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  1. I'm a first-year LOR user too - started with that WHFM crap and ditched it for the CZH-05B, same as TJ Hvasta - no complaints at all - great unit in low power: I bought mine through Amazon, but go the eBay route to save a few $$... http://www.amazon.com/0-5-Fail-Safe-Long-Range-Transmitter/dp/B003FO4UHW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1355835830&sr=8-1&keywords=fm+transmitter+czh-05b
  2. All; I bought one of these little guys from Amazon after my disappointment with the Whole House FM Transmitter offered through LOR and other sites on the 'net: http://www.amazon.com/SainSonic-Stereo-Broadcast-Transmitter-Antenna/dp/B0096KYDF8/ref=sr_1_6?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1356635848&sr=1-6 You can also find them cheaper on eBay - they all look like minor variants of the same basic model. Tonight is my first night with it (still running my little show) and I am very pleased. However, some folks may balk at the high output power (5 milliwatts) and FCC Part 15 rules. I tried to read the Part 15 rules but didn't know how to translate the micro-volts to milliwatts, so I have no idea if this breaks any Part 15 rules or the frequency characteristics in my neighborhood. I do know that I'm using this on a "vacant" frequency and I have the transmitter on "low" power (1 milliwatt). If, for any reason, the "FCC Man" shows up and tells me to cease transmitting the music for my innocent little light show then I will do so immediately. I did want to post the instructions on how to limit the output power for these little transmitters for anyone who has one/is curious. I especially liked the frequency band upper/lower limit - I pulled these instructions off of an eBay posting: Thanks; Don Transmitter power adjustment instructions ■ The transmit power can be switched. First unplug the power, hold down the power button, and then plug in the power, after three seconds, release the Power button, the display shows the letter H, and then press + - buttons to convert H or L; ■ H high-power, L low-power; press the Power button to confirm the selected After setting the transmit power, the machine will automatically enter the settings of frequency range , The selected frequency range also through the + - buttons to set the upper frequency limit, then press the Power button to confirm, and then set the lower frequency limit, press the Power key to confirm, the screen display OFF when the setting is completed, can be normal working.
  3. Oh, and I received that SainSonic FM transmitter today. It is much much better than that WHFM thing (and half the price). I took a little drive around the neighborhood - fades out to static in less than 1/8 mile. I think I read somewhere out of the box it's rated at 0.1W, unless you reconfigure it at power-up to the 0.5W "high power" mode. I don't plan to do that. 0.1W is fine. That WHFM transmitter would barely hit the street, about 15 yards from the house...when it was outside.
  4. Yes, I would have sailed those boats around Channelside...on Saturday, 22 December. Our lead boat was a 36 ft. Cat named "noshooz." I was bobbing along behind...not doing much sailing
  5. After running two controllers/32 channels across two boats, then rushing home to run reinstall one controller for 16 channels at the house, I am totally smitten. Christmas day I started salivating over 1000' spools of C7 sockets and 100 ct. cases of multi-color C7 LED strobes. And what was music to my ears? My darling wife of 25 years saying "this year your display wasn't bright enough..." Wonderful! Enhancements unconditionally approved!
  6. Sorry, I missed that...I need the D-QC controllers for DC operation. Not the same as my existing AC LOR controllers. Thanks; Don
  7. Oh, and I have one of these little bad boys inbound to take care of the FM problem: http://www.amazon.com/SainSonic-Stereo-Broadcast-Transmitter-Antenna/dp/B0096KYDF8/ref=sr_1_6?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1356635848&sr=1-6 If it performs even marginally better than the WHFM thing I'll be much happier. Thanks; Don
  8. Yes, two boats in sync was very cool...except that we had no audio b/c of the bs transmitter, so the boats just sortof twinkled in unison. We did manage to pick up 2nd place, even with no sound. We're taking baby steps here...maybe pixels further down the road...the other piece of the puzzle is we need to be able to get the lights installed in a hurry (24 hours or so) because the boats are also used for charters/rentals during the day. This year was more of a "proof of concept" (success) and we'll probably add more LORs/wireless/more boats in our armada next year. Interesting the CMB-16-D-QC is supposedly exactly the same as the CMB-16-D except with quick connectors instead of screw terminals...should I assume I can run my existing boards on 12V DC without issue? The boats currently run all LEDs, and I want to go with larger (C7) LEDs & C7 strobe LEDs next year. Things weren't quite bright enough for my taste. Thanks all for your feedback - most helpful and encouraging; Don
  9. Greetings, LOR Folks! This is my first year playing with LOR, and I'm having all kinds of fun...I hope to cut my teeth on sequencing soon - I have tons of holiday music that I'd love to sequence with LOR. I began my LOR experience with two residential controllers attached via wireless data network on two boats - 16 channels each. I used a few pre-canned sequences from LOR for our first "show" which was a holiday boat parade on Tampa Bay. The LOR units and wireless data network worked flawlessly! One HUGE DISSAPOINTMENT was the FM transmitter I tried to use for music between both boats. The "Whole Hose" FM transmitter was horrible. Max range was less than 50 feet, with static. This was even after I read the instructions for the antenna extender and measured as close as exact as I could get with the antenna. Many of your forum members have already commented on the poor reception with this transmitter. I wish I had done some more research before I went with that..."water under the bridge, as they say..." My question has to deal with voltages on these LOR units. Both boats had to carry portable generators to run the LORs. The boats, like cars, are 12v DC systems. Can LOR units be configured to run off of straight DC? Any plans to make a DC version? Just a thought...LOR could branch into vehicles, boats, RVs, etc... LEDs are also available. If I'm using LEDs, how much draw would one of these LORs pull? Could we get away with simple DC/AC inverters? Regardless, I was amazed at how quickly and seamlessly everything "just worked" together. Within minutes of installing the software & USB driver on my laptop, I was talking to the controllers wirelessly. No hiccups, no head scratching, nothing. Amazing product! Thanks; Don
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