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  1. Mike H

    LOR units beyond Unit ID 20

    Well with a little other help I finally found the problem. I did have to go to the second port of the PixCon16 which is Universe 2 on my settings. I didn't realize that I needed to restart the unit ID's back over to 01 and on, on the new universe (like using a second LOR network). Once I did that the sync light stayed steady and I was able to send a test sequence to the unit which appeared to be working correctly. So I'm back working again. Thanks for the responses.
  2. Mike H

    LOR units beyond Unit ID 20

    Starting at my unit 24, the red sync light is flashing. Everything prior to that is steady on.
  3. Hi, I've been a long time LOR user and this year I'm changing over to E1.31 this year and having one issue if anyone can help me. I'm using my PixCon16 as a bridge from E1.31 to LOR. It's working fine for most of my LOR controllers. But I'm running 4 CCR units along with all my other AC (and some DC units) and I got to the point where I ended up with 1 AC unit and 2 CCR units having to be beyond Unit ID 20 (actually the AC unit I calculate to be at ID 24 with the last two CCR's after it.) The problem I'm having is that the these last three units will not data sync when connected to the PixCon16. I possibly could move the AC unit to be under the Unit ID 20 limit but the two other CCR's units definitely would not fit in the range. So I don't know if I just don't have the PixCon16 setup correctly or not hooked up correctly. On the PixCon16 settings I have the J3/J4 (DMX#1) UNchecked and the Port 1, 2, 3, 4 are all set to Universe 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively. I've tried checking on the J3/J4 checkbox but then I can't seem to get anything to sync that way. All the jumpers on the PixCon16 RJ45 jacks are set to LOR. I'm running my output cable from the PixCon16 J3 to the first LOR and will be daisy chaining them to the rest of the LOR units. They all sync until it gets to the Unit 24 which at that point doesn't sync. I am wanting to run my system off of a FPP just so I can separate the link to my computer so hopefully you can still help me with this. I have opened a support ticket on this but was hoping maybe someone else could help me with this over the weekend so I can finish up this last issue with my display.
  4. Mike H

    LOR Visualizer and DMX Prop

    Jim, I'm on 4.2.12. And no I wasn't, I forgot about the control panel since I was just doing the development on my main computer and not the one that usually runs the shows. I just tested it again with the control panel started and that appears to be the problem. I didn't even think about the control panel being needed just to connect to the Visualizer since the regular AC devices never needed it. in my last attempt at building the Visualizer arch prop I used the single segment size with 25 pixels. That seems to work giving me my displays (unless you know a better way in doing it). I just tried to create two more arches and was a little confused at what the starting pixels should have been. I thought it would have been in relation to the DMX channels, but appears to be the actual pixel position so my next two arches I set the starting pixels to be 26 and 51 respectively, and everything seems to be working great at least as far as the Visualizer goes. I hope to move this over to my test box later tonight and will try it out with the actual controller (PixCon16) and one arch (only have 1 constructed so far) to see if it actually works on it. (I'm basically still just doing a lot of proof of concepts so far just to make sure I know what I'm doing before diving in). To Dennis' question, they are smart pixels. Thank you both for responding
  5. Mike H

    LOR Visualizer and DMX Prop

    I'm trying to setup my first DMX prop in the Visualizer and I just can't seem to get it to work. I'm setting up my first small Arch using DMX in my sequence. It has 25 pixels for the full arch. I've got it setup as Universe 6 with the starting pixel as channel 1. This DMX group is included within my existing regular LOR devices and channels in the same sequence. I've been trying to create a new prop in the Visualizer that I'm setting up as a DMX arch also set to Universe 6 and the first pixel is channel 1 and each pixel of the 25 pixels in the arch stepping every 3 channels. When I play my sequence all the regular LOR props are all lighting up but the DMX arch is not lighting. The initial settings I'm using in the Arch Wizard is: Size = 50, Number of Segments = 25, Pixels per Segment = 2, DMX Pixels I've tried with both 25 segments 2 pixels (which 2 is a low as it goes) and with 1 segment and 25 pixels but neither show anything. Is there something I'm missing in setting up a DMX prop in the visualizer?
  6. Thank you. I'll look into that also.
  7. Mike H

    CTB16PC flickering lights on DMX from PixCon 16

    Thanks, maybe I created it for an old computer system hookup. It looks like the pin 4 should be connected (it's on both sides) but my tester wasn't showing it. Maybe just a bad connection. I wonder how many times this cable got into my system and has caused me problems.
  8. Mike H

    CTB16PC flickering lights on DMX from PixCon 16

    Well, I really feel stupid starting this posting now. Today I started checking/upgrading the firmware on all of my devices. Daisy chaining my devices together so I could check several at one time, I wasn't seeing the devices past a certain point in the daisy chain. At that point I had used the blue cable in my video above. Removed that cable and everything worked fine. I then rechecked the setup I had above using a different cable and everything was working correctly. I put that same cable back in and the lights started flashing. So it was the cable. I checked the wiring and found it totally messed up. I'm not even sure how this cable got wired the way it was since it's definitely one of my own cables and I don't ever know of needing a cable connected as: 1 - 3 2 - 6 3 - 1 4 nc 4 5 - 5 6 - 2 7 - 7 8 - 8 So I'm definitely hacking off the ends of this cable to rebuild it correctly. So I apologize for the posting and I appreciate the idea of the test mode. I haven't done that before but I did try it and it doesn't seem to do anything with the AC LOR controllers. But thanks for the help. At least my issue wasn't anything serious that would put a hold working on my conversions to DMX.
  9. I finally got everything setup and testing out my first connection between my PixCon16 and a CTB16PC. I can play the sequence and the lights do work when they are supposed work but when the lights are in the off state, they just randomly blink. The pixels attached to the PixCon16 are not blinking so they appear to be OK. If I remove the cable between the PixCon16 and the CTB16PC, the lights quit blinking. I've tried this on a couple different units on on different DMX output ports from the PixCon16 all giving the same results. When I connect the unit up to my computer with the USB dongle they don't blink, so it's something with the DMX ports. I don't have any other DMX bridge yet so haven't been able to try them any other way. Below is just a sample video showing how they are blinking (Ignore the unit in the middle, that was my first test box that gave the same blinking). When the song is playing in the clip there should be only clean blinking on just a couple of the lights sync with the music, not all the random blinking being shown. Anyone know what might be wrong or do I need to open a support ticket.
  10. Mike H

    PixCon 16 DMX questions

    Thanks I just wanted to make sure on that. I just figured out that I could move the PixCon 16 pixel ports to run between universes 5-20 so that would give me the first 4 DMX ports as my initial universes 1-4. I will probably change that later but that seems to work for me. I'm only have one slight problem now in that my CTB16PC that I have connected to the PixCon 16 is having the lights blink on it randomly. When I'm playing the sequence the lights when expected turn on/off but when they are off, they still go through random blinking even while the sequence is running. I may open a separate posting on this and possibly a trouble ticket if I don't find out whats going on. Thanks again.
  11. Mike H

    PixCon 16 DMX questions

    I managed to solve the CTB16PC issue. Found that I had to turn the ports on in the Network Configurator (didn't see the port selections the first time I was in it). Now I could really just use some explanation as to how to setup up the universes in it for the board itself and the ports. Do I set up the ports something the first one to be Universe 17 figuring that each of the pixel ports would be universes 1-16? And do I set the AC/CCR units all starting with 01 as the first one on each of the DMX ports? I would appreciate any help possible for these last few questions.
  12. Mike H

    PixCon 16 DMX questions

    I'm in the process of converting my system over to DMX. I've got a PixCon16 that I was going to use as a DMX bridge. I have all the RJ45 jack jumpers on it set to LOR positions. I'm connecting my network cable to it and have it setup and it's status light goes steady. The first unit I have connected into the DMX ports on it is a CTB16PC V1 with version 4.32 firmware. I cannot get this first device status light to go steady. I'm using a regular cable and not a cross over cable. So what am I missing? Also, some other questions after I get the above worked out: I'll have some CCR units mixed in among my AC controllers. Is there any special ID numbering I have to do for them so that some AC units after them are still getting the correct DMX channels? I know I have to adjust them so they stay within the same universe and not cross over. In using the PixCon16, would there be any change needed in the unit ID's of the AC/CCR units connected to it's DMX ports? Would each DMX port have the units on that port start at 1? I'll probably have more questions later but I at least hope to find out why my units status light isn't steady. Thanks for any help possible.
  13. Mike H

    E1.31 and DMX Newbie question

    Thanks all for the information from everyone. All that helps a lot.
  14. Mike H

    E1.31 and DMX Newbie question

    Thanks, I had seen discussion on how to make that cross over cable and was wondering how exactly it would be used so that helps. One more question to understand what I'm reading. I can only run a maximum of 510 channels off of each DMX port from the PixCon16 board. Correct? I've got a few CCR's but I'm trying to figure out exactly how many channels they use. In looking at the manual that came with them, it describes the DMX addresses for each LOR device but it's only skipping 16 channels between Unit ID's. I would think that the CCR's would be using a total of 150 channels (or 157 including the 2 Macro Effect Channels). Does anyone know what's true for CCR's in relationship to channels used for each one?
  15. Mike H

    E1.31 and DMX Newbie question

    I was thinking of that but I had to go to a lot of work to run just one network cable from inside my basement to an outside junction box. So I really didn't want to run a second cable outside. The only option is that I did purchase another set of the ELL's so I possibly could let one transmit from inside the house to an outside one setting up the TX/RX at one of the basement windows. So that's one possibility. (The basement windows are crankout windows so I can't really run cables out the window openings). So that was the main reason I was thinking of going with the E1.3 just to be able to still go with the single network cable I have already setup. Thanks for the idea though, that will probably be my course of action if I run into any issues in changing.