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  1. I liked S 5.0.14, S 5.0.16 ,S 5.0.18 and S 5.0.20, but I love S 5.1.0. Thanks LOR folks. You did it despite that close-call fire experience. I can't think of a better way to say thanks than by renewing my license early. Richard
  2. PCRail

    Export/Import Timings

    Thanks Phil Copy & Paste doesn't do what I'd like to do. I'm interested in the menu choices "Import Timings" and "Export Timings" . If the choice is limited to one timing at a time, for me, it's faster to just create new timings in the new sequence. If I could select multiple timings, that would be useful. Richard
  3. So far, I've only been able to export and import one timing at a time (confusing sentence structure). I'd really like to have the option of exporting and importing all timings associated with a sequence. Es possible? Thanks again. Richard
  4. I can't delete a view. The view (RGB Props e.g.) that I want to delete is selected, choosing delete view from menu causes the view to go to "Show All Items" view, but the view (RGB Props e.g.) remains as a drop down view choice. I've tried saving and reopening but view remains as an option. Thanks Richard
  5. PCRail

    Momentary blackout

    Thanks Jim. I think this issue is related to the director. The setup for a show is different.
  6. PCRail

    Momentary blackout

    Thanks for your reply. I'm running only one animation sequence. No songs, no between songs. This is that blackout that happens as the sequence repeats. I don't know of any setting to keep lights on at the end of the sequence. This is landscape lighting, so the blackout is very noticeable. I know I could make the sequence two hours long so no repeating but that would be a pain in the sequence.
  7. PCRail

    Momentary blackout

    Thanks, Phil. I tested the "just me" theory by selecting five random neighbors to watch the lights. I gave no hints as to why they were asked to observe and four of five mentioned that the lights went "off and on" which is the layman's term for blackout. The fifth participant blacked out during the test. It was Saturday night and my random neighbors like to party. I also tried rebooting my system with eight hours of sleep, but momentary blackouts persist. Onward to Troubleshooting Option 2. Richard
  8. I’m using Version 5.0.20 (Thanks for the "Nudge" and those tabs and some other stuff that made things clearer) so I’m posting this question here, even though my question is probably not specific to the version and has probably been answered before. I’ve been using the standalone function on a couple of controllers to run simple sequences for landscape lighting. The sequences were short and repeated with no momentary blackout as the sequence repeated. Recently, I changed the way I manage the landscape lighting so that I could run more complicated sequences. I’m using a G3-MP3 Director and Easy Links to run the sequences and it mostly works fine. The only problem is that there is a momentary blackout as the sequence repeats. Is there a way around this?
  9. PCRail

    Skew timing marks

    Thanks. It's not gray anymore but I'm clearly doing something wrong because everytime I attempt to skew the timing marks, I get that closing down error message that says I should include the .txt file in any help ticket (Attached). Thanks. Richard LORSequencer-trace.txt
  10. Why is the "Skew Timing Marks" Action option grayed-out? It's so tempting. Thanks Richard
  11. Count me in. Please tell me the current font in a text effect. Font selection is a pain, at best (scrolllllllllllling). When it's finally good, I want to know why. For me, text effects needed the most adjustment going from S4 to S5. Not knowing the current font made the transition more complicated.
  12. I know this is an oldish thread, but I can't resist a good mystery. Something that I learned about Previews in S5 which is a bit unexpected: I think that you can have two Previews with the same name. I sometimes have a mental lapse and treat Previews as if they are files. I know better. I have done the following which caused me some confusion: In Preview Manager, copy a preview (Halloween 2018). Open the copy(Halloween 2018 - copy) and make changes, including a name change to the same as the original Preview (Halloween 2018). Because I expected that the Preview would be treated as a file, I expected the new Preview to replace the original Preview of the same name. Previews are not files. I found that I had two Previews with the same name(Halloween 2018)(Halloween 2018). I know this is a different experience from yours, but it might shed some light on what you experienced and then had difficulty repeating. It's just that expectation that Previews act like files. You may have actually been looking at different Previews with the same name. Hmmmm One (Halloween 2018) is enough for now. Richard
  13. PCRail

    Best method to video display

    I'm not an expert, but, for me, the camera lens was the key to capturing the full width of my yard. I used a Canon Rebel T6 with a Canon Macro Lens EF 100mm 1:2.8. to record New Years Eve 2017. This is certainly not the inexpensive way to go but I love this camera because it works in all kinds of weird situations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpcu2iwqkhY
  14. PCRail

    Question on Picture Scaling

    Hi Steve, I think I also replied to your post about sharing pictures. I use lots of images on my matrix and, like you, I set the scaling on and set it at 100%. If I don't like the way an image is showing, one option that I use frequently is discard the picture because it's just too pixel-intensive for my matrix. If it's close but not quite good enough, I go to Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 and edit the image. Sometimes I resize the image and reset the resolution. Sometimes I resize the canvas, like when I don't want S5 to stretch the image horizontally, I adjust the canvas to appropriate proportions (in my case W=2H). I also use Photoshop Elements to edit .gif files which took me a while to get the hang of but was worth it. I usually buy Adobe's new versions of this and Premiere Elements when they go on sale on Amazon, both for under $100. I still have some work to do to figure out exactly what settings work best, both in S5 and Photoshop. If you have any questions that you think I might be able to answer, reply here. I've set the thread to notify me of replies. Richard
  15. I have a year-round installation of about 160 smart pixels (strips). I have a Pixie 16 Controller and an Easy Light Linker. With SE4, I could create a simple sequence. Single colors worked best. I could use the linker to load the sequence to the controller's Standalone function and, without having to actually go to the controller, I could change sequences. So far, I've not been able to create a simple sequence in S5 that works at all with the Pixie Standalone (File contains no events). I understand that the standalone function is quite limited. Even with SE4, a sequence that contained a simple color change would lock up on one color after a couple of loops. The Standalone function may not be the solution I'm looking for. So my question is: Is there a better way? For instance can I connect a Mini-Director (Indoors) to my Linker (indoors) and have it run the simple S5 Sequences on the Pixie16 (Outdoors and well protected)? Should I just spend the extra $ on the higher end director? I don't want to have to load an SD card and go out to the director. I want my Outdoor lights to be as smart as my indoor lights have become and I want to use LOR equipment. I have really enjoyed being on the S5 Beta Learning Curve. The Holidays were more fun for me than I deserve. Thanks for all the effort that must have gone into bringing together what had become a somewhat confusing suite of apps. I remember copying and pasting grids from here to there - not fun. This makes so much more sense. Recently, I've been experimenting with 11 Channel DMX moving head spots, the super-cheap variety. While I have succeeded in sequencing the light and motion in S5, it didn't come easily. I'm only sharing this challenging experience because ( as happened with smart pixels) there may be more LOR users thinking about multi-channel DMX devices and I know LOR wants to be there when this happens.