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  1. This is normal for windows. If you work with multiple monitors, and sometimes you will work with one less, then: 1. When working with multiple monitors, always move anything in the multiple monitor back to the main monitor before closing the program. A program window will always remember the monitor and position it was last at before closing. 2. When you then bring up the application with only the main monitor, the application window will be displaying the window on the main monitor. Gary
  2. I would also appreciate a copy. gblankenbiller@yahoo.com Thanks
  3. Remind me to never go to Pinecrest. It's dangerous. There was no engineer in the locomotive that I could see. 🤓 👍 You have done a great job.
  4. James, Would love to receive a download. Thanks, Gary gblankenbiller@yahoo.com
  5. Not to be redundant, ahhh - WHY NOT Thank you so much it has been very educational dissecting the excellent work and then applying it.
  6. Just my 2 cents 🤓 I watched all 13. My question is how it relates to LOR networking of the LOR or E1.31 networks? With my background I can make the basic jump from IP/TCP to LOR/E1.31 but I wonder how many others can make that jump. The youtube vids were very technical, interesting and informative, well worth my time, but was hoping for just a little more insight into the technical way LOR handles networking.
  7. I would appreciate a copy also. gblankenbiller@yahoo.com Thanks
  8. Continuing to play with the problem, I reopened the effect. As displayed above I selected all of the layers, did a copy and then closed SS. I then selected the full time range in S5 that I wanted and selected 'Insert SS Effect'. In the new SS that opened, I selected the full time range and did a Edit | Paste. Got all the layers. Saving and exiting, the effect was saved into S5 correctly. Seems like there should be a more elegant way to do this but looks like I got what I needed.
  9. Thank you for the reply. Trying to follow your 3 steps. 1 selecting the effect opens SS5. OK 2 I have modified the layers so if I select an early layer, I can see the full time in the yellow band, however the row below it where you select the time you want a layer to be defined, only shows the original time, not the expanded time I want the effect to display. I can select any timing within the original time period 1:41:30 to 1:44:60 but I can't expand the row to allow me to select anything in the time period 1:37:40 to 1:41:30. I have modified layers to move them (nudge them) to the timing I want. Hope this screen shot will help.
  10. S5.3.2 Pixie tree I have an effect that I created earlier in a sequence and have copied and pasted it into a later time. It is from 1:41:30 to 1:44:60. However in this new location, I want it to start at 1:37:40 and play to 1:44:60. I have used the Scene Setup to move the layers to the times I want each layer to play however I have not been able to figure out how to save, select the full time interval and make it play for the full time. It still only wants to play from 1:41:30 to 1:44:60. It has to be simple but I have not been able to figure it out yet. Can someone direct me to a video or ????? that will help me. Thanks
  11. Maybe, but where are they put? I can't find them in the sequence folder along with the .loredit.
  12. Options would help. Each user would have a different environment and I am sure options would be appreciated.
  13. My vote is to make the 'Select Action, Range, Slope, Current Effect, and Effect' boxes that are currently on the far right, dockable. Either as a single group or as a couple groups. When I am sequencing, I am across 2 screens with the Playback on a 3rd screen. Lots of room under the Playback for dockable boxes. Very inconvenient at times having to move all the way to the left for something in the Sequence menu and then about 36" back to the right for something in new right side menus. Thought I would never go to 3 screens but it is getting much cheaper. Under $150 for a good 23" monitor and a USB to VGA adapter for under $50 from Amazon "USB to DVI External Video Card Multi Monitor Adapter - USB to DVI Adapter - USB 2.0 DVI Converter - 1920x1200"
  14. May I have a copy also. gblankenbiller@yahoo.com
  15. Jumping straight from S3 to S5, I missed the 'S4 training'. What should have been obvious, wasn't for me. k6ccc, you hit it square on the head. Thanks, now onward with the work.
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