Curious how the sequencing is coming? Your investment in SS is something you should not regret. It took me 2 songs to learn SS and I have been hooked since. Xlights is fine if you want effects. Want to actually sequence? Nothing better than SS imho. Sax
  15. Will it be in v4 and v5 software?????