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  1. Highly recommend The Demented Elf voice overs for your show. Like others above have said it truly makes it seem like you're broadcasting a commercial radio station. His work is top notch and high quality, I've been very happy with his voice overs and how it works into my show. I insert voice overs inbetween songs, comedy bits and show/website info. Also before the show starts I play christmas songs and his voice overs for an hour before, seems just like a real radio station. Couldn't imagine my show without it!
  2. Raspberry Pi running the Falcon Pi Player could also easily run these floods and many other different lights for a landscape lighting project.
  3. I had the same results unfortunately, and I tried many different variations with no luck, no dice.
  4. Ok that's good. Now you should be able to connect to it via web browser. When the FPP starts up it will announce an IP address, this is what you'd connect to via web browser. If you missed the ip or couldn't hear it, you can login to the Pi at the FPP login, username is "pi" password is "raspberry". Then type: Sudo /sbin/ifconfig This should give you the IP address for "eth0" Then open up web browser and type in that address.
  5. There's another thread here too: http://falconchristmas.com/forum/index.php/topic,1111.0.html Basically the same information but with a little extra and some posts from others. Disregard the beta download links.
  6. When I initially setup the falcon pi player, I ran it using the stock LOR dongle using LOR protocol and it ran perfectly fine. Although I only have 5 ctb16pc controllers and a few thousand Rgb channels, I don't consider this anywhere near high channel count, it ran smooth and perfectly fine using the LOR protocol and dongle. I changed over to DMX because I could run everything from the E682 and what ultimately sealed the deal to run in DMX was I later bought some LOR 10w floods and cmb24 controller. One side note, the cmb24 didn't like running in LOR protocol after my sequences were being converted from xlights to falcon fseq file. Xlights was only seeing the cmb24 as a 16 channel controller. It worked but the sixth light only used red(16th channel). Soo, I just converted over to DMX and everything was happy and ran perfectly. In hindsight I should have made the switch to DMX a long time ago. Hard to break free of what I knew but it wasn't that hard to change over. Xlights/nutcracker made it nice to integrate my nutcracker made RGB sequences and LOR S3 made sequences for ac lights, then court everything into a .xseq file, then finally convert over to a .fseq file to load up on the FPP. I think there are other ways to do this but this was my path and it worked. I don't want to speak for Sean but it sounds like his teams new version of Xlights/Nutcracker is going to be AWESOME and make things even easier. I just can't say enough how happy I was switching over to the FPP and use Xlights/Nutcracker to work my lights show. Took some time to figure out but it worked awesome!
  7. The falcon Pi Player is the best thing I did for my 2014 show. Part of the month I ran the FPP using an LOR usb dongle to run five ctb16pc controllers and Ethernet out to a five port switch that was hooked up to a E682 and a Komby sandwich. I ran everything in unicast so I was able to integrate it into my existing home network. Everything seemed to work perfectly fine. Next year I'm going to separate it but it was fine running within the same ip range. Then the last half of the month I ran everything in DMX mode and ran the LOR controllers off a port on the E682 so I was able to eliminate the LOR usb dongle, worked fantastic. There are so many cool features of the FPP that make it very worthwhile. I liked the ability to access it from my iPad and laptop from my home network. I also liked the feature to manipulate the timing of the sequences, I could advance it 50 ms or more to compensate for some conversion issues. I could also play music for a few hours prior to the light show. There's a lot that can be done with this tiny little computer, and it runs better than my laptop and has more show specific features. You just can't go wrong with it. Im norMally not the biggest poster, but this is something I believe is a great asset to any show and the FPP team is great group of people that has been super helpful and created an awesome tool.
  8. E682 and the 6804 are great controllers. I've been very happy with mine, 2-682's and 1-6804. Going to get a couple more this year.
  9. I used half of a 5m pixel strip, 2811, 12V, 30 LED, 10 IC per meter versions inside 2" HDPE tubing and loved the results. The tubing radiated the light awesome and it worked great. After using these I don't want to go back to regular string light arches.
  10. The low setting should work just fine, that's how I'm running it. No FCC concerns here, shouldn't be an issue as far as I know. It looks like the one you got is a new version with the RCA connections, mine doesn't have that. I think you'll have much better reception and audio quality out of it, I know it works a million times better for me. I'm really happy with it.
  11. Also try eBay for the CZH-05b, I picked one up for a little over $40. It's been working great so far.
  12. Love a copy if you have time, thanks! matt@carlsbadlights.com
  13. I think the madness begins all year long! This is only my second year and I didn't heed the warnings last year that I'd start planning before December was over. Sure enough I found myself searching for new info, pixels, e682, lor advanced license...it never ends!!! But definitely the anxieties of coming holidays are starting to build.. Time crunch, but oh so fun and it helps me to remember the true meanings of the Christmas spirit!
  14. That is VERY cool! Nice work! Love how the pumpkins look with color.
  15. What type of wire would you consider to be data transmission grade wire? I'm not using either type of wire but also have not heard this term used to describe wire. I'm still learning a lot about all the different wire types and what does/doesn't work. Could you expand on that and give examples? Thanks in advance!
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