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  1. I have 5 controllers which run a 19' tree, 8 mini trees w/red-green lights, 6 7 segment arches, 16 roof snow flakes, among other things. FM transmitter, data cables, and power cords. Currently set up and running. Available in January. Cash and carry only. $1000. Video here:
  2. Thanks for the reply. I finally fiddled around with it enough that I think it's working.
  3. I use one PC to edit files, and another to run the show. After modifying some sequences, I copied them to the show machine. Now the verifier says it can't find the sequences. The file structure on the edit machine is not the same as on the show machine. The recommendation was to uninstall and re install LOR. Using ver. 3.9 Is there a way to change where the software looks for the sequences? Thanks Dennis
  4. OK, good to know. I'll take care of that before next year.
  5. Shut down the display today. I run a dedicated lap top for the display. The upgrade popup kept coming up so I decided to go ahead and run the upgrade. It took about a half hour. As soon as it was done I brought the control panel and activated my show. It worked the first time with no problems.
  6. You don't really need to run two circuits per box. Use one with an adapter. I don't keep my boxes together because of the cost of building extension cords.
  7. Any recommendations on how to setup com port in WIN 7. I have two PC's. One shows 'ports' the other does not. Thanks Dennis
  8. Thank you so much. Problem, when I click on the link to retrieve license key, I get a 404 error.
  9. A virus ate my PC. Fortunately I have backups of all my music and sequences, but I need to install the software and obtain my license key. I think I had ver 3.9, but not positive. Suggestions on how to do all that would be appreciated. Thanks Dennis
  10. I finally have my entire display on timers/controllers. I have X10 modules on all static displays. The last thing I have to do is build a relay that shuts off the 12vdc power to my FM transmitter when the 120vac power gets shut off. Relay should arrive in the mail today. I use a portable battery to power the FM transmitter because I couldn't find a power supply for less than 50 dollars that had filtered output.
  11. I was asked last night how I worked with the radio station to synchronize the lights.
  12. Right now when I click on a topic, it shows the first post regardless of how many times I've seen it. Is there a profile setting that shows the first unread post when I click on a topic?
  13. My second year, and only 2nd generation (ask I like to call them) controllers. I do have the latest software. Started with 4 controllers last year, added one this year.
  14. I checked the directory where the sequences are kept, it was set to read only. Changed that. I still can't save anything. I even created a new sequence and it wouldn't let me save that.
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