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  1. could you also send me the link please. Thanks
  2. Could i also get a copy please. bxpara@gmail.com Thanks
  3. I would love a copy too please. bxpara@gmail.com
  4. Would love a copy please. bxpara@gmail.com
  5. Would love a copy too please support@braggaboutthelights.com
  6. Yes please, thanks! support@braggaboutthelights.com
  7. Para

    FM Transmitter

    I know this question has been asked before, but technology now-a-days improves quicker than the weather changes, What is a "good" FM transmitter to get. I say good because i want to get one that has good distance, output quality and will last. Thanks
  8. I would be interested in all the sequences please. bxpara@gmail.com Thanks
  9. Para

    No lights work?

    That was the only thing i hadnt done in the whole troubleshooting process ... still not sure why that fixed it which bugs me because i would like to know why.
  10. Para

    No lights work?

    I double and triple checked it. Finally worked it out ... but not sure why ... i updated the firmware and it worked fine .... a couple of months ago everything was fine so not sure why i had to update the FW to get it to work now =o/
  11. Para

    No lights work?

    While trying to get it to work i noticed some of the lights sometime come on ... kinda and some times they dont. Ive tried to replay the song at the same point the lights came on and they dont always come back on at that point.
  12. Para

    No lights work?

    I am able to control the lights in the hardware manager, so i know both the lights and the connection work. The problem is that the lights do not work in the sequence editor or when playing a show. I have made sure there is a check mark next to control lights in the SE.
  13. Para


    Hmmm that's a good question .... I'm not to knowledgeable when it comes to the LOR software but as far as VM goes it SHOULD be able to run it. I'm assuming that you are running a non-doz OS and then running Doz on the VM platform. If this is the case in theory it should be able to work as long as you have your VM and windows configured correctly to include the drivers. I can already see a few issues that you may run into. - Which VM software you are using. I guess you would need to make sure that it supports all software and hardware as regular windows OS would. - As far as configuring your NIC, I know when i use BackTrack i dont have to do anything to it, its picked up and ready for use. Again i would say it depends on what VM you are using. - Depending on your machine. It takes a lot of system resources to run VM, essentially your running two OS's at one time, this may cause a huge lag in your sequencing and eventually kill it due to the amount of resources being used by your machine As i said before, I'm no expert ... this is just what came to mind. (Hoped it help in some kind of way)
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