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  1. I would like to have 5 mega trees working same and have 12 channels per color or 48 channels per tree. Plan to use 3 controllers per tree. For simplicity I can give each trees controllers the same 3 id's? If so, when I start up program, will the software only see three units, or will it see all 15 units?
  2. Is it possible to just update latest Version 4, which looks to be 4.3.34 and not install version 5. Too late in year to learn about S5 and not going to give up two monitors to view. I have had problems last three years with shows crashing after running around 3 days and have to reboot PC. Hopeful something changed in last year in S4 to stop the problems. Thanks
  3. First video for 2016 was shot from a DJi drone. We were surprised how steady the picture was and very happy with the results for a first time try.
  4. There is noise going out from your laptop which could come from any number of sources that when the comm listener chimes in you will get this. You are not alone and it does not matter what controllers you use. I find that even with all anti virus removed and wireless networks off Windows 10 will look for security and create a message. I power off pc after every show and unplug all 1.31 controllers to eliminate any chance of flickering. Yes I have to plug back in before show time and restart laptop but it solves the problems and the shows run fine. I have a show that is an hour long before it repeats with large files and across four networks on 24 universes that mix four different manufactures is 1.31 controllers with LOR controllers. I am using 4.2.6 and hope that some day the comm listener will not be needed but until such time just power down and don't loose any sleep over it.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9588CcJX3Y&feature=em-share_video_user
  6. Using Dell laptops with different versions of Windows I have not been able to ping an address for a controller (AlphaPix16) which had to do a factory reset on. Controller is stuck with load firmware on display, but the default IP address is not accessible. Is there an issue with Dell's to access or a workaround? You cannot access the manual IP address entry if there is no firmware loaded, and the factory reset evidently wipes everything clean. Looking for ideas?
  7. Updating to 1.04 Firmware has solved my issues as well with two long runs channels which had three nulls installed.
  8. I was able to get it running buy had to have all three of my USB's connected that are used in the sequence, and have the control panel opened. Evidently no outputs to 1.31 without the control panel running? Still don't have a clue why I cannot see the stop button in the control bar though?
  9. I have two other 1.31 controllers and 16 LOR units and three separate USB adapters using 3 networks plus 1.31. All there of ip addresses are set in LOR along with all the universe information. I can ping the controllers and have set them up, tested with there own test software. I use a switch for the 1.31 networks also. Been at this for 9 years and still a challenge with new software every year. Some of the issues such as blacked out screen view of stop button are not related to 1.31 issues.
  10. So I have loaded the new 4.6 software and wanted to test out a new 1.31 controller without having any LOR controllers hooked up. I do have a USB connected, and the Comm listener has accepted. When I go to play the sequence the red box is still showing up in bottom right corner, and nothing is going out. Control the lights is on. Also noted that when I play all controls go grey in the control bar. Only way to stop sequence is open the play drop down and find the stop. Also noted that normal screen display I have one row of buttons showing. If I minimize the screen, and it goes to two rows I can see a red stop box? Is this something new or something setup wrong?
  11. I am aware of the scroll bar. I am trying to get a printout/screen shot of a longer list of universes without having to take multiple shots. There is plenty of room on my screen to enlarge the image, but no means to do so?
  12. I can only see 22 universes on the DMX tab of the LOR advanced Network Preferences in 3.12. There is nothing to grab in the corner of the screen to enlarge the screen. Does anyone have a work around without scrolling the page down?
  13. If you open up your config file in notepad you can scroll down and look for the line with text on annimation settings. You might try and change the values there and save file to new name then reload the new config file. This is how I extended the screen pixel count and it works with all versions up to 3.12. I just keep raising the numbers as I add more items. Working with over 7200 channels ok so far. I am using heavy duty pic with 16 gig and a strong processor so save file times are under 10 seconds but the files are huge. Let me know if it works.
  14. Has anyone using the 4.0+ tried to increase the pixel count parameters in the annimation screen up to say 300 x 600? Was curious if you could do this without going to the visualizer. I changed the code in the config a couple years ago to numbers larger than the program would allow and it has really helped. This year I bumped in up to 300 high and 600 wide so that I can have room for all my pixels with RGB. This gives me 180,000 pixels to work with on the screen. Converting all my display items into the visualizer is much to slow and I would rather use the time to continue sequencing. Up to 24 Tracts and now and adding more every day.
  15. Has anyone experienced loss of output to USB ports and comm ports, but no problems with network outputs? During period of Nov 28th to Dec 29th every couple of days my laptop would loose all the com's. Controllers running on 1.31 network outputs worked fine, the LOR controllers all died due the failure on USB ports. Even my mouse lost connectivity and had to use thumb pad to disable show and turn off PC. Only by leaving PC off for several hours would problem go away. Restarting after shutting down did not clear problems. Verifiier would only show the Com listener had lost signal. Since the shows continued to run not clear that any memory problems exist. This is on windows 7 and 64 bit laptop with 8 meg ram and decent processor. Version 3.11.2 version advanced. Shows ran with simple show build. Why are the USB ports getting killed off? Any ideas would be appreciated.
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