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  1. I have two CTB16PC controllers that I am selling. They are gen3 controllers with the latest V1.09 firmware. $150 each, plus shipping and PayPal. Count on around $20 shipping for a controller. The two controllers do have two small holes drilled in the weatherproof case (very typical) for installation on a controller stand.
  2. If you need a whole case, this is the best price I have seen https://www.ajsoutletstore.com/product-page/5mm-strobe-string-case-s
  3. zooo

    Do I understand the CCC-II correctly?

    No problem. Now that you understand the question, should I be able to cut 5 from one set and add it to another set? I realized this would not work with the original CCP as they max out at 50 pixels per port. However, these are CCPII controllers so I figured it would be fine as I should be able to splice in any amount up to 100, I would think.
  4. zooo

    Do I understand the CCC-II correctly?

    I must be missing something here... An extension would allow my second set of pixels to be a considerable ways away from my first set. I don't see how and extension moves 5 excess pixels from one window over to the other window without a cut???
  5. zooo

    Do I understand the CCC-II correctly?

    eirher way it takes a cut, right? I need the 5 extra pixels from one window moved to the other window. Do you know the answer to my original question?
  6. zooo

    Do I understand the CCC-II correctly?

    Good thought, but these two will not be ran of the same controller as these particular windows are 30 feet apart.
  7. zooo

    Do I understand the CCC-II correctly?

    I bought a pixie2 with (2) 50 count pixel strands to go around two windows. One window needs 45 pixels and the other needs 55 pixels. I assume I cut 5 from one end and splice onto the other set? I realize my warranty will end at that point...
  8. I have three sets of LED lights that have half the set out. The LED keeper points to a 3-wire LED on all three sets. When I pull out the 3-wire LED, it tests fine on all 3 sets. Are these 3 sets repairable?
  9. zooo

    Guest comments which crack me up

    I was asked, "Where do you buy the lights that do that?"
  10. zooo

    32 C9 Strobes for Sale

    All are sold!
  11. I have 32 brand new clear C9 xenon strobes for sale. $4 each plus shipping.
  12. The are not, but I did just buy them last year. The first link in my OP takes you directly to the item I am selling.
  13. Reduced to $155 per set. Shipping included if you buy more than 1 set.