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  1. Use Audacity and cut and fade out the song where you want it. You can also use the option in LOR Sequence Editor to change the "Total Time". But the music will not fade out as it would if you edited the audio file.
  2. Color Organs respond to audio inputs. They typically have 3 or 4 channels. Each channel responds to a range of frequencies. No programming required!
  3. Started today before the rain came. All of the ground stuff is put away. I'll take the stuff off the house and take the mega-tree down when it snows this coming Saturday. Happy New Year!
  4. I spend hours making my lights dim and flicker. Your neighbor should be grateful he didn't have to spend hours filling in little rectangles with different colors! Merry Christmas! Walt
  5. This is what I used... not the same as the mini-director. Sorry for the wrong info. http://store.lightorama.com/dicawimp3pl.html
  6. If I recall correctly - when I started with LOR I used a mindirector. Using the Hardware utility, I created two shows. One for the light show and another show to announce when the lights would be on. I loaded both shows to a SD card. Each show had a start and end time. With the minidirector hooked to the Hardware utility, I was able to set the time directly from the PC. I never set the time from an SD card.
  7. Okay - my response was based off the response from LOR "Hi Richard, We don't stock the triacs for the CMB16D DC controller" Thanks for the clarification. Walt
  8. You listed a part for a MOSFET, not a Triac.
  9. Here it is... the original video no longer exists...
  10. I live in Connecticut and work not far from where the tragedy took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Every year I add a show in memory of the victims whose lives were taken. Blue names are Faculty members, White names are the young students.
  11. Excellent points. Just as important are the wires used to supply power to the pixels. CCA wire will have a much higher voltage drop than pure copper going over any distance. Read the specs carefully - and also read the reviews. If the specs don't specifically call out CCA, perhaps the reviews will. Walt
  12. Yes it does answer my question. Thanks again for sharing and the lesson! Walt
  13. Thanks for sharing this! One question... for props 1-5 you specify a start row and column position, starting with 1,1 for prop 1 and going up to 5,5 for prop 5. Then there are no more row assignments. Since I am still learning all of the features superstar has, why were those assigned row/column numbers and the other ones not? Thanks again! Walt
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