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  1. Thanks for the ideas. Incans are not a option but brighter is.
  2. This is the exact situation I will be in this year. Help me understand this Ron, you paste each individual effect in to lor at the timing marks or you paste the whole completed nutcracker sequence into LOR. Could the same be true in reverse? Could I complete the entire sequence in LOR and then import the completed sequence in to my NC sequence? How??
  3. Looking for ideas on how to put lights along my roofline specifically the peak of my roof (that runs parallel to the gutters) looking to frame the edges of the roof up to the roofline essentially creating a rectangle on the roof line/edges. The problem I have is not uncommon in my area to have a foot or two of snow standing on the roof during the month when my show. is up. I'm sure this is not a new problem so I'm looking for ideas of what others have done to put the lights along the roofline and keep them up out of the snow. (most obvious idea is moving to a climate where it doesn't snow but sadly I can't make that happen)
  4. Would love to have a copy djmc2002@me.com Tks
  5. Great info-just what I needed to know. Thanks for asking-thanks for answering
  6. I'm interested in what wisdom comes your way on this too. I'm trying to learn ss and am some what flummoxed by it right now myself
  7. Great info thanks. I'm looking to pick up some floods and your insights helped a lot. One question. What kind of coverage area can you get from one of the lor 10w floods? Will 8 floods do my whole house? My house is about 60 feet long and looking to wash it with color (house is white brick) Tks
  8. This morning, I went to each controller and verified the hardware utility could see the controllers and I could use. I then reset the unit numbers to the proper numbers. I then went back to my main controller computer and it now seems to be working as desired. The larger question is remains why would the controller change back to a old number? Is there something besides the left hand side of the hardware utility software used to set unit id? How do you make the change permanent? I seems to have no problem reverting back to #4 so why is that change more permanent than when I change it to #3 or #2? Frustrated!!
  9. Help! I have 3 LOR controllers and my show has been up and running without issues since last week. Tonight when the show started I had sections not working as expected (not working at all) so I launched the Hardware utility and 1 of my controllers (#2 in my case) is not picking up in the Hardware utility (even after reinitializing) as if it is not present, one of the remaining controller which I had set to #3 has reverted to its old number 4. When I look at the board in the controler box they are both showing steady red on the LED. The controller that reverted to it old number will work from the Hardware utility but for obvious reasons will not work with my show as it is set out of range. We did receive several inches of snow overnight but have had no power outages and my computer that drives the show seems stable. I'm at a loss of what has happened. My initial thought was that something had become unplugged or perhaps was shorted out but with the controller reverting back to the old numbers has me stumped. Since I noticed this problem after dark and it is 20 degrees outside and snowing I have not done much beside checking plugs and using the hardware utility at this point Any ideas? Troubleshooting idea? HELP!!
  10. Thanks for the tip. So I need the light a control board and a power supply correct. What abut sequencing software? I'm run basic plus and plan to up a grade at least in level in the spring. I have always shyed away from the whole rgb thing as it seems so hard to understand. Also is it worth the large investment cost?
  11. After opening night my gears are turning for my shows next year. To that end I'm thinking of using floodlighting in colors (red, blue, white) on my white brick home next year to add some punch to my show sections that are dominated in one color. What have y'all found to work best for floodlighting? I would prefer led for the simply fact of power load/draw . Also source of supply to purchase. Thanks all!
  12. Hey I would like to video my show to share with friends out of the area but am a little stumped as to the best way to capture the audio. I broadcast my audio on fm radio but don't have a way for my video camera to capture the sound off the air. I know this is not a new question or problem so I appeal to those smarter than me. Tks
  13. Hey quick question, I several 30 min (or nearly 30 min) sequences scheduled to run in the show scheduler with a different show starting every 30 mins. If one of my shows is 30 mins 10 seconds and the shows are set to start every 30 mins will the scheduler stop the first show excatly at the scheduled start time of the next show or will the 1st show finish running before the 2nd show starts.(ie 10 seconds after the 2nd scheduled start time)? Probably a bone head question but I'm down to crunch time and my work scheduled is cutting into my light show hobby time so I don't have time to test. Thanks for your help!!
  14. I hear a "snubber" mentioned often but don't know what that is. Also can the uses of a snubber make non dimming lights dim?
  15. Great just finished setting up my mega tree (18 foot) and now we have a high wing advisory for our area for the next 2 day (sustained winds of 35 gusts to 80 mph) I guess I will have to lay the tree down for a few days and hope for the best. I have it guy wired at top and mid point but don't think it will take 80 mph esp the star--any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Whiskey to drowned my sorrows?
  16. Thank you thank you. All things I needed to hear. A question about at static show, does it need to be the exact length of the space between the musical shows are will the show controller automatically end one show at what ever point it is at when the next scheduled show time is reached? ie static show say 6 mins long and scheduled to start at 6:00pm and the musical show is scheduled to start at 6:05 (1 min prior to the end of the 6 min static show). Will the musical show scheduled for 6:05 over ride the prior show still playing?
  17. Thanks for your advice! I considered running the show continuously but my concern with traffic congestion because of the narrowness of the roads and the hills in my area I thought that a break would be necessary to keep traffic congestion to a minimum by allowing it to clear out. With that in mind how long of a break between sequences do you use on your show is it backed back with a one or two second break or is there a longer break between sequences?
  18. Hey all quick questions, I have decided to run my shows at the top and bottom of each hour. My sequences for each show run about 17:30 to 18:10' so I have about 13 mins or so at the end of each show that I was going to run just my major tree lights and some house lights with music playing and a voice over stating the show schedule etc, etc. How are you handling this space between shows in the show builder program? Can you set something so all or certain channels remain ON? Do you just build a sequence with the music that is the exact length to run between shows? The showbuilder program seems simple but I guess I'm making it harder than I need to. (I have the BASIC PLUS software) I'm sure these are total bonehead questions but I'm new to this software and kind of freaking out as the start date gets close (I have my lights up and basically ready so this software/showbuilder issues is my last major hurdle I forsee) Thanks in advance for any help!!
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