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  1. PCRail

    Candyland Loco

    Our show this year featured "I Want Candy" by Bow Wow Wow. Our target audience is children. We're trying not to scare anyone and candy helps. New props included the smart web on the garage that replaced the dumb web of 2017. Also, we placed P10 panels at child-height on the fence facing the dance floor. The panels showed some information about the show but mostly mirrored the larger matrix, with much clearer images. We tried an inexpensive moving spot over the driveway and it was the hit of the show for young kids. They jumped and chased and laughed, which was entertaining for everyone. I paid $100 for the spot and it doesn't work very well but that didn't seem to matter. Our show is a neighborhood-only event, thanks to the Nextdoor app. The experience of meeting with our neighbors, new and not so new, is always a pleasure. We're able to spend some time with each group as they tour the show and Pinecrest Railroad, which is also magically lit, another video. Thanks to everyone who helped with the show and thanks to the neighbors who attended. Thanks to the neighborhood kids who entertained, danced, jumped and posed. Who knew that a moving spot could be so fun? The show was created using Light-o-rama Sequencer 5. Light-o-rama hardware includes: a Pixcon 16 , and a Pixie 16; smart pixel controllers, two 16 Channel DC Controllers, two 24 Channel RGB DC Controllers, a 16 channel AC controller , and two 50 Watt floods. Light-o-rama Easy Light Links provide wireless connection to the controllers. The light-o-rama Input pup allows interactive web operation. Pushing a colored button plays a sequence of a corresponding color. Light-o-rama's new software made this show fun to create.
  2. Thanks everyone. I understand a lot more than I did before this conversation. I'll just get that lonely pup a therapist and carry on. Richard
  3. May I please have an input pup that will operate on an enhanced network. My pup is very lonely on that un-enhanced network. Thank you. Richard
  4. PCRail

    P 10 Panels and S5 Fun

    The "development board" that came with the kit has no Ethernet port, only a wireless connection. I hope that this doesn't end up being a problem. Right now, it works well.with no wires! It's difficult to discuss this without violating LOR forum rules about non-LOR stuff. Richard
  5. PCRail

    P 10 Panels and S5 Fun

    S5 makes setting up and sequencing P 10 Panels simple and fun. Before you get to that, though, you’ll need to know/do some stuff. P 10 Panels are new to me, so I bought a kit. I’m not promoting any products. This stuff is very compatible with LOR S5 software and is not in direct competition with LOR hardware. I don’t really have enough experience with any of the hardware to share opinions. I was successful in setting up 2x2 panels controlled by S5 through a wireless network controller, like other E1.31 controllers (but wireless.). I'm using it to display text/information about songs. I probably won't be able to answer any questions because I mostly just got lucky. Did I mention that it's wireless? Richard
  6. I liked S 5.0.14, S 5.0.16 ,S 5.0.18 and S 5.0.20, but I love S 5.1.0. Thanks LOR folks. You did it despite that close-call fire experience. I can't think of a better way to say thanks than by renewing my license early. Richard
  7. PCRail

    Export/Import Timings

    Thanks Phil Copy & Paste doesn't do what I'd like to do. I'm interested in the menu choices "Import Timings" and "Export Timings" . If the choice is limited to one timing at a time, for me, it's faster to just create new timings in the new sequence. If I could select multiple timings, that would be useful. Richard
  8. So far, I've only been able to export and import one timing at a time (confusing sentence structure). I'd really like to have the option of exporting and importing all timings associated with a sequence. Es possible? Thanks again. Richard
  9. I can't delete a view. The view (RGB Props e.g.) that I want to delete is selected, choosing delete view from menu causes the view to go to "Show All Items" view, but the view (RGB Props e.g.) remains as a drop down view choice. I've tried saving and reopening but view remains as an option. Thanks Richard
  10. PCRail

    Momentary blackout

    Thanks Jim. I think this issue is related to the director. The setup for a show is different.
  11. PCRail

    Momentary blackout

    Thanks for your reply. I'm running only one animation sequence. No songs, no between songs. This is that blackout that happens as the sequence repeats. I don't know of any setting to keep lights on at the end of the sequence. This is landscape lighting, so the blackout is very noticeable. I know I could make the sequence two hours long so no repeating but that would be a pain in the sequence.
  12. PCRail

    Momentary blackout

    Thanks, Phil. I tested the "just me" theory by selecting five random neighbors to watch the lights. I gave no hints as to why they were asked to observe and four of five mentioned that the lights went "off and on" which is the layman's term for blackout. The fifth participant blacked out during the test. It was Saturday night and my random neighbors like to party. I also tried rebooting my system with eight hours of sleep, but momentary blackouts persist. Onward to Troubleshooting Option 2. Richard
  13. I’m using Version 5.0.20 (Thanks for the "Nudge" and those tabs and some other stuff that made things clearer) so I’m posting this question here, even though my question is probably not specific to the version and has probably been answered before. I’ve been using the standalone function on a couple of controllers to run simple sequences for landscape lighting. The sequences were short and repeated with no momentary blackout as the sequence repeated. Recently, I changed the way I manage the landscape lighting so that I could run more complicated sequences. I’m using a G3-MP3 Director and Easy Links to run the sequences and it mostly works fine. The only problem is that there is a momentary blackout as the sequence repeats. Is there a way around this?
  14. PCRail

    Skew timing marks

    Thanks. It's not gray anymore but I'm clearly doing something wrong because everytime I attempt to skew the timing marks, I get that closing down error message that says I should include the .txt file in any help ticket (Attached). Thanks. Richard LORSequencer-trace.txt
  15. Why is the "Skew Timing Marks" Action option grayed-out? It's so tempting. Thanks Richard