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  1. I want to have an inflatable in my show. It would come on at the start of the show after a brief narrative introduction and then deflate at the end of the show. It would stay on the entire duration of the show. I am not sure where/how to make this happen. In the Show Editor, do I put it in the Background, Startup or Animation section? I have never used those sections before.
  2. Anyone have a 64 channel Wizards in Winter sequence they are willing to share?
  3. I use the visualizer with the SE editor when doing the programming but I want to just have all my songs play one after the other using visualizer, just as they would in the show. No interruptions. I want to see how it flows & if I need to normalize volume of the music across all songs.
  4. Can I run the entire show in Vizualizer without my ELL network connected? I want to make some last minute fine tuning without actually having the lights come on. I know they work properly
  5. Thanks Jim !! That solves it..... No need for a technical answer at this late date for me. Perhaps in January. Don
  6. Does anyone know how to fix the play range --> visible screen setting so it is synced properly with the music while in the sequence editor? Most of the time it is off by several seconds. I then have to play it from the beginning to see any changes made. It becomes very annoying not to mention time consuming.
  7. ericm........have you had any problems running LOR on the virtual machine on your Mac? What version of Windows do you use on your VM?
  8. Are these still available? I don't see any responses. May have interest in those on green wire. Sounds like you have mainly clear on green?
  9. Anyone have a 64 channel sequence for TSO's Christmas Canon that they would be willing to share?
  10. Which do you find easier / better to use ...... visualizer or animation? Or is it a personal preference? I am still a novice after 3 years and have only used visualizer. I am wondering if animation may be easier or better to use when designing my display.
  11. Just finishing up my display for this year. Year 4 of LOR & each year I have added a controller. Now have 64 channels. I have found that my spt extensions are becoming quite extensive. Each year I simply wound them up 'hand to elbow' method but with so many, I am finding uncoiling for setup each year is becoming a problem. Has anyone found a better way to store them so uncoiling is not an issue? I am thinking something like a fishing reel might work good.
  12. I currently am expanding my display from 48 channels to 64 channels. I am using CTB16PC controllers. I currently use a pair of ELL’s to get the signal from my PC out to a central point where the controllers are located. I then daisy chain the 4 together with CAT-5. I believe I read somewhere that as your display grows with more and more controllers, the ELL’s begin to lag and you wind up with performance issues. First, is this true? If so, I assume you then are better off daisy chaining the controllers with CAT-5 cables. As my channel count increases, I will have to separate the controllers from a central point and consider more ELL's vs. CAT-5 cabling. That said, what is the max distance that you can have with cables between controllers?
  13. Thanks! As it turns out, I was working with iMovie when I made the original post. When I then realized Movie Maker was what I wanted to use, I still took your advise and was able to match up the audio with the video pretty darn close. Thanks again.
  14. Is there a good site to learn the basics of how to edit the imported sound track to match up with the video? I can't seem to get the audio even close to matching the video.
  15. Thanks. Yep, I am sure the extra time is in the static animation. I have run it through 2 complete cycles and checked the times that appear in the control panel log. Each time the excess time was from the animation sequence taking longer than what shows for that sequence in the sequence editor.
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