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  1. The stupid obvious stuff to check....Control lights box checked....Double check channel/universes
  2. I had to use there customer service twice. Both times it was stellar. I had a 10w flood and a CMB24 fail the day before a Halloween show for my sons school. They shipped both items overnight with no questions asked and I sent back the faulty ones the next day. I would have been screwed.
  3. Have you tried running the CMB24 in LOR mode out of a usb dongle without anything else hooked up and check if your sequences play?
  4. If running in DMX mode doesn't that controller have jumpers that need to be moved over?? Just going from memory. Double check the manual.
  5. Have you checked the power supply to ensure that you have the proper voltage to both sides of the board? Check all your power connections as well.
  6. Not to rain on anyone's parade, but as stated by Septon, anyone can see why purchased sequences are so expensive. Anyone that has done a pixel tree sequence on their own knows it takes a lot of patience and creativity, as well as time. As much as I would love some for myself I think it takes a little away from the work these gentlemen have done and continue to do for the community. Just my opinion.
  7. What ever date or time you think you should start sequencing and building props is always too late. Start as early as possible with EVERYTHING
  8. I may have a spare high speed red adapter. PM me. I could fedex overnight
  9. I down loaded it onto two different machines. One won't install at all. Crashes every time. Windows 7. The other won't load at all. I see others have used it but I'm not having any luck.
  10. I definitely have one. I won't be at my laptop to later this evening. Need your email.
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