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  1. I would like a copy please. Thanks. gladsons@comcast.net
  2. I'd like the matrix portion of this if possible. Thanks! gladsons@comcast.net
  3. I have 147 C9 retrofit LEDs I am selling. Some were used for 2 seasons, some are still brand new. The colors I have are: RED: 29 GREEN: 29 BLUE: 30 ORANGE: 30 YELLOW: 29 $100 for all, which is only .68 each, plus shipping. Prefer to sell them all together.
  4. I have two CTB16PC controllers that I am selling. They are gen3 controllers with the latest V1.09 firmware. $150 each, plus shipping and PayPal. Count on around $20 shipping for a controller. The two controllers do have two small holes drilled in the weatherproof case (very typical) for installation on a controller stand.
  5. If you need a whole case, this is the best price I have seen https://www.ajsoutletstore.com/product-page/5mm-strobe-string-case-s
  6. No problem. Now that you understand the question, should I be able to cut 5 from one set and add it to another set? I realized this would not work with the original CCP as they max out at 50 pixels per port. However, these are CCPII controllers so I figured it would be fine as I should be able to splice in any amount up to 100, I would think.
  7. I must be missing something here... An extension would allow my second set of pixels to be a considerable ways away from my first set. I don't see how and extension moves 5 excess pixels from one window over to the other window without a cut???
  8. eirher way it takes a cut, right? I need the 5 extra pixels from one window moved to the other window. Do you know the answer to my original question?
  9. Good thought, but these two will not be ran of the same controller as these particular windows are 30 feet apart.
  10. I bought a pixie2 with (2) 50 count pixel strands to go around two windows. One window needs 45 pixels and the other needs 55 pixels. I assume I cut 5 from one end and splice onto the other set? I realize my warranty will end at that point...
  11. I have three sets of LED lights that have half the set out. The LED keeper points to a 3-wire LED on all three sets. When I pull out the 3-wire LED, it tests fine on all 3 sets. Are these 3 sets repairable?
  12. I was asked, "Where do you buy the lights that do that?"
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