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  1. Andy2567

    Second controller

    Basic newbie question . I just bought my second controller and want to know if it's as easy to hook up as running a cat five cable from the first controller to the second controller for 32 channels or do I need to set up anything in the control panel .
  2. Andy2567

    Lost everything.

    Thank you for your help. And the thought crossed my mind but he loves to fish with me so he is a keeper.
  3. Andy2567

    Home By Blake Shelton

    Could I get a copy please. Suw117@yahoo.com
  4. Andy2567

    Lost everything.

    I wasn't smart enough to back them up. Not a computer guy at all but I love doing the Lights so I spend time each year trying to learn more. Its a good thing this puppy loves to go fishing or else.
  5. Andy2567

    Lost everything.

    Well my new puppy has decided to eat my laptop. Now I have to scramble to start over. Need some help people. A lot of help. I got a new laptop but have no software for my lor anymore. Do I have to buy it all over again. Also if anyone has any 32 channel sequences they would be happy to share that would be like Christmas early for me once I get all the software on my new laptop.I lost everything. I am overwhelmed right know but can not let the kids down and not have a show. Please help. Thank you in advance.
  6. I have been running last years shows from sequences from other members. I have not written any of my own yet and won't have the time to this year either. The show is nice and a hit in my little town. So hear is what I am having trouble wrapping my brain around. If I get two singing Christmas trees and put them on channel 1-8 and then the second on 9-16.So all channels are used. Now I add a new 16 channel lor. Plug all my other lights in. Know I play one of my regular shows. This is where I don't get it. I under stand that the faces are going to light up and so will all the other lights. So what happens when I buy a new signing tree sequence. The faces are 1-16 will sing but what will happen with the other 16-32. If the don't light up how can I make them stay on. And then what happens when I line up 3 songs back to back. I hope some understands what I am trying to ask.
  7. Andy2567


    Thank you everyone for the feedback. Ordered for Holiday Coro. Thank you again.
  8. Andy2567


    I know it's last minute but I have been looking for sing faces for a year now.Looking for ready to run faces with lights on them already. Does anyone know of any option other then wow lights ? One face through them is 700. Can someone please advise me where I can get these.
  9. Andy2567

    Selling my Christmas & Halloween Setups

    Would love the faces if they work with the lor system
  10. Andy2567

    Singing pumpkin face

    Where did you get the 4face upgrade
  11. Andy2567

    Singing pumpkin face

    Hello all. I am looking to buy a ready to run singing face for my lor. I like the ones from wire d frames but they don't have the lights on them. How hard is it to wire them. Looking to buy asap as this is for my wife's birthday. She has wanted one for years and this year I want to buy her one or two. Any help would be great.
  12. Andy2567

    ACDC TNT sequence

    I would love a copy if your still sharing. Thank you. Suw117@yahoo.com
  13. Andy2567


    I would love a copy of both if I could. Suw117@yahoo.com Thank you and have a great holiday.
  14. Andy2567

    Let It Go, Froxen.. who wants it

    May I please have a copy sir. Sorry I forgot my email. Suw117@yahoo.com. Again thank you.
  15. Andy2567

    Led lights not working

    Thank you everyone for all the help. I am going to buy the Ledkeeper