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  1. You are a genius !!! You fixed the problem. I cannot thank you enough for your help. There is going to be hundreds of happy children at the college who will now see the pumpkins show thanks to you!!! I had no idea how to fix the problem and you did it. You have my undying gratitude. Sincerely, Duane
  2. Hello and thanks for your help so far: Here is what's happening. I played the status window as you suggested. I had the sequences playing with the video screen in a small view with the window of the status next to it. This way I could see what was happening when each song ended. Guess what? The show played over and over without a hitch. It was only when I maximized the video playback window it began to to say " Error with playback". This is really mind boggling! I have a show in one week at the college. When I maximize the playback window (for the projector's use) the sequences scroll thru each song saying "error in playback". When I leave the video playback window in the small version the show plays just fine! Has anyone seen this before? Anyone have a clue to a fix? Do I get a new computer? Update LOR to another version? Buy a new laptop? I am using windows 7 and its media player and they are updated. If I don't get this fixed this week there won't be a show at the college. Thanks so much for any help. I appreciate it!! Duane
  3. Hello and thanks for your help so far. Here is what it does. 1. It plays the first video then, it the screen flashes over and over and then stops. 2. I did what you requested and copied the status window. The window says this 5:49:41 PM Error With Sequence (error playing media file) musical: c://user/ etc.. and it scrolls this message over and over naming each song in the list to play. Do I need to rebuild these songs again? Im not sure what the error could be? Thank you so far for your input. Duane
  4. Hello: I am badly in need of help. I am using windows 7 and LOR version 3.12.2. I have made a 5 musical sequences with video. These work nicely when played thru the sequencer. I added the shows to the " Simple Show Builder" and they all ran back to back without a problem. I tried to repeat the performance this evening when it got dark and the shows are not there. I , once again added the 5 sequences to the " simple show builder" and it only plays one of them, it flashes and flashes and then stops. That is it. The show will only play the first song and then flashes several times and stops. I am at a loss? Can anyone help? Thanks, Duane
  5. Thanks for the suggestions so far. We have tried everything and this software just plays what it wants. The songs play with video just fine for several years. When I upgraded to 3.5.0 earlier this year with Superstar this program will not work correctly. I have tried everything I can think of.. Do they have a Team View on here? Someone who can tell me what is going on ? I have people gathering everynight for lights and walk away groaning cause this software is not working properly. I had the folks over at the LOR website daily sending me suggestions on what to do and nothing is working so far.
  6. My show shut down and it got the yellow yield sign with LOR MONITOR not working....... What is that about???
  7. Hello: I have put together my songs and listed using the Simple show builder. The show starts and then it skips songs randomly and does what it wants. I have rebooted, built the show over and over but, the same results. For some reason the computer just plays the songs it likes. I had not issues with these songs last year but now....... Please help...
  8. Hello Guys! I am in the same boat! What did I just pay and sign up for? I have never been so confused in my life. I hope someone can help me out with my question? I am going to use 4 CCR Circles in the show this year. I use the Superstar Software. Use the Instant Show. The program wants to use like 9 Circles in the demo. How do I choose to use only 4 CCR's and then have the Instant show progam those 4 only? Then, how do I export those sequences to the LOR sequence editor for use by the Cirlces in the show this year? I feel dumb having to ask directions but, this program has me stumpped! Thanks....
  9. Hi yes, it's an mp3. I will try that. Thanks for your help
  10. yes, that part works. Also play entire song works. Its just anytime I use " Play Visible" No matter where I am on the graphic grid and hit play the song starts playing totally out of sequence unless I start it only at the beginning.
  11. Yes, It is set to " Visible Screen". No matter where I move the grid and hit play the song play at the beginning instead of where I am on the graph. It's the strangest thing. Cant seem to get it fixed.
  12. I have used LOR for 4 years and am stumped on something that is happening today. I hope someone can help. I am sequencing a new song. I have the grid at 0.05 secs. The song plays and the graphic grid moves along nicely. I have the sequencer to "Play Visable Screen". I sequence the first few seconds of the song. I then, move the grid over a few more seconds to continue the sequencing and attempt to play the song back. No matter what part of the grid I am on the song starts over from the beginning. I have never had this happen. What can I do to keep the song with the grid? Thanks for any help anyone can offer
  13. Hello: Thanks for the tip. I set a group of blocks at 50%. I then added the fade up and then, I added a fade down. The servo still only moves to the right when it hit any of the ramps I put in the sequence. I have to be doing something wrong? Thanks,
  14. Hello: I just purchased my first Servodog and set it up in the LOR network. When I go to the servodog configuration screen and test the unit it works nicely. I have added the the Servodog to the sequencing with the other controllers. It looks like this: SD Channel 1 SD Channel 2 SD Channel 3 etc. till Channel 8. The servo is attached to SD Channel 1. When I fill in some color blocks on the sequencer the servo moves but, only in a clockwise direction and then back to origin. My question is: How do I fill in the blocks on the sequence section of a song and get the Servo to move left to right or right to left? If you could show me I would appreciate it. I am stumped from this point on how to control the servo. Thanks in advance for your help...
  15. Hello: That is absolutely beautiful. I watched your video and it was wonderful. I was wanting to do this but, lack the know how. Can you tell me what you used for fountain heads, LED lighting and how you control the water? I would appreciate any help you can give. I would love to do something like this. Thanks, Manscan
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