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  1. Has anyone programmed custom sequencing effects to a keyboard shortcut? It looks like you can chain multiple commands together and map them to one key (or key combination) and the list of commands you can use is long. I am going to try to do just that. If someone has a "catalog" of effects already stored this way maybe you could share? I'm using advanced 3.9.
  2. Wow is what I said out loud watching that pixel crawl around those snowmen! Great job!
  3. Just an update, I have 5 coro floods built using the 3 channel coro controllers and a Ray Wu 27 channel rgb board and all is working fine in DMX. I also purchased a Renard SS24 Kit which I have assembled but I forgot to get the DMX code flashed on it, (actually I didn't know that LOR didn't speak Renardian) So I am looking for a PIC programmer to flash DMX firmware so I can see if my first hand soldered board is any good. Just like to say thanks to all who helped me. I am currently building a 288 LED crowd blinder from 6 ebay 48 led 12v panels for cars. 6 panels should fit inside of a standard 500 watt Halogen light and I plan to control it with DMX. When I purchased the advanced LOR software, it was cheaper if you got the starter pack which gets you a LOR 485 adapter and a Cat5 cable AND a discount on the software. Thanks again everyone. Off to find a PIC programmer!
  4. Just a reminder, did you convert the 3 primary colors into one RGB channel? I struggled with this problem for a bit...... +1 for the Easter Egg Look.
  5. From what I understand, the Renards address will have to be set on the first pic(?) with a pic programmer. If anyone knows where to get one of those cheap let me know. Now I am looking at those 27 channel DC controllers that Ray has. Maybe 8 50 RGB bulb strings in the 8 rose bushes out front? This never stops does it? I'm sure you heard the song, "It never rains in California, it pours". Well that song was true today!
  6. Well, it amazing how things change. I just picked up a renard ss24 kit and it will work in DMX mode with LOR. That will control my 16 channels of AC icans plus 8 extra channels. The floods have the built in controllers which I forgot about in an earlier post. I'll see if I can use 8 channels in a couple coro-canes somehow. This should all fit in one universe if I am thinking correctly. I'm still leaning toward the dmxking, Just waiting to find out exactly what the renard needs to connect. Its nice to know there will be some version of shimmer and sparkle as I did like them. However I won't miss what I never had! I left my flood outside and it started raining. It's waterproof but I couldn't leave it out there. Its my very first blinky flashy thing.
  7. I guess I just skip over the signature area. They need to flash and change colors......
  8. Was out testing my hybrid coro flood I made with the sample kit I purchased. I was just playing with the one flood in different positions and some idiot turned left in front of a on coming driver and ........honk....screech and they missed by about 3 feet! I wonder how many accidents are caused by home lighting displays? Anyway, I guess I will keep the native LOR network for my icans due to the effect issue. I am aware of the crossover cable needed between native DMX and LOR DMX networks but I appreciate this and ALL reminders. I have been reading about the DMXKing and am leaning that way, at least for right now, due to the nice price and that it does its own timing. Wow, with 2 experts in E1.31 fighting over the other one being better, how could I pretend to call myself a blinky head one day if I didn't attend this BBQ? Since I can't seem to stop researching this hobby, (my one track mind is fully engaged!) and the fact I will have a full universe anyway, I came across those DIY Coro Candy Canes that are controlled by 8 pixels each. I was thinking if I had 4 of those x 8 pixels x 3 channels for a total of 96 channels + my 6 Corofloods x 3 channels = 114 channels and it all would fit into my one universe, correct? So much for staying with the basics first! That didn't last long! K6ccc, you mentioned daily operation, are you using these setups for landscape lighting?
  9. Ah, yet another option, the DMXKing, and the price is right. I did read about issues regarding using the Enttec open which was why I was leaning toward a "smarter" dongle. On the other hand, my computer is fast and my channel count low, for now, which would mean I probably would be fine. (Sounds like I've done this before huh?) I like the twinkle and shimmer effects and would hate to lose them. I was planning on running my icans on the AC 16 channel LOR controller and using those effects. Would the effects still be available just different? Would the differences be horrible with icans or would a newbie like me even notice? I found a great pdf on running LOR in DMX mode and I think I understand. If I need to, I have no problems with running separate networks to keep the LOR effects. Can't wait to see what they come out with in march! By then I should have my floods built and a LOR controller blinking something.....
  10. k6ccc, I welcome all saving money ideas! I guess I missed that information somewhere. Before I bombard you with questions on that I am going to do my homework on running everything in DMX. Thanks for the info, the light bulb over my head is lit again! 4 Days until I put in my LOR order, Starter AC 16 channel package + full version software package + Enttec usb open OR a Fusion Pro DMX box. I assume this order would be the same if I ran it all in DMX mode correct? Where would I save the few bucks? I would love to do pixels and I might still but I am trying to not get too far ahead of myself and to not over think things which I have a tendency to do. I think I'm going to like this hobby, always different ways to get something done. Thanks for your reply's. -Steve
  11. I know I don't have to build a model of my yard but being a sheet metal fabricator, I know I could make a cool test and sequence setup on my bench. I'm sure you guys do testing using your lights right? That Fusion Pro DMX sounds great and I like cheaper. I am going to check that out. Sounds like the rs485 adapter gives people trouble in DMX mode so I will spend the money where I need it most and it sounds like this isn't the place to skimp too much. Thanks guys. Well if I'm going to have a full universe anyway...........................lost in thought
  12. Thanks Ken for your help. Let me clarify a couple things, I understand that the LOR controller and DMX need separate networks. At the moment, all I have is the programming Dongle that you linked to and some dumb lights, power supply and 1 3 channel controller. I was just wondering how many 3 channel DMX controllers could I use with just the programming Dongle. I have since found out that people really don't recommend using the programming dongle to control lights due to many issues but in theory it should work, right? I did not find any video's with people daisy chaining these little controllers but the video on the rainbow floods made me think its possible and your answer confirms this. The enttec compatible dongle from HolidayCoro you linked to isn't available right now. When I order my LOR stuff should I just get a second rs485 adapter because I will need it with whichever DMX converter I get? Does the DMX converter you linked to do the timing itself like the enttec pro? If so, that is a much better deal than 180 bucks and would be worth waiting for. (I am not trying to run everything off one cable. I understand that DMX will be separate from the AC channels and will be using its own wiring.) mcas4380, I was looking at E1.31 stuff, and I am not afraid of opening up cans of worms but for now I just want 16 channels of AC control and 6 RGB Floods and to emulate this on my desk with a mock up of my front yard. Until I can afford everything I need I'm just trying to get the most out of what I have. Thanks guys!
  13. Hello everyone! I am very new to the Madness and I like to move ahead slow when I get myself into a new hobby. I purchased the sample kit from HolidayCoro and have been playing with the lights and honing my soldering skills. I managed to hook up the programming cable and get it working in Xlights. I found that I can use this programming dongle to hook up the lights in LOR. I want to use LOR so I will be purchasing the program and 1 AC Controller. I want to add 6 RGB elements also (for now!). I understand I need the full version of LOR for DMX. My plan is to build a rough model of my yard on my desk and sequence using this setup. My questions are, 1. I want to add 6 of those 3 channel dmx controllers and eventually use them inside display items. Can I use my ONE programming cable, give each controller a different start address and daisy chain ALL 6 of the controllers and have it ALL controlled in LOR as 6 DMX channels along with the 16 channels from the AC Controller? 2 If I can, what would be the best way? CAT5 splitters? I hope I am thinking in the right direction! Thanks
  14. Those are some great ideas! I guess if you just dug yourself back into your driveway and then read my post, it could have sounded a bit like I take this weather for granted. I was born and raised here so you'd be correct. Had ice in the back of my truck once, half inch thick and I had to take a video of it. I lost a foot off my static meager tree by the time I took it down and I managed to take out 3 bulbs this year with the weed eater. (Again, sorry if you just went through Sandy or something, the complaints stop here.) I guess I'll shave it down and try to keep the displays somewhat mobile. Thanks everyone.
  15. Hello everyone! I caught the fever this season so I will be visiting this forum from time to time. I purchased a sample kit today and am waiting until Friday before I purchase my first Light O Rama controller. I think I understand the very basic setup and will probably be doing testing all year. I have had a static display for a few years and then one day while subject jumping on YouTube.........you know the rest!! I have had a problem with my static display every year, grass. How do you keep the grass from growing up into your ground displays during the season without killing the grass? Scissors? (I hope not!) Thought I would start off with an easy one! Thanks.
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