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  1. Ribbon and controller? Or just the ribbon? I am thinking on selling my 4 with the controllers as I have upgraded to the latest and greatest CCR.
  2. James can I get a copy of this? I am forced to add this according to my five year old! shadow62672@yahoo.com "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share".
  3. Perfect! Worked like a charm. I added the controller below instead of above and left the universe at 170 vs 50. Thank you again!
  4. Ok. I bought a 16 ribbon tree package from WoW lights. It’s a PixCon16 controller. I can’t get my sequences I currently have that are written for CCR ribbons to work on this particular controller. I am stumped on what I need to change in the sequence to get it to run in DMX.
  5. An example is the sequences shipped from Holiday Coro have a lms.lvs format. Mine are only .lms.
  6. Ok..... I purchased a ribbon tree off Holiday Coro, I have sequences written for a CCR tree. I want to use them but have no clue how to run it on the holiday coro tree. I know they run on the CCR ribbons, I am not getting anything with the Holiday coro ribbons, which is a DMX format. I want to know what I need to change in the CCR sequences. I tried just changing the CCR controller to standard DMX. It didnt work.
  7. Ok. S4 I opened the current CCR ribbon sequence in the sequencer. I dont see an option to open a tree at the bottom. I am assuming you are talking about opening Super star then pasting into the sequencer without exporting?
  8. I actually have S4 on another computer. I can work from that.
  9. When converting the current, would I convert the .lms or the .sup files and export?
  10. No. Not even sure with the S5 how to change channels and such. I assumed it would be a simple conversion to change the controller in the channels like the old S3.
  11. I guess thats where I am confused. Do I create a new sequence? and assign it as DMX?
  12. Looking to convert a sequence from CCR to DMX. I have a holiday CORO 16 ribbon tree, and have some 16 CCR sequences. Is there a way to convert the CCR sequence to a DMX run sequence? they dont play on the holiday coro tree.
  13. Is thee a let it go matrix pixel tree sequence? If so I could use it. shadow62672@yahoo.com
  14. Seems it was a bad batch. I ended up switching out 4 ribbons. Thank god they are awesome with customer service and warranty work! Thank you light o Rama! Think I am already over the vertical tree gonna go to a 24 ribbon matrix. Easier to work with and better resolution. Should be interesting next year. Seems my display will forever keep growing. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  15. Lightorama is always spot on with customer service. They have already sent replacements. That’s not my issue. I wanted to hear if other people were having issues with the failure with these new ribbons. I may have to go with a matrix next year vs a tree due to the height. Not an easy task to replace them once the tree is erected. 😁
  16. Bought brand new this year the 16 ribbon package..... already had 2 fail. Anyone else having issues? I have original CCR they seem to be made better and hold up a lot better than these. Just curious. Seems if you sneeze they fail. 😂 Pretty disappointed in the product.
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