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  1. PCRail

    Skew timing marks

    Thanks. It's not gray anymore but I'm clearly doing something wrong because everytime I attempt to skew the timing marks, I get that closing down error message that says I should include the .txt file in any help ticket (Attached). Thanks. Richard LORSequencer-trace.txt
  2. Why is the "Skew Timing Marks" Action option grayed-out? It's so tempting. Thanks Richard
  3. Count me in. Please tell me the current font in a text effect. Font selection is a pain, at best (scrolllllllllllling). When it's finally good, I want to know why. For me, text effects needed the most adjustment going from S4 to S5. Not knowing the current font made the transition more complicated.
  4. I know this is an oldish thread, but I can't resist a good mystery. Something that I learned about Previews in S5 which is a bit unexpected: I think that you can have two Previews with the same name. I sometimes have a mental lapse and treat Previews as if they are files. I know better. I have done the following which caused me some confusion: In Preview Manager, copy a preview (Halloween 2018). Open the copy(Halloween 2018 - copy) and make changes, including a name change to the same as the original Preview (Halloween 2018). Because I expected that the Preview would be treated as a file, I expected the new Preview to replace the original Preview of the same name. Previews are not files. I found that I had two Previews with the same name(Halloween 2018)(Halloween 2018). I know this is a different experience from yours, but it might shed some light on what you experienced and then had difficulty repeating. It's just that expectation that Previews act like files. You may have actually been looking at different Previews with the same name. Hmmmm One (Halloween 2018) is enough for now. Richard
  5. PCRail

    Best method to video display

    I'm not an expert, but, for me, the camera lens was the key to capturing the full width of my yard. I used a Canon Rebel T6 with a Canon Macro Lens EF 100mm 1:2.8. to record New Years Eve 2017. This is certainly not the inexpensive way to go but I love this camera because it works in all kinds of weird situations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpcu2iwqkhY
  6. PCRail

    Question on Picture Scaling

    Hi Steve, I think I also replied to your post about sharing pictures. I use lots of images on my matrix and, like you, I set the scaling on and set it at 100%. If I don't like the way an image is showing, one option that I use frequently is discard the picture because it's just too pixel-intensive for my matrix. If it's close but not quite good enough, I go to Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 and edit the image. Sometimes I resize the image and reset the resolution. Sometimes I resize the canvas, like when I don't want S5 to stretch the image horizontally, I adjust the canvas to appropriate proportions (in my case W=2H). I also use Photoshop Elements to edit .gif files which took me a while to get the hang of but was worth it. I usually buy Adobe's new versions of this and Premiere Elements when they go on sale on Amazon, both for under $100. I still have some work to do to figure out exactly what settings work best, both in S5 and Photoshop. If you have any questions that you think I might be able to answer, reply here. I've set the thread to notify me of replies. Richard
  7. I have a year-round installation of about 160 smart pixels (strips). I have a Pixie 16 Controller and an Easy Light Linker. With SE4, I could create a simple sequence. Single colors worked best. I could use the linker to load the sequence to the controller's Standalone function and, without having to actually go to the controller, I could change sequences. So far, I've not been able to create a simple sequence in S5 that works at all with the Pixie Standalone (File contains no events). I understand that the standalone function is quite limited. Even with SE4, a sequence that contained a simple color change would lock up on one color after a couple of loops. The Standalone function may not be the solution I'm looking for. So my question is: Is there a better way? For instance can I connect a Mini-Director (Indoors) to my Linker (indoors) and have it run the simple S5 Sequences on the Pixie16 (Outdoors and well protected)? Should I just spend the extra $ on the higher end director? I don't want to have to load an SD card and go out to the director. I want my Outdoor lights to be as smart as my indoor lights have become and I want to use LOR equipment. I have really enjoyed being on the S5 Beta Learning Curve. The Holidays were more fun for me than I deserve. Thanks for all the effort that must have gone into bringing together what had become a somewhat confusing suite of apps. I remember copying and pasting grids from here to there - not fun. This makes so much more sense. Recently, I've been experimenting with 11 Channel DMX moving head spots, the super-cheap variety. While I have succeeded in sequencing the light and motion in S5, it didn't come easily. I'm only sharing this challenging experience because ( as happened with smart pixels) there may be more LOR users thinking about multi-channel DMX devices and I know LOR wants to be there when this happens.
  8. PCRail

    Sharing Picture Files

    Hey Steve, I like your idea. I also spend a lot of time looking for and editing picture files, mostly gif animations that can end up as pretty good motion effects. I recently posted an idea for an effect based on a gif I edited and manipulated in Photoshop Elements 15. I attached an example. I'm sure other people make similar discoveries. I'd appreciate seeing the images that others have used effectively. Thanks for putting the idea out there. Richard
  9. I've noticed that others have suggestions so here goes. I created an effect using Photoshop Elements 15, save for web option to create a gif file. By manipulating the Photoshop document (Bar color) and the frame timing, I've been able to customize the effect for the sequence. I think the basic idea would make a popular effect. I know it looks good on my matrix and it might also work on trees etc. The attaches gif files are variations on the theme. Thanks for hours of sequencing fun with S5 .
  10. PCRail

    DMX to LOR RGBW Moving heads

    I'm really glad to see this thread because I've been wanting this type of light but not for $2K. My initial searches for the product that you mention, Lixada, turned up quite a few sources, including Amazon for $109 and also 4 for $239? They appear to be the same 50w lights. Quite a difference depending on the vendor. Any tips on purchasing?
  11. PCRail

    Opening Effects Generator

    Thanks again, again. Richard
  12. PCRail

    Opening Effects Generator

    Thanks. As I suspected, it's just my sequencing habits that need adjusting. Thanks for the suggestions. There's just something slightly uncomfortable about pasting that effect that I ultimately don't want and then editing it. Just habit. I'm on the learning curve from S4 to S5 and I'm having fun so far. Thanks for the Skew tool. It will come in very handy with audio tracks that are mixes of songs with different beats. Cool new motion effects. I'm so happy with the consilience of SE PE VI. I find the text effect to be much friendlier. I'm hopeful about simple S5 play files playing nicely with LOR controllers with Standalone function. That would be frosting on the Christmas cookie (new thread?). Speaking of new threads, I have another question about Version 5.0.14 which I could ask in a new thread if you'd prefer. After having set up a convenient View, I save the view and it becomes available as an option on the View dropdown. If I open another sequence, using the same Preview, that View is not available in the dropdown, as I thought/hoped it might. Do I have to repeat the process of setting up and saving the view for each sequence? Thanks again.
  13. PCRail

    Opening Effects Generator

    Hi Dennis, OK. I'll try to be clearer. Suppose that I have a curtain effect in a sequence that is set to the color, speed, direction that I want at that point in the sequence. I then want o have that same effect in another part of the sequence but I want it to be in the opposite direction. A quick way for me to do this in PE was to select a cell with the curtain effect (not double clicking), click on the tab to open the Effect Generator and then I could simply change the direction of the curtain. I could then click OK and the active effect was the new direction. I could click the ON button and proceed to add the new direction curtain effect. My experience with doing things this way has been that: 1) It's quick. 2) the new curtain effect maintains all the properties of the original except the specific change I wanted, such as direction, color, speed. So that's what I'd like to be able to continue to do in S5, unless there's a better quicker way. I develop habits after hours of sequencing and sequencing habits can be difficult to give up. This is one that I may have to let go of. In S5 there doesn't seem to be an equivalent operation to the one I've described. In S4, selecting the cell and then opening EG by the tab had a different result than double clicking the cell with effect to open EG. Double clicking would open EG to the current effect and changes made in EG result in changing the selected cell or cells to the new effect. Single clicking the cell with an effect and then clicking the EG tab would open the effect that was on the selected cell. Changes to the effect did not change the selected cell when GE was exited by OK. The changed effect was active. Please excuse my misuse of terminology. Thanks for reading my post. Richard
  14. Simple question: In PE, if I wanted to change an effect, I could select a cell with an existing effect on the grid, click the effect generator tab and open the effect generator to make the changes I wanted. Going back to grid didn't change the cell I had selected but the changed effect was ready to go. I can't find an equivalent tab in 5. Even selecting the EG from Tools menu after selecting a cell will change the selected cell. Is there a way to select a cell with an existing effect and open the EG for changes without changing the existing cell? Thanks. Richard
  15. PCRail

    LOR Powered Landscape Lighting

    Greetings Matt, I just came across your thread which I realize is a few months old but, hopefully, you're still interested in the topic. Your pictures are great examples of the kind of control I'm after. I'm in the process of purchasing the components to assemble the permanent landscape and exterior lighting system that's in my head. Here's what I want: Smart RGB pixel strips on the house LOR 10w RGB spots on some palms LOR Smart pixel controller with standalone capability. No PC for simple sequences. LOR Dumb pixel controller with standalone capability. LOR Easy Link Wireless networking with controllers. Allows for changing standalone sequence or running more complex sequences without having to hard wire controllers which will be outside, under the eaves of the house. I've purchase HolidayCoro.com smart RGB strips 10 pixels/meter since they are almost the same price as dumb pixels and my experience has been that smarter is better. I'm waiting for the grab bag sale to try to cut the cost of this modest but expensive project. Thanks for your post, especially the photos. Please let me know any more that you've learned through your experience and any thoughts about my plans. Richard