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  1. Seems it was a bad batch. I ended up switching out 4 ribbons. Thank god they are awesome with customer service and warranty work! Thank you light o Rama! Think I am already over the vertical tree gonna go to a 24 ribbon matrix. Easier to work with and better resolution. Should be interesting next year. Seems my display will forever keep growing. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
  2. Lightorama is always spot on with customer service. They have already sent replacements. That’s not my issue. I wanted to hear if other people were having issues with the failure with these new ribbons. I may have to go with a matrix next year vs a tree due to the height. Not an easy task to replace them once the tree is erected. 😁
  3. Bought brand new this year the 16 ribbon package..... already had 2 fail. Anyone else having issues? I have original CCR they seem to be made better and hold up a lot better than these. Just curious. Seems if you sneeze they fail. πŸ˜‚ Pretty disappointed in the product.
  4. Tell me more about the audio and choppiness?
  5. so, got the adapter, and it is still choppy. What should i look at in regards to the sequence? It is not keeping up with the song and is choppy.
  6. James can I get a copy? Thank you. Shadow62672@yahoo.com
  7. James can I get a copy? Thank you. Shadow62672@yahoo.com
  8. James can I get a copy? As always.... Thank you! Shadow62672@yahoo.com
  9. Randy, Search for pixel tree matrix sequence, James Morris has been so kind to share the CCR ribbon sequences on here. He asks that you use it for personal use only and that you personally request it. I hope this helps! Merry Christmas!
  10. i figured. Can those be bought locally? If not gonna hit up LOR yet again.
  11. So I got bit by the LOR bug, and took advantage of the summer sale and bought the 16 CCRII ribbons. Got everything up and running, Playing my first sequence...... Choppy, Second, choppy, falling behind the music. I am assuming it would be the 485 usb adapter, I need to upgrade to the high speed to keep up? Would it be the computer I am running the sequence? I am a bit puzzled. The adapter is probably 9-10 years old. Any thoughts or advice...
  12. James do you have this in a 16 ccr? If so can i get a copy? shadow62672@yahoo.com
  13. Can I get a copy? shadow62672@yahoo.com Thank you James!
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