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  1. Play around with the timing map and you will get it
  2. Ok, call me crazy, but there's a guy on facebook with 2 of your sequences saying that he did them. https://www.facebook.com/groups/149712368517952/
  3. Yes, I have been doing also, but keep asking myself "Is there a better way?". last night I was playing around with autosequence and figured out how to isolate the beat and have SS add an effect at each beat. I used the effect only as a placeholder to create others.
  4. When you starting fresh with a new audio file and want to add SS effects to the beats in a song, is it easier to creating the timings in Sequence Editor and then import them in to SS, or create the timings in SS? I'm just not having good luck getting good timings in SS.
  5. Thanks for the reply Brian. Not sure I understand all that, but I will go do some playing around and see if I can make it work. Is there by chance a tutorial video on this somewhere?
  6. I outlined my house with pixel strips in Visualizer and used the DMX commands to bring them into Superstar. Is there a way to reorder the grid in Superstar? For example, the left & right part of a window are 5 rows away on the grid. Everything just seems to be scattered around.
  7. Ok, makes sense. What are you attaching them to?
  8. Is there some sort of "scale" in the Visualizer? For example: I'm trying to layout some non-CCR pixel strips along my roofline, but I don't know how many pixels will fit. Do I need to actually do the math ahead and only draw in that many on the roof, or is there a scale feature like in Corel or Illustrator? I have the feeling that sequencing will become a nightmare if I have to go back and add or subtract when I actually put the pixels up.
  9. Ron, I imported 2 of your prop files into Visualizer. I then saved the file. Then I did "Import visualization" in SuperStar. The 2 pixel strings show up, but the first 2 pixels show up at the bottom of the green grid below a white line, and #3,4,5 etc start at the top. What am I missing here?
  10. Brian, Everyone is calling "RGB strips" the ones that the entire strip changes the same color. What I am talking about are the non-CCR version of pixel strips. 30 pixels per meter, 5 meter strips, 150 total. I could be wrong, but think these are basically the same as the CCR strips. Just picture putting CCR's on the eaves and peaks of a house. Yes, I have read about creating each as a single bulb, but I must be missing something because it's not working as I was expecting. BTW - your video tutorials are great. Hopefully you will do more of them!
  11. Anyone have a SuperStar file and Visualizer file set up with some pixel strips that they wouldn't mind sharing? I'm looking to put pixel strips on the house and am still a bit confused how to make them in Visualizer and how to sequence them in SuperStar. A sample would be great!
  12. Thanks for the reply Brian. I love the program but sometimes feel like I'm not doing things efficiently. Is there a tentative release date for a new version, and will it be a "purchase" from LOR? How about beta testers?
  13. Let's say you have a 12 strip tree and the next year you add 4 more to make it 16. What is the easiest method to change your SuperStar sequence? For example: Open the Wizards sample file in the SuperStar sample sequences. It has been programmed for only 2 strips. If you go in and add 10 more strips (to equal 12), it puts all the new strips to right side of the existing strips. Now when you play it, it looks messed up. I guess you can go in and just redraw the morphs in new locations and double some up, but what happens when you have images or text? Am I missing something?
  14. Can anyone email me the drivers for the USB Serial Adapter that LOR sells on their website? I need to switch laptops and I can't find the cd that came with the adapter! Thanks, John UPDATE - ALL SET, THANKS!
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