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  1. I am selling an LOR assembled pixie 16 (I added the 16 dongles) with 1,600 square 12V pixels. $800 plus shipping. This is very heavy, so expect shipping to be around $75. If you would like photos, I can text them to you. http://store.lightorama.com/12vbl16sqpip.html
  2. 50W RGB LED flood light I bought from LOR. I used this very little and only under the porch. $100 plus shipping and PayPal. See link for specs. http://store.lightorama.com/hipo50wrgbfl.html
  3. Thanks Alan! My problem was I had a motion effect in the sequence.
  4. Those instructions didn't last long as there is no longer this option to create a playback file. How do I take an LOREDIT file and make it an .las file to function in stand alone mode now? I've tried this with and without the LOR Enhanced Network checked
  5. What about when the pixel tree sequence does not have and motion effect rows and is all at the individual pixel level?
  6. I would like to see an ability to modify the dimensions of pixel trees and matrices. I have purchased several of these sequences and would like to expand the dimensions. I am aware Superstar (the most expensive software in the industry) has a function but it would be nice to see it in S5? Anyone know if xlights give the ability to modify the dimensions of matrices and pixel trees?
  7. Unfortuantely, they are not motion effects.
  8. Is there a way to convert matrix or pixel tree dimensions in S5? I am considering making my 16X50 tree 16X100 for next year. I realize there is a method in Superstar, but didn't want to spend $150 and a lot of time learning one more software program for just one feature.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to respond Phil. Now that I am in "Track 1" instead of "Show All Items" things are moving around a lot better. Still learning S5 as you can see, but so far it is running smoothly.
  10. I'm having a similar issue after upgrading my seqeunces to S5. My (9) 3-color trees are now oraganized and grouped by tree (9 groups). I much preferred in S4 when it was organized in 3 groups by color, rather than the 9 groups by tree. Can't figure out how to reorganize that.
  11. My Monster Mash sequence is pretty weak. Can get a copy? gladsons@comcast.net
  12. I can't image there is any such command where I can select a row and change the color of just the red cells to blue, for example?
  13. Would love a copy. Thanks again James! gladsons@comcast.net
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