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  1. JPTXPilot

    SE & PE Can't Get Along

    So - the end problem was my adapter. I looked inside the old one and there was 2 pins that were shredded. New adapter fixed the problem.
  2. JPTXPilot

    SE & PE Can't Get Along

    scanned the sequence twice w/ verifier and came up clean both times. I did close the Pixel Editor and Sequence Editor when playing. The red bulb is on when I attempt. Thanks for the tips. I ran through each of them.
  3. JPTXPilot

    SE & PE Can't Get Along

    Yes -- It is. Here's my network setup.
  4. JPTXPilot

    SE & PE Can't Get Along

    Yes -- I do see this track when I open it in SE. However nothing can be controlled. It's weird because all the circuits work in hardware utility and the LMS file works before I open it in E, then save intensity file, and then save and open up in SE again -- that's when nothing will drive the lights. I've event tried to just add it to a show file and then enable a show on demand to see if it is something weird about SE - but am stumped. I feel like I'm am just one quick fix away, just can't see that fix yet :).
  5. JPTXPilot

    SE & PE Can't Get Along

    OK - So I've been able to successfully get my props to work in Pixel Editor (PE) and they behave well when controlling them in playback from PE. I also have my sequence with LOR working successfully and can get it to play back in Sequence Editor (SE). However when I save my intensity file, then save the file from PE - then open it in SE, nothing works. Nothing. The only way I can get my lights to work is turning them all on in the hardware editor (or playing back in SE or PE. It doesn't like both. Any ideas are welcome!
  6. JPTXPilot

    Sequence programming with Surface 3?

    I use a SurfacePro3 for all my LOR stuff. While I sprung for a 128GB, I alsochave a 64GB microSD. I use the pen and keyboard shortcuts and it crushes through sequences easily. Once you get use to it its great. LOR software works great. I'm windows 10 too. I do sequence when the rest of the family doesn't want to hear my work and use a pair of beats earbud headphones. I also use this as my show computer and also use the miracast adapter for looking at large sequences on a big screen (i use 6 tracks - 48 channels plus 128 DMX channels). Can't speak much to the audio. It works for me.
  7. JPTXPilot

    Snow Machines

    Has anyone used them in your display? Pro's and cons welcome. Also, which machines work well and not so well? Where is the best placement for them (since you have to keep that snow liquid filled in it, I'm sure it has to be accessible.)
  8. JPTXPilot

    tower stacker leaping arch in RGB

    I decided to make the leap to RGB/DMX and followed some of Gary's advice at www.holidayrgb.com on greating RGB leaping arches. I just made mine into towers instead. To make the towers, I went to Home Deport and bought some rebar to use as my vertical stability. Then I bought some garland and started zip tying it to the rebar so it looks like a garland branch in the day. I also found some awesome RGB clips at Seasonal Entertainment (call Pix Clips) that attach RGB nodes to just about anything. I've got mine on horizontal T's that I connected to the rebar using JBWeld to connect. It is all hidden by the garland. I'm running a 27 channel board (3 RGB Nodes per section of my towers - each tower has 7 sections for a total of 21 RGB nodes). To make is simpler to sequence, I have connected all the node groups in each tower to each other and then to the controller (for instance, section 1 of tower 1 is connected to section 1 of tower 2, then to the controller). I'll probably eventually change this, but with tweaking my sequences now, I needed something that will get me a little more time. I did have quite a challenge getting DMX working. I used Holiday Coro's ActiDongle. It wasn't anything with the equipment, but just putting all the different pieces together. Eventually after about 4 hours of messing around, I got it to work. It is completely worth it now that I can see all of the possibilities for changing colors at a whim. However, I think I will add RGB where it makes sense. I have a lot of LEDS in my display (omnidirectionals) and I really like them. RGB's are a pretty neat technology and will certainly complement the rest of my display.
  9. I was thinking about adding a few light tower stackers to my display for some vertical interest. I'm wondering if anyone has done these using RGB (or has done RGB leaping arches). I'm curious for some feedback on what you've learned. I think RGB would give me greater control options but would love feedback from someone who has gone down this road already.
  10. JPTXPilot

    Mini Tree Design Ideas

    Thanks for the tips. I think I'm going to go with 36 channels and love the advice and insight. Thanks!
  11. JPTXPilot

    Mini Tree Design Ideas

    I am thinking of adding 12 mini trees in my display and looking for best practices on how others are doing this. I am planning on having the trees with R-G-W lights and connecting them with 18-Gauge SPT-2 vampire plugs, then waterproofing. Wondering what would be the best from a sequence planning standpoint in terms of how many channels I should devote to these (3 colors = at least 3 separate channels, but should I break out into 4 groups of 3, 3 groups of 4 ? Looking for some veteran advice.
  12. JPTXPilot

    Wireless and Windows 8

    I also ran Windows 8 and am running 8.1 beta now with no issues. It actually worked really well, no issues.