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  1. LED's For Sale -Small phase 1 of display liquidation.

    Where are you located to estimate shipping. Thx Sax
  2. SPT-1 and C9 Spools

    I typically get my spt wire from radiant holidays . I paid $106 for 1000' of spt-2 a few years back. They are now $180 without the sale....but free shipping. Spt-1 is cheaper. Last year I bought my wire from LOR during the summer sale. Right now even without being on sale LOR is a few bucks cheaper but no free shipping. Alternatives include Home Depot or Lowes. They sometimes go on sale at their local stores. Or look for open box there. Home Depot had an online only sale once that made them about $150 for 1000'. Pick up at your local store so no shipping. I would wait wait for LOR summer sale and purchase. The bad bad news is almost all the sales start in January/February and are long over. The good news is LOR typically has a summer sale. But if you need your stuff for Halloween be warned....my last year order from LOR summer sale did not make it in time. It was because of their new pixcon 8 which kept getting delayed. LOR did not seperate the order so I had to wait. All other LOR summer purchases I have made prior to last year did reach me in time. Sax
  3. Halloween Pumpkin Faces

    I'm late to the conversation but my faces are created by Doug from wireframe d'lites. Wireframes with led rope light I purchased from christmas-leds. Yes my avatar shows my Halloween faces.... They are going into their 5th season no issues. Easy up....hang them on hooks on my house....easy down. Don't bend. Don't have to worry about bulbs falling out. Easy to store....hang them on a wall hook....don't worry about them bending when in storage and something leans against them. Coro would worry me. Yes they cost more up front. But they will last far longer than any coro face. My coro tune to sign is also 5 years. It is looking a little rough...bending from the weight of the lights and the wind. Hope to get at least one more year out of it the change to a matrix style tune to....more info than just my frequency.
  4. SuperStar Sequencer License Question

    Curious how the sequencing is coming? Your investment in SS is something you should not regret. It took me 2 songs to learn SS and I have been hooked since. Xlights is fine if you want effects. Want to actually sequence? Nothing better than SS imho. Sax
  5. Will it be in v4 and v5 software?????
  6. 4.3.22

    Confirmed. Out and the SS stuff works great. Gives me time to add a song or two for Halloween so I can play with the new features......
  7. Smart RGB -- Advice Needed

    I started my smart pixels with a larger card. Sans e682. Found that I prefer the smaller ones. E6804. I have recently went to the outdooor power supplies so I can use a small enclosure. I am putting my controllers closer to the element. In my posts I have always stated central location due to theft or vandalism so this is new for me. But smaller enclosures are not noticable. I also advocate readily available easily implemented. So nothing is power injected. And all my cables are off the shelf premade. This makes life easier for me in setup and take down as well as build time. The reason I like the smaller cards is setup and take down as well as troubleshooting 16 outputs for one box is a nightmare and when I had issues it was unpleasant to work on it in the Oregon rain. 4 outputs with 1 spare per element is working better. Easier to get my hands in there...fewer outputs but also fewer interruptions if a failure occurs. Anyone starting new in smart pixels I would recommend looking at smaller cards. Putting them closer to the element and reducing costs on power supplies and cables. Plus easier setup and take down.
  8. S5 SS updates to S4?

    Awesome. Thanks Brian
  9. Some of the updates you added to S5 are ones we have been wanting for years. Like the priority morph. I was hoping to upgrade to S5 but it is looking more like PE than LOR. Maybe one day I will convert. But for me, I would rather program in SS. So, is it possible to get some of those new features into S4 SS? Sax
  10. S5 Twinkle only on white

    So what about just white twinkle? Will that be available? I would love to be able to twinkle just white.....
  11. Beta v5

    Anyone hear any news on this? Would love to get my hands on the new superstar layering feature which will be in this beta..., Sax
  12. 2017 PacNW CLAP Meeting

    Plan on being there this year My wife will be coming too but only I will be attending CLAP. Sax
  13. I have tried xlights and pe. Both are similar....Matt used to work on xlights. Xlights lets you export as an LMS file which then you work with in LOR SE. These programs allow you to create an effect and put it on your RGB elements. For me, getting the correct timings is difficult. A lot of guessing. Learning curve was huge for me. I could not understand that AC controllers were not controllable. You also have to create each element using number boxes trying to line them up on a grid. PE does not allow you to sequence in the device in both SE and PE. Bottom line is to sequence with either of these I was forced to double sequence....RGB with PE or xlights...AC with SE. Who has time for that. Enter superstar. It sequences everything. Timings are adjustable live and on the fly. AC. DC. LOR. DMX. Everything...with the exception of singing faces. Don't get me wrong....it could do that but IMHO SE is better for that. SuperStar lets you export as legacy or intensity. I use only legacy because once exported you can still edit in SE. Your visualizer file is used to import your elements. Most people already use that and have it set up....so no extra work. Learning curve depends on how long you have used SE. It took me 3 songs to get the hang of it. I had used SE for 2 years. SS is the choice for me because of the ability to sequence my entire display in one run. Timings are easily adjusted. Elements easily made. Sequencing is fast and easy with the ability to add or remove elements to a given effect on the fly. Disadvantages are cost. No effects created for you....other than teaching ones put in the clipboard. Sax
  14. What did you MAD GRAB?

    Yes. Go to servocity. Get a servo....any servo if you don't have a project....but I would recommend the HS 425BB. Then plug it in...it needs no special plug or modification. Just plug it in. The board shows which side is signal and which side is ground....If it is reversed it won't damage the board or servo since power is middle. But once plugged in correct, you can use the HW utility to play with it. I am using mine to make skulls talk. Modifying a skull is the challenge here...but once modified and with the servo in I was able to find my limits. Too much motion and the linkage fails or breaks. Too little and it doesn't look like a talking skull. I programed those limits using the HW utility and then I was set...full on in LOR SW is open mouth....off is closed. Program the sequence....tada.....talking skull. My use is not complicated. Just a mouth opening and closing. But I can see how easy it would be to make eyes or neck move. Servocity sells all kinds of components to help...from mounting channels and hardware up to pan and tilt kits. You can really start getting some pricey elements but overall I calculated buying the premade kits to be a worthy investment compared to me trying to put something together from scratch. Linkages, channels and all the hardware is easily ordered right their from servocity. It is sometimes buried in their page but keyword searches help. One thing to keep in mind....when getting your servo look at extension cables. Save some shipping costs and get them now. You will need them. Sax
  15. What did you MAD GRAB?

    Strange that I didn't have a need for ac or DC controllers this year. Strange. But I have all that I need and my spares. I did pickup a servodog. ....woof. My only owned one is part of my test board. So now it can stay there. BTW...getting servos to work is so much easier than I ever thought it would be. Anyone on the fence should jump in. Explaining and understanding how it works is much harder than actually seeing and doing it. Sax