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  1. I been having similar issues (first year of issues) and been asking on this thread http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/25277-weather-causing-gfis-to-trip-out/ but when I read this topic; you guys almost described my setup. Long story short every time it rains the GFI trips (lots of run…) got it narrow down to the mini trees (6 mini trees with 300 lights each); I am not sure but I think only 1 tree is giving the problem unless like everyone says, a little bit of current leak here and there adds up and therefore is not just one but all 6 of them. Each light set by itself is fine; any combination of 2 is fine; it is when I have all 3 lights sets plugged in that trips the GFI. The lights are brand new (one would expect to not be damaged). Here are some pictures on how I have my mini trees setup. As you can see all the plugs point down to keep the water dripping out and the end plus are the same. Also the plugs are off the ground; the only thing touching the ground is the mini tree itself (wire structure). I painted mine for looks more than anything else as I am sure paint is not going to stop the current from passing. The end of the trees (bottom part) is actually pushed in to the earth about 1 to 1.5 inches plus I also have aluminum camping stakes (I get quite a bit of wind current between my house and the neighbors; also the ground is not completely flat). The trees aren’t going anywhere unless there is a tornado. Reading this topic made me realize I might be grounding my trees but if the lights strings are not damaged can the current leak still occur? I was getting ready to go to the store to buy new lights (again) but I am thinking maybe I should just get the trees off the ground (either pvc plugs or wood blocks for the legs) just to break the connection with the ground and see what happens.
  2. Fully understandable (cannot endorse)…they are just ideas of what people have done. That is why I asked how they were sealed as it is not something you see every day. As for the plastic paint; I like that idea; I didn’t know they sold it in a can. I just painted my tomato cages with green paint. Also I been reading what has been happening over here… http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/24618-tracking-down-a-short/ and that could be part of my problem as mine are touching the ground big time (the metal not the cords).
  3. Interesting fix (I might have to give that a try after I replace the lights on that one mini-tree); are you using the hot glue where the wire enters the plug or on the open end of the plug?
  4. I was thinking to head over to the store after work (today or tomorrow as time permits) to get new lights (all the lights on these trees are brand new (bought them thanksgiving weekend) for the 1 tree and re-wire it and see how it does on the next wet day (I may just get the water hose out and create my own rain). As for the timer; I have the mini-director to run my show (no internal clock). I use the timer to turn everything on and off (lighted sign for the radio station, controllers, fm transmitter) for me that way I don’t have to leave a laptop hookup to the controllers and it will come on off whether I am there or not.
  5. Hi all, I am new to light-o-rama; this is my first year and also my first year of headaches with GFI outlets. This topic comes very close to what I am experiencing. I ran for the past 4 years all my lights without issues (steady on) and this is the first year I started to have issues (and added the controllers) in sense of when it is wet outside the GFI trips. Previous years were never an issue (rain or snow). I only have this issue on wet days. I am not sure if I should post on this topic or start a new one; I figure I would start here and see where it goes. Being my first year my setup is not as big as some of the setups I been reading about (very impressive). I have 2 controllers (32 channels but currently only using 24 channels) with close to 6,000 lights and pulling about 5.5 amps. The entire setup is connected to a timer that is connected to a CFI outlet (15 amps). All outlets (extension cords and light strings) point down to ensure water drips out. The controllers are under the porch so they are not getting wet. I narrow it down to the mini trees I build this past summer (6 of them and each with 300 lights – 3 cords of 100 lights). As soon as I plug them all in, the CFI trips (sometimes I manage to get 30 seconds or a min before it goes out). I continue my troubleshooting and finally got on demand results where as soon as the 6th mini tree was plugged in the CFI would trip (no matter on what order it was plugged in). Then I figure I would switch the extension cords (just in case) and plug all 6 mini trees to a newer CFI outlet (just in case as well). All options caused the CFI to trip. I made sure I didn’t have broken bulbs and everything is off the ground. Then I took the 1 tree that seems to cause the CFI to trip and plug in each individual light cord and everything works fine (any combination or 2 cords is also ok). It is only when I have all 3 light cords plugged in the CFI trips. Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated to help me get this resolved.
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