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  1. Nevermind. I was only using the subsequence methoud of getting the SS sequence into the Main sequence. Now I know I can add a new device then copy and paste.
  2. I wish I had known this earlier...I've programmed everything...my entire show...and it starts in two days. I begin to create my show and schedule with the hardware manager, when I'm told that I can't download any sequence with a subsequence. REALLY??????? Someone PLEASE tell me there is an update to the firmware that fixes this!
  3. Never mind. I got my answers from some smart dudes on Facebook.
  4. I'm attempting to use an amber beacon light in my show this year. Of course it's 12v and I have an AC to DC converter. A few questions if you can help me...just to make sure I don't burn any of my circuits up... 1. If the beacon light is 12v, 11.7 amp, what amperage will it pull once converted to 110v? I would assume it would be less than 2 amps, but I'm no electrical engineer... 2. The converters are rated in amps. Is that the INPUT of amps, or the output? For example, this beacon light is 12v, 11.7amp. Does that mean I need a converter that is rated for a max 12 amps, or a converter that is rated for 2 amps?
  5. Thanks klb...that's definitely worth a try. I just purchased a 3 pack...
  6. I just got my director last week, tried to load a show on the Lexar card that came with the unit. Using the USB card reader that came from LOR, it never would read when inserted...the computer never recognized a storage device. I used another generic card, was able to get the show loaded, but had problems with the show crapping out in the middle. I just tried another card reader and the Lexar and it worked. So for me, the card reader from LOR was keeping me from being successful. Now I'm running the show to make sure it continues without interruption.
  7. Yeah...if I disconnect them or disable that channel, the problem stops. But, it's not just the fluorescent lights...it's also the LED strobe channel too. I'm using my quick fix of supplying those channels with less power for the moment, which at least lets me continue to use those lights for effect. But I would like to know how to remedy it for future use.
  8. First...I have 3 controllers, 40 channels. All firmware is updated and all controllers have been reset and have unique IDs. I have a "flash rope", which is a string of 12 small, one LED strobe lights that flash randomly, looking like the cameras of the paparazzi. It adds a neat effect to my show. But, Now, whenever the channel with the flash rope on it is ON, it causes all 16 channels on another controller to go on and off randomly. quite weird. I moved it to another channel on another controller and get the same result. I was pulling my hair out...reset everything, rebooted the computer, etc. I ended up disabling that channel. However, I found that if I give the channel that the rope is on only 30% power when ON, the problem ceases. I guess it is also important to note that when I test whatever channel the rope is on with the Hardware utility, there is a lot of noise coming from my computer speakers. Also, I have 2 flourescent party lights on another channel that is doing the same thing. If they draw full power, there is noise on the speakers and random things happen on other channels. But, if I give that channel less than 50% power, the problem goes away. So...I'm no electrician, but from reading some of the posts in here, I assume the NOISE is my problem? First...am I correct? Can noise cause these kinds of problems? Second...how do I fix this?
  9. Oh and BTW...thanks to Dan at LOR for sending me the com chip that went bad on one of my controllers...totally my fault, but he fixed me right up!
  10. And another...on YouTube... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xuYuizXg7M and one more... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4NDPTpEarg
  11. I own a flower shop and I use LOR at Christmas to spread the joy (and of course to bring more attention to my business!). Here's Wizards in Winter for 2010... http://www.bamaflowers.com/wow.wmv
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